Saturn Trine Uranus

Saturn Trine Uranus ~ Revolver

Saturn sextile or trine Uranus brings about invention, flight and innovation, particularly of things mechanical. Saturn and Uranus politically are opposing forces, where Saturn is authority and tradition while

Full Moon September 2017

Full Moon September 6 2017

The Full Moon on 6 September 2017 falls at 14º Pisces decan 2.   Full Moon September 2017 ~ Summary   Previous Solar Eclipse August 2017 ~

New Moon September 2017

New Moon September 2017 ~ Clean Sweep

The New Moon on 20 September 2017 falls at 27º Virgo decan 3. The main themes this month are self-sacrifice, water healing, a clean sweep, victim/martyr syndrome

Full Moon October 2017

Full Moon October 2017 ~ Tragic King

The Full Moon on 5 October 2017 falls at 12º Aries decan 2. This is only one aspect to Mercury and an adjustment quincunx to Neptune from the

Vladimir Putin Horoscope

Vladimir Putin Horoscope

An example of how I read a natal chart using President Vladimir Putin. Does this chart show eminence, and if so is it honorable or corrupt? Can

Sun conjunct Pluto

Sun Conjunct Pluto ~ Best Villain

Sun conjunct Pluto is the black Sun shining. The Darth Vader of all Sun aspects, it is high contrast and stark lighting. The brighter the Sun the