Marine Le Pen ~ French Elections

An examination of Marine Le Pen’s chart against her biggest rival Emmanuel Macron and their transits during the election period. I also look at France’s national chart’s big Pluto transit through to 2020

4 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen ~ French Elections

  1. It might be worth a look at the chart for the election of the MPs since Macron doesn’t have much of a cabinet.

  2. I think that Yod to Moon in Macron’s 12th may point to his fate with a woman or even women now that he is Merkel’s agent. For me, most telling is the Neptune square his stellium- very tricky! There’s something of the doomed romantic sacrificial victim about him, blazing his strange En Marche – meaning Forwards… well yes… the date always changes… but he might find himself treading water and drowning in his style over content campaign.

  3. ,@damocles what you say is total bullshit. I’m French and we don’t seem to live in the same world, if you live in France too. Marine le Pen is a courageous woman, she proposed a program for the welfare of people. She had all the medias against her. She is not prejudiced, she just wants to rule uncontrolled immigration and muslim hate preachers, throw them out of the country. We had several terrorists attacks on our land, do you want more Isis attacks? Macron is a total fake, a con artist created by medias and communication counsellors. Last elections were merely un coup d Etat, a putsch. We’ll have very bad times with Macron. Marine le Pen is nothing compared to him!

  4. This was very interesting! Marine Le Pen is definitely a bad crow though — polls have shifted lately but no matter who goes up against her, as I am sadly certain she’ll be one of the two names we get on May 7, I hope they will be able to gather enough votes for us to escape five years under extremist rule. Only a small portion of the French population will be safe with her at the wheel (I am not in that small portion), and the country will surely self-destruct if a woman with so much hatred in her heart is granted such power.

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