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January Astrology 2021

January Astrology

2 Sun sextile Ceres ~ 12º Capricorn/Pisces
4 Mercury conjunct Pluto ~ 24º Capricorn
6 Mars Into Taurus
6 🌗 Last Quarter Moon ~ 16º Libra
8 Venus into Capricorn
8 Mercury into Aquarius
8 Mercury Square Mars ~ 0º Aquarius/Taurus
8 Sun sextile Neptune ~ 18º Capricorn/Pisces
9 Venus trine Mars ~ 0º Capricorn/Taurus
9 Mercury conjunct Saturn ~ 1º Aquarius
9 Sun into Capricorn Decan 3
11 Mercury conjunct Jupiter ~ 5º Aquarius
12 Mercury square Uranus ~ 6º Aquarius/Taurus
13 Venus trine Uranus ~ 6º Capricorn/Taurus
13 🌑 New Moon ~ 23º Capricorn
13 Mars square Saturn ~ 3º Taurus/Aquarius
14 Sun conjunct Pluto ~ 24º Capricorn
17 Jupiter square Uranus ~ 6º Aquarius/Taurus
19 Sun into Aquarius Decan 1
20 🌓 First quarter Moon ~ 1º Taurus
20 Mars conjunct Uranus ~ 6º Taurus
21 Ceres conjunct Neptune ~ 18º Pisces
23 Venus sextile Neptune ~ 19º Capricorn/Pisces
23 Sun conjunct Saturn ~ 4º Aquarius
23 Mars square Jupiter ~ 8º Taurus/Aquarius
26 Sun square Uranus ~ 6º Aquarius/Taurus
26 Neptune square Nodes ~ 19º Pisces
28 Venus conjunct Pluto ~ 25º Capricorn
28 Sun conjunct Jupiter ~ 9º Aquarius
28 🌕 Full Moon ~ 9º Leo
30 Sun into Aquarius Decan 2

January Highlights

A very exciting month where tensions build towards Jupiter making its paradigm shifting square to Uranus just after its serious winter solstice meeting with Dr Time Saturn. Expect more fireworks, revelations, scandal and shocks as Mercury the trickster unravels the mess. Mercury will hit Saturn on Jan 9 and then Jupiter on Jan 11. Mercury will also go retrograde on February 1st so prepare for that! (SEVERE travel restrictions) Mars is also misbehaving badly too, square Saturn on Jan 11, conjunct Uranus on Jan 20 and square Jupiter on Jan 22. You couldn’t get a more explosive inauguration atmosphere if you tried…

So much tensions in the fixed signs, so much polarity between the old and the new, conservative Taurus V the progressive Aquarian vibe. Yet everything is topsy-turvy since Uranus the planet of revolution is in traditional, sturdy Taurus. Authoritarian Saturn is in progressive Aquarius! Not to mention deceptive Neptune square the nodes. What gives? Everything is the opposite to what it seems. We will do well to remember that in the coming weeks.

Don’t believe the label, trust your gut, sense what is inside.