Twin Flame or Hell Fire?

This site isn’t called Darkstar for nothing, for I have a fascination for Pluto and Dark Goddesses. The lord of

Meghan Markle Horoscope

Meghan Markle Horoscope

Is this Meghan Markle’s real horoscope? I compare the official 1981 date with the same date and time in 1977.

Fixed star Altair

Altair ~ Birthdays January 20 to 23

Altair is the brightest star of constellation Aquila the Eagle at 1º 47′ Aquarius. This impressive creature has been a potent emblem

Political compass test

Planets & Political Compass Test

The political compass test has 4 directions. My theory is that Saturn = Authoritarian, Jupiter= Libertarian, Neptune = Left (Collectivist)

UK Election Result

UK Election Analysis 2019

The biggest Tory election majority since the 1980’s analysed, Saturn/Pluto opposition to UK Moon and does this mean we finally