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Presidential Election 2016 ~ Prediction!

“Truth is treason in an empire of lies” ~ George Orwell.
This video was partly made as a response to criticism of bias from female Democrats. I tried to clear up any misunderstandings. As a former left-winger, I still have a lot of the ‘tread-carefully’ academic, socialist programming in my head, so you can hear me wrestling with that in my voice. It still feels like a kind of ‘coming out’ in some ways. This is also a good summary of my two other posts on Hillary & Trump.

43 thoughts on “Presidential Election 2016 ~ Prediction!”

  1. Back to the astrological drawing board!!! I read somewhere recently that astrology gets it right but mostly in retrospect!! All good fun looking though!

  2. **My redaction came wrong… I thought that he was NOT going to win by any means yet still the transits suggested that he maybe had a chance… Gahh.

  3. Oh, yeah, i didn’t followed that much the election, but most astrology forecasts i read by different astrologers predicted a Hillary win excepting this one… Then again, i didn’t saw many and i’m aware now that a couple more predicted it too. Personally i thought so that too anyway. The thing i heard mentioned that to me sounded that Trump was coming strong was his progressed sun on his ASC, also Saturn about to hit his moon too, sort of made me think about it for a second, that he was no joke… Well, rather his campaign actually, i DO think he’s a conman and an idiot, but then i didn’t saw Hillary as much less of a shitshow, this was indeed a the lesser of two evils kind of election. He is now the answer for many people who felt disenfranchised by the establishment, and genuinely so, just not a good one, imo. There’s racism and xenophobia in all of this unfortunetly but i don’t see it as the root cause at all, yet as of now this is as divided a population as it gets i just hope for the best for those yankees, i really do.

    Anyway, enough of politics… Kudos to you for getting it right and taking the time to do it so thoroughly. A week ago when i saw your article (haven’t seen the video yet though) i gotta say that i thought you were stretching it a bit too much. But it’s always nice to see new perspectives much of which i didn’t heard of before.


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