Eris ~ Re-Divining The Feminine


October 16 ~ Sun opposite Eris at 23º Libra/Aries. This post re-evaluates my definition of Eris in the light of her awakening conjunction with Uranus back in 2016/17. Eris may question the negative form of the Hindu goddess, Kali the destroyer. The negative dark-goddess aspect could show the misuse of divine feminine energy in the form of the devouring mother. This negative Kali is ‘devouring’ in the sense that in order to feel powerful, she has to destroy the sacred masculine.

Uranus was in conjunction Eris exactly in June to September 2016 and again in March 2017. Around this time many anti-feminism videos started appearing on YouTube, and many from women, not just men. It was around this time that I wrote this article and realized that the men who were criticising feminism were not (As my very liberal-leftist education would have me believe) misogynists, but had very valid points.

Eris is categorized as another Plutino and can be seen as Pluto’s spouse (She has many Persephone attributes). Now in the aftermath of Uranus square Pluto, Uranus conjunct Eris awakens us to the uncomfortable reality of the 1960’s counter-cultural revolution ignited by Uranus conjunct Pluto in 1966. This so-called “counter-culture” has now become utterly mainstream.. There is nothing “shocking” (Uranus.) left, we are all now, in the words of Pink Floyd, comfortably numb.

Back in the 1960’s with the Uranus conjunct Pluto, women’s lib exploded into pop culture with women burning their bras for freedom. The contraceptive Pill liberated women from the worry of pregnancy and back-street abortions. The Pill was marketed as giving women power over their bodies, but did it really? The hormones in contraceptives cause all sorts of problems too vast to go into on this post, never mind the fact the pill doesn’t seem to have stopped teenage pregnancy anyway.

Pill Power?

The heavy petting in the 1950’s doesn’t exist anymore as young girls are pressurised to go the whole way earlier and earlier. So I have since changed my views about just how empowering so-called feminism really is. If you examine deeply what the true agenda behind feminism could be, you might think again. For me this last Uranus square Pluto shows us the crisis point of how the feminist ideals of the sixties really work in practice.

Uranus square PlutoWomen these days are just as much worker drones as their husbands. Now, in order to pay the mortgage it is often a necessity for both partners to work full time. With children spending more time in childminders and state education, the end result is parents have less control over what programs (TV or otherwise) go into their children minds.

So we have the illusion of equality, but the top jobs and the positions that really matter are still pretty much male-dominated. Most women who do manage to get to the top, have had to turn into men to get there. That means switching off their right brain, empathic side, turning psychopathic and growing even larger “balls” than their male colleagues. Margaret Thatcher and Madonna are great examples.

Dominatrix Agenda

The masculine, left-brain, dominator agenda continues, but in order to correct this imbalance, it will mean that the divine feminine does, in fact, have to start defending itself and learn to say no. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ~ Albert Einstein.

Some of us have become unwitting enablers of the system through ignorance. If we researched the origins and ingredients of every single product we bought, our convenience food, cosmetics, clothes etc etc, we might question how ethical is the company? Are its products toxic to ourselves and the environment?

Knowledge is power and we need arm ourselves with wisdom. The information is out there in abundance if we look. However, most of the population are too tired, busy, distracted by the mass media or difficult relationships to sit down and read anything longer than a magazine article. The internet is great but we still need to make a conscious effort not to click, click, click and click onto the next pretty picture.

Which brings us to gender. “The female of the species is more deadly than the male” sang Space. The sacred feminine has been debased, abused and used to control the majority of men by their dicks.. Hence the reason porn is the biggest search term on the internet (Followed by Astrology, which I find hilarious.) This is no criticism of men, in fact, the reason this porn trap is so successful is that the media sorcerers knew damn well that men really do want to connect with this wonderful, liberating, sacred feminine energy, which originates from our empowering, living, goddess earth.

Seasonal Sensuality

Uranus Square PlutoBack in pagan times, earthy sexuality was a healthy expression of human aliveness. It connected us to the seasons. Nature, like healthy love-making, makes us feel alive, fertile, potent and vital. It’s like good organic food, it will nurture us for days. Pornography is like overly salty and sweet fast food. So cybersex, like MacDonalds, is a quick fix that later leaves us drained and dehydrated. As with all drugs, one needs a stronger hit after a while, so a sex addict will go onto hardcore porn and.. then what?

In the Muslim world, the divine feminine has been suppressed in a far more obvious way than in the west, with the horror of female circumcision being the worst manifestation. The dark ages witnessed the burning of witches and the enslavement of women to be used as sex slaves in the Middle East. In recent world wars, many women were raped and witnessed the rape of their daughters by invading soldiers. The Slaviccountries, being that they are on the front line of the East and the West have suffered the most and where the word ‘slave’ originally comes from.

