Full Moon 7 April 2020 ~ Pretty Little Liars


The full moon April 2020 falls at 18º Libra. It occurs on the tail of the Jupiter conjunct Pluto and at the same time as Mars square Uranus so like the last new moon the explosive themes continue. The full moon April 2020 astrology aligns with Kraz in the constellation of Corvus the Crow which means the gossipy crows will only throw more drama fuel onto the fire.

Full Moon April 2020 Astrology


Full Moon April 2020 Video

In this video I go into more detail about the Full Moon April 2020 Libra Astrology and how it fits into current events.

Full Moon April 2020 Aspects

Jupiter conjunction Pluto

In modern times oil is the currency for our planet and has made globalism possible through long distant travel (Jupiter)… Gates has Jupiter conjunct Pluto in his 2nd house of cash (Using whole signs.) Gates embodies this archetype very well with his philanthropic ‘good causes’. Jupiter conjunct Pluto can also be a vow of poverty to achieve some kind of spiritual power.

Wealth can, therefore, be spiritual gold as in the case of Mahatma Gandhi. The spiritual guru lived a very spartan life, the total opposite of ‘millionaire’. This aspect can use religion to wield power over others in a more sinister way of course.

Mars square Uranus

The sharp blades of Mars combine with Uranus’s sudden action are great in an emergency. Fireworks are symbolic of this aspect too, literally as well as in temperament. And yes, a quick temper this will most certainly cause in the collective.. Stamina isn’t our forte at this full moon. Mars square Uranus is impulsive and quick off the mark, 0 – 60 in 30 seconds. Very decisive and incisive, we will know what we want and how to get it as quickly as possible.

This aspect is a fantastic revolutionary; it can rouse a crowd and get them to act with speed and efficiency. Mars square Uranus is so electrically charged that it works like a power battery, therefore it can really inspire and enthuse others into action.

2nd Face Of Libra

 “A black man having a journey of marriage and joy.  And this is a face of quiet, joy, abundance, of the good life.” ~ Picatrix

Full Moon April 2020

Artwork ‘2nd Face Of Libra’ J Swofford at: abnormalimage.com and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

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