Full Moon 22 April 2016 ~ Hungry Kali


The Full Moon April 22 is at 2º Scorpio Decan 1. There are no important Ptolemic aspects to the Full Moon. This throws the whole focus on the Scorpio Moons ruler. That ruler is Mars and it’s very hard to ignore him! The red planet of war is retrograde from April 18, on red giant Antares and it is also in square to toxic Neptune. Antares is found in the heart of the sidereal constellation of Scorpio so it will add yet more Scorpionic vibes to this Scorpio Full Moon.

This is the second Moon in a row ruled by Mars (after the April 7 Aries New Moon), so the warrior theme continues. A direct Mars will hit Antares again full force on August 23/24, when it will also be joined by fellow malefic Saturn. Phew! Dark times I know, but we must try and keep bright and optimistic. As this moon shows, life is cyclical, but cannot rain forever…

We could regard this April Full Moon then as if we are gladiators training up in the gym, building up our muscles for ‘battle’. I don’t mean literally (Though in some cases it could be), but really this is a time of strengthening our psychic immune system in case of attacks. From my Antares post: Mars on Antares: “Detrimental habits powerfully affecting the life, quarrels with friends and relatives, fairly favorable for gain”. [1]. Obsessive ambition. Rash, impulsive acts. Seeing the world as a battle between good v evil. Swinging from sinner to saint. Extremist views.

Full Moon April ~ Fixed Star & Aspect

Miaplacidus is a very bright star in Argos the ship. Robson says of constellation Argo.“Is said to give prosperity in trade and voyages, and strength of mind” The star is in the Keel, which holds the whole ship together like a spine and this part of the ship is built first. Natives of Miaplacidus are sturdy and robust. This star used to be the alpha star of defunct constellation Robur Carolinum. (Charles’ Oak, a tree famous for hiding Charles II after he lost a battle) Oaks are known for being strong and resilient.

Full moon April 2016

The fact that Charles took refuge in one, supports Scorpio decan 1’s ability to conceal and then resurrect what seemed lost. This blends well with the occult spiritual wisdom that comes from the influence of the prophetic stars that you find here too.

At least this star gives us something to hold on to during this volatile time. After all that gladiatorial training, don’t forget to go hug an Oak. Camping out in a forest around a log fire will also help ground some of the fiery Martian energy.

Moon quincunx Ceres like all the 150 degree aspects, strives for perfection. Since both Ceres and the Moon are ultra-feminine they could be obsessed with the quest of the perfect female. In a woman this could be about perfecting her own beauty, but in a man this could manifest in the quest for the perfect woman. This may result in an insatiable, but also restless sex drive. There could be both comfort eating or comfort kissing!

The Moon quincunx Ceres can strive to become the perfect hostess, mother or nursemaid, but be accused of interfering when they go too far. At their best these folks will bake the most sumptuous cakes, or create the most voluptuous and sensually arousing music or art. If you do happen to fall ill they will make the perfect nurse, puffing up your pillows and making you the most heavenly chicken soup you ever tasted.

Full Moon April Summary

There seems to be quite a ravenous theme to this Full Moon. We have a very strong devouring female energy ruled by an intense Antares Mars .The quincunx from Ceres can bring ‘death’ by s-mothering too. I think this Moon can be one of a correction because karmic adjustment is what quincunxes do best and Ceres is about the seasons and its cycles. Yes it is quite an inflammatory Moon, but should not cause alarm. Fire has so many uses, and it doesn’t have to burn you to a cinder.

1. Antares: Robson
* Star position for 2000.