January 19,2018


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Harvey Weinstein Astrologyvideo

Weinstein, Hollywood & #MeToo

A look at the birth charts of Harvey Weinstein & Rose McGowan in the light of Jupiter's ingress into Scorpio and McGowan's speech at...
Vladimir Putin Horoscopevideo

Vladimir Putin Horoscope

An example of how I read a natal chart using President Vladimir Putin. Does this chart show eminence, and if so is it honorable...

YouTube Channel Update

My plans for the subject matter for future YouTube videos. I have de-monetised my esoteric/astrology videos so that I can talk freely about the...
French Elections 2017video

Marine Le Pen ~ French Elections

An examination of Marine Le Pen's chart against her biggest rival Emmanuel Macron and their transits during the election period. I also look at...

Trump, Israel & Mars on Algol

UPDATE April 11 2017. SYRIAN WAR. I knew these two would be trouble. Mars is conjunct Israel's Algol Sun and Trump's Algol MC over...