Full Moon August 2011 – Petrified

The 13 August Full Moon is located at 20 degrees Aquarius opposite Venus, and on the fixed star Castra in constellation Capricorn. This full moon is also widely conjunct the Mercury retrograde opposite Neptune. Are things really as bad as they appear in the astrology? This full moon is a deceptive one. I say this because the star Castra itself has controversy around it’s meaning. It was misplaced to start with. Ptolemy put it in the belly of the goat, which is supposed to make it malefic. Robson went with that and gave the following interpretation for it. “Of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It gives malevolence, destructiveness, and uncontrollable temper.” [1]

Groan…Do we really need any more bad news with and already suspicion riddled Mercury retrograde? We certainly need more clarity. All this mystery and darkness is getting rather tiresome. George Noonan places this star in the tail and says it is fortunate. [2] Manilus says “The first half of the sign is the slave of Venus, and that with guilt involved, but a more virtuous old age is promised by the conjoined fish below.” [3]

Full Moon Petrified

It is interesting about the first half of the sign of Capricorn being the “slave of Venus” I assume this means indulging in luxury items and being materialistic. It’s a lot to do with vanity also. Capricorn, as all Saturn ruled things does get better with age. Those of us who have come to depend on a cash cow have certainly had to get real and act responsibly with the recent stock market crash. The fish’s tail represents transformation and moving from matter to spirit. Venus the planet of opulent, baroque gold mirrors is opposite that full Moon. Are you feeling the gilt or guilt?

When there are people finding it hard just to feed and cloth their kids, it seems rather inappropriate to be blowing thousands on a designer handbag. How many possessions does one really need? Time to sell the proverbial family silver.

One thing we also have to consider with this full moon is the volatile Ceres on Scheat. “It causes extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning.” [4] Ceres is the planet of feast or famine. As Ceres rules resources, right now on a star like that it’s hardly a feast. But for us in the western world, poverty is relative. Compared to hard core poverty in India or Africa we are really not starving. As much as we think we are in hard times, nature is really attempting to correct an imbalance between the rich and the poor in the world.

But if politicians and elite are telling us to tighten our belts, they need to be seen to be doing the same. If not civil unrest in the form of riots will start to become more common place as we have recently seen with the Tottenham riots in London. These riots stemmed from an incident that occurred the very same day as the stock market crash on Thursday 4th. Police shot a black guy and the peaceful demonstration by his family and friends was hijacked by a gang of disenfranchised youths who used the opportunity to vent their anger. They rampaged onto the streets, burning and looting (Saturn on Algorab) as they went. Mars opposite Pluto for this full moon period will keep inflaming the situation so like in the inner city riots of Thatcher’s Britain, this could start a chain of similar events.


Unusually for this full moon we have no asteroids conjunct it. But interestingly we get Asteroid Medusa 149 opposed the full moon conjunct the blinging Sun and Venus. Pretty much descriptive of making the painful material cuts. Can we do this without petrifying ourselves in the process, will we be bleed dry by this recession? Change or die seems to be the message. Looking back to the fixed star Castra, Castra…castrate? Are we feeling emasculated by the cuts, are they breaking our balls with this? Young males on the rampage is symptomatic of what happens when you take away their buying power and potency. Unfortunately we have been brought up in a world where men are suppose to be the providers and women the bling on their arm. What happens when you can’t afford the bling?

When both sexes move away from being the “slave of Venus” maybe we stand a chance gaining the true equality and transformation this full moon promises. We can turn round a situation that seemed so malefic into something far more positive. The secret is to discard vanity, stop gazing into Venus’s mirror and turn it back round to the demon like Perseus did to Medusa.


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2.“This star, epsilon, is positioned in the fishtail of the goat; Robson has incorrectly said that is on the belly” Fixed stars and Judicial Astrology. George Noonan. 1990. pg 36.
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