New Moon January

Full Moon November 2015 ~ Geek Chic

The Full Moon on Nov 25 2015 is at 3º Gemini in Gemini Decan 1 Aspect: Opposite Saturn. Fixed Star: Merfak in Perseus. Dignity: Peregrine. Full Moons tend to make us purge and release things from our lives, so we need to make sure that we are in control of this

Moon Conjunct Mercury ~ Butterfly

Moon conjunct Mercury can be very naughty or very nice, this is the trickster we are talking about after all. At best, the combination of logic and intuition gives great common sense. A lot depends on the house placement, sign and the fixed star these are on because this is a shape-shifting combo.

solar eclipse September 2015

Solar Eclipse Sept 2015

The Solar Eclipse Sept 13th is at 20º Virgo in Virgo Decan 3 Sacred Prostitutes & Skeptics. Rulers: Mercury & Venus

Blue Moon July 2015

The Full Moon July 31 is at 7º Aquarius in Aquarius Decan 1 Mad Professors & Visionary Upgraders. Rulers: Venus

Greek Crisis & Referendum

Birthtime of 1.30am** considerations Instead of rewriting the article I thought I’d just add on the extra information concerning Alexis Tspiras birth

Full Moon July 2015

Full Moon July 2012 by Darkstar Astrology. The Full Moon on July 3 2012 is at 12º Capricorn and falls on fixed star Nunki in Sagittarius. We get a stunning Yod to Pluto.

New Moon June 2015

The New Moon June 16 is at 25 º Gemini and falls in Gemini Decan 3 Media Gods & Business Tycoons.Rulers: Sun & Saturn. Deity: Praxidike. (Goddess

full moon june

Full Moon June 2015

The Full Moon June 2 is at 11º Sagittarius and falls in Sagittarius Decan 2 The 13th Fairy & Gnosis. Rulers:

New Moon May 2015

The New Moon May 18 is at 26º Taurus and falls in Taurus Decan 3 Artistic, Alchemical & Life’s Troopers.

Scorpio decan 2

Full Moon May 2015

The Full Moon on May 4 is at 13º Scorpio and falls in Scorpio Decan 2 Spiritual Accountants & Poker

Aries decan 3

New Moon April 2015

New Moon on April 21 2012 by Darkstar Astrology. This New Moon is at 1º Taurus 35’, it is on the fixed star Mirach in Andromeda’s girdle.

Lunar Eclipse April 2015

Lunar Eclipse April 2015

Moon square Pluto throws itself into the deep end when it comes to its emotions. They experience relationships, truly, madly

Solar Eclipse March 2015

The Solar Eclipse on March 20 is at 29º Pisces and falls in Pisces Decan 3 Daring Visionaries & Star

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse ~ Dark Angel

Amy Winehouse was found dead on July 23, 2011 at 3.54 pm, in her London flat. It was confirmed that

Full Moon February 2015

The Full Moon on February 3 is at 14º Leo and falls in Leo Decan 2 Healthy Egos & Lion

February Horoscope 2015

January Horoscope 2015 January looks set to be an exciting month as Uranus square Pluto is active for the whole period.

New moon February

New Moon February 2015

The New Moon February 18 is at 29º Aquarius and falls in Aquarius Decan 3 Horny Pan Pipers & Judge