New Moon October 2018

New Moon 8 October 2018 ~ Pretty Prey

The New moon October 8, 2018, falls at 15º Libra decan 2. The new moon October 2018 astrology shows the new moon conjunct Ceres square Pluto. It

2019 YouTube Horoscope Videos

Here you will find some 6-minute promos of all the 2019 horoscope eBooks. Please bear with the visual production! I’m still new to this and aiming to

Full Moon August 2018

Full Moon 26 August 2018 ~ Mopping Up

The full moon August 26, 2018, falls at 3º Pisces decan 1. The full moon August 2018 astrology shows an extremely complex blend of aspect patterns where

Full moon May 2018

Full Moon 29 May 2018 ~ Rough Diamond

The Full Moon May 29 at 8º Sagittarius is yet another dramatic lunation. The full moon May 2018 astrology features the fixed star Antares. The red-giant found

Jupiter trine neptune

Jupiter Trine Neptune ~ Mystical Love

Jupiter trine Neptune is a harmonious and spiritual aspect for the collective that seeks meaning beyond the material. When I say material I do not mean the put

News & Moonsletters EU Law

I wanted to inform my readers and subscribers about the new EU directive the GDPR *. This means I have to get consent from my EU subscribers

question reading

Question Reading ~ $115

The question reading is best for problem-solving. I will use the most suitable predictive technique (such as transits, solar arcs, progressions, horary, eclipses and zodiacal releasing.) for