This major trauma has been carried through genetic memory for 1000s of years. If we believe in reincarnation, then at some point men (as women) may have also been raped and women (as men) may have at one point been the raping and pillaging soldier, so there is really no blame. I much prefer these days to stress the importance of bringing the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine into balance than allying myself with any feminist agenda.

In 2016, Uranus formed a conjunction with Eris (The outer-planet Lilith). The potential here was great for breakthrough thinking and enlightenment regarding true equality of the sexes. Lilith can be seen as the original feminist, and women can all identify with the feeling of being exiled. But to make Lilith a feminist issue really over-simplifies a much deeper and insidious form of suppression, which is the rape of the human psyche by religion.

Victim Culture

Ekhart Tolle in his book “The Power of Now”, maintains that enlightenment for the whole of humanity is in the hands of women. On Page 194 he talks about the collective pain-body where women need to stop identifying themselves as victims, move on from blame and take control. I agree that the feminist blame agenda has got to stop. But I’m not sure how we can take control. I just don’t think we should be looking at this as a male v female thing anymore.

In Part 2 of this post I look at: Religious Pedophilia, porn demons & sex object Culture


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569 thoughts on “Eris ~ Re-Divining The Feminine”

  1. Is acting like a male, having the same presentation style or the same content. ANd what does that mean to define what is female behaviour and what is male behaviour. Are woman to bring a handkerchief to a gun fight, are they supposed to transcend the gun fight into the sacred feminine, or is a gun fight completely off limits to a female unless they strap some balls on as opposed to just tapping into their innate and repressed animus?

    • Yep gun fights off limits. Unless they have no kids to protect and are a whizz with a gun.
      There are always exceptions. IE. Joan of Arc and Boudicca.
      Not all men are fighters either of course.
      But running society on what is the exception for the sake of ‘equality’ is just plain stupid.

  2. Marina, love ur work… what happened with u and feminism? Do u feel it contributed to the breakup of ur last relationship. I mention b/c Kali is the divine feminine defending itself. Ur right about women in corporations, but they are not ‘feminists’, no point in appropriating male roles to act like a male. Being a feminist does not mean being like madonna, maybe some men are just getting more insecure. Each generation of males like it more once they can distinguish between their sacred male and male roles set by society. Feminism to me is just women talking equal responsibility, how that is determined differs relationship 2 relationship.

    • Not my last relationship, but the one before that. The father of my child. I have to re-write Eris to explain fully.
      The sexes are not equal. They are very different. 1 does not equal 2. This whole ‘equality’ thing is a lie. Sounds great but it just puts pressure on square pegs to fit in round holes.

      I did say “the misuse of divine feminine”, but maybe I need to rephrase that. Can’t we accept the feminine has a bad side as we surely see that the masculine does? If I use Pluto in a negative sense (and most people see Pluto as negative), I don’t have to apologise or qualify it in the way I do when I look at the shadow feminine. Same with Saturn. Do we ever say “Mars was just defending itself?!!” Yes it will be needed in defence, but it’s not always just defence, Mars attacks too and so does Kali!

      I won’t describe myself as a feminist because the word is limited and doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to do. We don’t need feminism in the west and no feminists are speaking about the real abuse women suffer in the EAST. When they do I might have a bit more respect for them. Actually that’s a good point about Kali. She is an Eastern goddess, where her defence is actually needed! Is an article I wrote before I woke up to western neo-feminism. It does address the paradox of Goddess worship and Eastern ‘rape culture’ though.

      I have rephrased it. “Eris may question the the negative form of the Hindu goddess, Kali the destroyer. The negative dark-goddess aspect could show the misuse of divine feminine energy in the form of the devouring mother.”

      I see myself as Eris energy btw! I like to turn concepts of ‘feminism’ on its head. Feminism shouldn’t be a sacred cow.

  3. Hey you are making a mistake by doing SACRED FEMININE VS FEMINISM because Im BOTH. Dont do that please, its the same thing. Wealth, power?? thats too vague and old fashioned. We need feminism to live our sacred feminine and so that man can see the importance of theirs also. We are not supirior than man, we just want to end this patriarcal mode and masculinization of the world. Some girls think that way (power, wealth) but they are still on the mans world state of mind, not quite feminist yet.
    kisses from a brasilian feminist

    • I think 3rd wave feminism is particularly destructive, Neo-Feminism is probably a better description. I can’t change the url though, it was meant to be combative.
      I personally think we are not in a man’s state of mind at all, but a pacified, feminised one. The elites rule with Patriarchy, but if we had a bit more of that testosterone we could overthrow them. We need the sacred masculine more than we need feminism! Only men and women united can take back their sovereignty.

