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Edward & Mrs Simpson is one of those famous love stories that has always struck a chord with me. How Edward VIII renounced the throne of England for the love of a divorcee. Wallis became that taboo woman because of her hypnotic hold over a Prince who had for many years been somewhat of a playboy. Madonna has now turned this epic love story into a film.

The change in the destiny of Britain that occurred as a result of the abdication was actual more profound than we would at first think. If it was true that Edward was indeed a Nazi sympathizer. There may not have been WW2 at all. Maybe thanks to Wallis we Brits are still speaking English and not German..

Before we look at the synastry we need to look at what they want in a relationship. As you can see from what follows part of their strong attraction was that they very much mirrored their internal anima/animus which is shown by the Moon/Venus in a Man and the Sun/Mars in a woman.

EDWARD’S HOROSCOPE: He is looking for a nurturing energy and with the Moon in the 2nd. Someone who will let him relax, put his feet up, feed him good food, indulge him. This Moon also trines the Sun. So a Queen to his King. His equal. Who could be the power behind the throne. Mercury is also conjunct the DC. So talking and communication would be paramount. Someone quick witted, who would scold him nicely. Chiron is also in the 8th house of sex. He would want someone who is a bit of a maverick and that could heal his childhood wounds. Sexual healing?

With the Vertex in there fateful encounters with taboo lovers would open doors to his destiny. Looking at his general feeling about women. Venus is the the 3rd. Again a witty, clever woman. Quite sisterly. And its conjunct Part of Fortune. So women were actually lucky for him! I find this quite odd as, we wouldn’t think of Wallis being very lucky for him at all since he lost his throne.

But maybe he WAS luckier and happier without it. Maybe he didn’t actually want to be king! As for the spellbinding witch. Black Moon Lilith is conjunct his AC. We know he had a weakness for women and had many lovers before Wallis. They tended to be from the more bohemian actressy set. But they were all hidden safely away in his 12th house, along with Asteroid Lilith the more feminist side of this archetype.

Like a true member of the British monarchy. His “whores” were kept secret (12th) and he would always have to go for the Virgin who would give him an heir who would make a popular Queen.

WALLIS’S HOROSCOPE: Her Sun is also in a mildly difficult aspect to Saturn. But Saturn is the king! So she is looking for a king that challenges authority in some way? Her 2nd husband was a hugely successful businessman so this reflects her need for a successful man with high status (Saturn). The sun also trines her north node so someone that will put her on the right path.

Her Vertex is in the 7th house. So Marital partners and open enemies will open doors to her destiny. Sun bang on trined her Part of Fortune. Wow! She does want someone who can give her the high life. Her Sun also trines her Moon like Edward, so they share this quality. Therefore she too is looking to play Queen to his King. To work harmoniously with him and be his equal. Now equality demanding Asteroid Lilith is semi-sextile her Sun. So she is looking for a man who can handle a strong willed woman. Her Lilith is in the creative 5th house. So she would certainly want to express it.

Wallis’s feeling for men in general. Her Mars is in the 2nd. So she wants financial security and to be indulged. A sensual man. It’s quincunx Uranus (A rebel) and in the 9th (A foreigner or someone that broadens her horizons) This Uranus is the Apex of her Yod. The other Planet it quincunxes and which her Mars sextiles is Venus. Her Mars man, must be romantic, diplomatic, fair and loving. One that is not too forcefully macho, but can express his feminine side.

Synastry Attraction

Edward loves Wallis’s 4th house Sun that can mother him quite easily and scold him effectively, keeping his wandering eye in check. His lunar needs are answered by Wallis being such an energetic hostess, indulging him an good food and a comfortable ambiance. He finds her moon conjunct Chiron healing and quite the maverick, In the 8th he could quite easily fall under her spell.

Wallis actually has a very mesmerising Black moon Lilith. Sensual in the 2nd and powerfully sextile Pluto (in the maternal 4th) AND trine Jupiter which amplifies it even more. I think she would’ve been quite hard to resist, as she projects his anima back to him strongly.

Wallis wants a King,.. well she nearly got one. And Edward was certainly high status and materially secure. While his Lilith on his AC shows he does indeed know how to handle her strong Lilith side.

Edwards angular Mercury trine Mars gives him the great wit and interesting dinner party conversation she loves ( Mercury in the 4th). Wallis loves Edwards highly sexed and sensual Mars in the 2nd. They BOTH have Mars in the 2nd, so like her he likes to make a feast of lovemaking, savouring every course. Her Lilith nature finds a match in him with his AC conjunct a Black Moon Lilith giving his persona a charismatic sex appeal.

We can see how they were instantly attracted to one another, because they are reflecting each others anima pretty strongly.

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Author: Marina Macario


  1. I love this women I was so enthralled with her life so read a book I purchased yes, three times. My husband and I share the same wedding date. To strange to mention out loud except to people who do respect numerology. Thank you for this intense information.

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    • There was a fantastic TV documentary about her a fw years ago. I seem to remember she was married to one husband in the military and spent a year or so in China – must have been extraordinary – and that she also aborted a pregnancy at 7 months. Is this correct?

  2. I am very intrested in the word Synastry. I have no idea what this means?Can anyone tell me is it the chart or reading done on a birth day or occaision like a marriage day were the lives are stated to have begun..?

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    • Hi Mary, Synastry is a word used to describe the connections between a couples two birth charts, the connections between the planets and what planets fall in what houses of the others chart.

  3. I watched a show on TV the other day that exposed the true inner feelings of Wallis on the marriage to Edward as revealed by a cache of letters by her and her previous husband; Earnest Simpson. apparently Wallis was with Edward in her efforts to climb socially, she was never particularly in love with him, she was waiting for Edward to tire of her and find another mistress so she could return to her husband, when this didn’t happen she tried to break it off with Edward but he was insistent on their staying together even threatening suicide if she left him. Wallis was fairly dismissive of him and didn’t suck up to him like most others did and Edward found this appealing.

    By this time quite lonely, Earnest Simpson got together with Wallis’ old friend Mary Kirk after she came to stay with him after her marriage had just failed. This was very destabilising for Wallis and ultimately led to her filing for divorce from Earnest.

    Wallis and Edward were married but she missed earnest terribly and wrote to him several times expressing her regret at the turn of events.

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    • A recent biog suggests she had AIS syndrome which meant she was sort of hermaphrodite or androgynous. The author makes a compelling case.

    • That’s really interesting Shay. I had no idea, but I did suspect that for Edward was more head over heels than Wallis. Karmically, I think he just didn’t want to be King and Wallis was his way out. In terms of a soulmate score I was quite surprised that they didn’t rate that highly given the huge sacrifice he made. But then if he didn’t really want it anyway, it wouldn’t be such a sacrifice.
      According to my soulmates test which I devised long after I wrote this post, they only got 17 which for me is borderline co-dependant. That sounds about right in view of the information you have just shared.
      I’ll see if I can find Ernests birth details. Now THEIR synastry would be worth looking into.

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