Sun Sextile/Trine Mars ~ To Boldly Go

Sun sextile Mars or Sun trine Mars makes for daring, courageous and impulsive creatures. All Sun/Mars aspects will have this bravado, but at least with these softer

New Moon may 2018

New Moon 15 May 2018 ~ State Of Head

The new moon May 15 falls at 24º  Taurus decan 3. The new moon may 2018 astrology activates the notorious beheading star Algol. Uh oh… When I

Mars conjunct Pluto

Mars Conjunct Pluto ~ Tragic?

There is something very tragic about Mars conjunct Pluto. It doesn’t mean that all these people are doomed, rather that they have a melodramatic aura about them.

Moon Phases Astrology

Moon Food? ~ True Lilith/Night Demon

My exploration into the question of ‘Are We Moon Food?’ begins after a restless nights sleep during which I stumbled across an article by Tom Montalk. It was called ‘Food For

Ceres pluto

Ceres Meaning & Persephone Syndrome

What does Ceres mean in Astrology? Dark goddess Ceres was discovered in Sicily in 1801. The new planet was named after the Roman grain goddess because of

Synastry Reading

In-Depth Synastry ~ $299

An in-depth synastry reading. Part 1 will cover the basic compatibility, aspects made between the natal charts and what each partner is looking for in a relationship. Part 2

New Moon April 2018

New Moon April 15 2018 ~ Bloody Pens

The new moon April 15 falls at 26º Aries decan 3. The new moon April 2018 astrology is sandwiched between Uranus and Eris, falling more or less


Planet Sedna ~ Resurrection Queen

Sedna was discovered in 2003. The planet’s discovery has only been possible because right now it’s at perihelion (closest to the Sun). Eris was actually discovered after Sedna

Moon Square-Opposite Jupiter ~ Flamboyant

Moon square or opposite Jupiter is generally a lovely, warm, all-embracing spirit that wants to nurture everyone and everything. The only danger with the square is overdoing

The Davison Chart

Composite Davison Chart In Synastry

Finding true love with a soulmate is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s more likely to be a case of “Help, I’ve found my