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My name is Marina. I am a self taught Brit-alian astrologer and illustrator based in the UK. 30 years of

Darkstar Christmas

Christmas Message

An informal crib-side chat about why Christmas is so important to Europeans, Sun-of-god worship, the seasons, winter mentality and musings

Unukalhai star

Unukalhai in Serpens ~ November 13 to 15

UNUKALHAI ~ Rich, successful, thieving, cunning, lying, scheming, glamorous, criminal tendencies, rule breakers, duckers and divers, forgers, fraudsters, cheeky, lovable rogues, bohemians…

2019 YouTube Horoscope Videos

Here you will find some 6-minute promos of all the 2019 horoscope eBooks. Please bear with the visual production! I’m