Star Of David 2013

The Star of David on July 29  and again on September 21 2013 is a rare alignment also known as a grand sextile.  A true Star Of David will have three oppositions, … READ MORE

Grand Trine

Pure grand trine energy is about harmony and ease, the line of least resistance. Trine people have a real charm about them, seductive and languid, like falling back onto a … READ MORE

Moon Quincunx Venus

Moon quincunx Venus can be ultra sweet and sickly, but the quincunx makes it’s more like sweet and sour. Moon quincunx Venus is greedy for affection and needs tangible expressions of … READ MORE

Pluto Ascendant

Pluto Ascendant Aspects

The Ascendant/Descendant axis is one of relationship and Pluto rules taboo sex, so this combination is bound to breed love lives that feature anything from; fierce loyalty, deep love, protection, jealousy, secret affairs, possession, obsession, fetishes, bondage..


Asteroid Pythia

Pythia was the name given to the priestesses who served at the oracle of Delphi. People would make the pilgrimage from all over the Mediterranean to consult it. The oracles’ … READ MORE

Asteroid Hylonome

Asteroid Hylonome

Asteroid Hylonome 10370 was a female centaur in Greek mythology. Hylonome was heartbroken and killed herself when her beloved partner, the centaur Cyllarus was killed in battle. She immediately took … READ MORE