Dark Ages

tulsi Gabbard horoscope

State Of Matrix #8 ~ AstroNews

For this weekly horoscope for August 30, 2020, I compare two very different warrior Queens! Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris. In the

Bill Gates Horoscope

Bill Gates Horoscope

Bill Gates Horoscope on YouTube. Rough transcript from about 9 mins:Let’s have a quick look at Bill Gates chart because actually we

health astrology

7 Health Tips For Self Isolation

What I have learnt about health over the years and new findings for this current situation. Seven planetary related remedies to get

Astrology Of Pandemics

Scroll down for videos related to the astrology of health and what transits are related to pandemics. I spotted a pattern with

Meghan Markle Horoscope

Meghan Markle Horoscope

Is this Meghan Markle’s real horoscope? I compare the official 1981 date with the same date and time in 1977. Dark twin

2010's review

2010’s ~ The Decade In Review

Looking back at the explosive effects of Uranus square Pluto with t3rr0rist attacks in the west and the dissolving of borders associated

Political compass test

Planets & Political Compass Test

The political compass test has 4 directions. My theory is that Saturn = Authoritarian, Jupiter= Libertarian, Neptune = Left (Collectivist) and Uranus