Full Moon 11 April ~ Lucid Lady

The Full Moon April 11 2017 falls in Libra decan 3 and is extremely sensitive to the collectives’ emotions. That means those touched by this Full Moon can adjust themselves to suit their audience. The success of the fixed stars here bring even more likelihood of one being able to tap into the zeitgeist.

The Full Moon April 2017 has great business sense and is able to capitalize on this greatly. However, as far as dignity goes, the Moon has no real power in Libra decan 3 and even feels quite uncomfortable. At some point, while the Moon is here then, there could be danger of someone or some group falling out of favour and of even being placed in exile.

Full Moon on April 11 2017 at 21º Libra Decan 3 Aspects: Opposite Uranus/Eris, Square Pluto & Quincunx Mars/Ceres. Fixed star: Spica in Constellation Virgo

In my research for Moon in Libra decan 3, I did find literal cases of exile (Wallis Simpson.) and also cases of downfall after great status (Marie Antoinette.) In Libra 3 the Moon is defined as peregrine. When a planet is peregrine, it is essentially in exile, so the status of an outlaw or anti-hero fits this full Moon very well.

This decan in particular shows strongly the archetype of Eris/Venus Lucifer (as Morning star.) Indeed Venus is currently in her Lucifer phase of Venus retrograde anyway. Will Lady Lucinda shed some light on the confusion in the world right now? Even the fixed star for the April 11 Full Moon extremely bright one and resonates strongly with the divine feminine and holy spirit.

Full Moon April 2017 ~ Fixed Star Spica

  Spica is the famous star in the wheat sheaf held by Virgo It gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness..” Many elected charts for businesses or marriage will aim to have Spica rising for Robson says it gives “Unbounded good fortune, happiness, ecclesiastical preferment, unexpected honor or advancement beyond native’s hopes or capacity.” Spica also “in early astrology was, like all of Virgo, a sign of unfruitfulness and a portent of injustice to innocence; but later on, of eminence, renown, and riches.” 

This paradox makes sense if you think that the fertility can be associated with ideas and creativity that isn’t necessarily biological. If one is not distracted by raising children one can devote more time to other projects. Spica’s fortune also comes from good timing. Successful people know how to align themselves with cycles, when to sow and when to reap, when to buy and when to sell.


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