  4. You were questioning how women take their power back. Part of the answer lies with mothers. Too many mothers let their male children raise themselves and do not intervene with any kind of sensitivity training. In my life, I have met a couple of women who said, “I’m raising my son to be a good husband,” and “I’m raising my son to have the skills to have a long and successful marriage,” (meaning, how to be a partner to his wife.) In an overtly patriarchic society, this is not necessarily and easy thing to accomplish. The churches are complicit with the female put-down (in subtle ways, but it’s still there. Consider that in the CoE, women wear the wedding rings but the men do not. Mini slave bracelets?)

    Women must recognize the because men do not bear the children, it is very easy for them to distance themselves from women. So, what do they do with themselves? They do “men’s stuff.” And men’s stuff gets redefined with the various ages. Once upon a time, the most manly thing a male could do was to be gallant and chivalrous. Today, manhood is defined by computer images killing everything in sight and talking tough. This is because the New World Order does not value compassion, kindness, or chivalry. It values war because war makes the corporate elite rich. Men are pawns in their game. Men need a new direction away from corporate thinking and being corporate pawns. Men need to reconnect to females, as females need to reconnect with males in a loving, respectful, and meaningful way that is based in mutual trust; something that is lacking these days. Whether or not this is possible only time and the stars will tell.

    In the meantime, women need to develop themselves with education and being able to earn their own way in life. If an attractive man comes along, women need to resist the temptation to suddenly go weak, helpless, and turn into a maiden in distress. This may be great for the male ego, but the premise is a lie and when the novelty of the relationship fades, you are left with a pair of people who not only don’t know each other, but don’t understand each other, either.

    When men first meet a woman they are attracted to they know what to do. They open doors, hold out chairs, send flowers, bring chocolates and other gifts, and in general are on their best behavior. But when men get married, mission accomplished. They go from being lovers, best friends, partners to suddenly being owners and slave lords; leaving the woman to wonder, “What happened?!” Hence the old adage, “On went the rings and off came the masks.” I’m not saying that women don’t play this game, too, but more often it is the male who seeks the dominant position in the relationship and hides this fact until he feels he has a legal right to do otherwise.

    In today’s world, sex is freely given and little thought is given to the unspoken contract that is being played out between two potential marriage partners. Women need to be taught by their mother to be more aware going into a relationship; particularly a marital one, of exactly what is being played out and what the stakes are here. All those tiffs between lovers isn’t just about an off day; it is the hammering out of all the details of the contractual relationship that will follow.

    Men see women as “services”. When a man marries he gets his food cooked, his floors mopped, his bed linen changed, his dirty socks and other laundry washed, and regular sex on demand. When a woman marries she gets dirty dishes, dirty floors, dirty linen, and she is expected to look like a babe straight off the TV whenever he’s in the mood; it’s her job to be inspirational. Now, there are those who would say this is nonsense, but I will ask you, have you EVER heard of a “husband-wife”? In your whole life, have you ever heard of a husband-wife? No? Well, I’d be willing to bet even money you’ve heard of a “house-wife”. That’s because when a woman weds, she marries his house; not the man. She is permitted to live and work there as long as it suits the lord and master of the castle. But should she have a fall from grace, she will find herself out of “his house” and looking for a place of refuge. This really has to stop. Woman need to stop getting lost in the promises of Bride Magazine, getting lost in the dreamy promises of the big beautiful wedding and the promises of a fairytale life living happily ever after. With things like the New World Order, banksters, and globalism on all of our plates, we need to wake up and steady on.

    • God that’s all very depressing. Is that your experience? Then you picked a ‘wrongun’. I don’t think men think like that at all! That’s what we have been taught to think. Feminism is part of the NWO agenda. “Women earning their own way in life” sounds great, but birth rates down! Mission accomplished.

      Loyal husbands are natural protectors. Not “owners and slave lords”.
      Unfortunately a lot of women ditch their husbands to be slaves of the government via the welfare state instead. Vote bought.

      I see it a different way. The house-wife is the queen of the castle and the man goes out to slave for some boss to look after her and her kids. She is the boss. I think that’s a great deal!. Men traditionally died younger because they worked most of their lives, usually in horrid conditions, like mining etc etc. I think now that women are working the gap is closing. Stress is a killer. This is progress?!
      Life expectancy gap between men and women narrows to less than four years


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