Full Moon April

Full Moon 11 April ~ Lucid Lady

Full Moon on April 11 2017 at 21º Libra Decan 3 Aspects: Opposite Uranus/Eris, Square Pluto & Quincunx Mars/Ceres. Fixed

turkey horoscope

Turkey, Erdogan & Pluto Rising

A look at the prime minister of Turkey’s horoscope. He has a stunning Mars/Moon conjunction in the 12th house. Weaponizing

Sun Conjunct Venus ~ Attraction

Sun conjunct Venus can be a paradox. This is because modern astrology deems this aspect wonderfully positive while forgetting about

2017 Astrology

2017 Aspects Of The Year

Here follows links to all the most important cosmic connections of the year by aspect. The years lunar & solar eclipses are also listed. Saturn trine Uranus is..

Trump & Putin Astrology

Trump & Russia 2017 Synastry

A look at the synastry between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, using their composite chart. I also look at the

best synastry aspects

Best Synastry Aspects

Synastry aspects between natal charts to describe connections between two people. We look at this after first determining each person’s relationship needs

natal reading

Consultation ~ $225

A made-to-measure reading using the decans and fixed stars. I discuss your natal chart and its potential on MP3 (50 to