Solar Return ~ $115

I will look at the themes of the year ahead of the Solar Return chart against the natal chart. 25 – 30 minutes on Mp3. The reading

Amy Winehouse Synastry

Amy & Blake Synastry

Amy Winehouse and her ex-husband Blake made the headlines with their stormy, toxic relationship. We now have an A rated birth time for Amy, so I can

moon opposite square Venus

Moon Square/Opposite Venus ~ Black Swan

Moon opposite or square Venus will bring a bit of zest to what otherwise would be a soft, compliant, custard-pie combination. Having the two most feminine bodies

Weinstein, Hollywood & #MeToo

A look at the birth charts of Harvey Weinstein & Rose McGowan in the light of Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio and McGowan’s speech at the 2017 Women’s

New Moon December 2017

New Moon December 2017 ~ Striking Gold

The New Moon on December 18, 2017, falls on 26º Sagittarius Decan 3. This is an extremely spooky-woods zone of the zodiac which comprises constellations Ophiuchus (The


Zodiac Decans ~ Use & History

In this article, I will go into a brief history of the decans, what they actually are and explain how to use them in your own horoscope.

New Moon November 2017

New Moon November 2017 ~ Silent Night

The New Moon on November 18 2017 falls at 26º Scorpio decan 3. The Moon in Scorpio is, according to traditional astrology, in its fall. The energies



Chiron was discovered November 1 1977, the year of Star Wars, the Sex Pistols, Apple Computers Incorporated, and the year Elvis died. 1977 is one of those