Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope for Capricorn
and Capricorn Rising for June 30 – July 6. Communicating with your spouse is going to be fraught with potholes while Mercury is backwards in your marriage house. All of a sudden it’s the 1950’s and your spouse expects you to mow the lawn, put out the bin and earn enough so they can stay at home and look after Tiddles. That is, all depending on who has the biggest moustache. Sometimes one has to go backwards before shooting forward, like drawing back an arrow in a bow. That’s all that’s going on here dear goats. You are reviewing partnerships roles and agreements that need updating due to changing domestic circumstances. Routines have become rather frantic of late and you feel like you have been burning the candle at both ends to please your partner. Have you been doing the lion’s share of the work because you are such a responsible citizen or because you need to control? Let go of the reins and relax.

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  1. The Sun/Jupiter 28 in II will form a grand trine to my venus/Mars in the 4th house and my Saturn/Neptune in Libra in the 12th house, and will actually conjunct my Vertex 28 II in my 8th house of this grand trine.

    Care to interpret this transiting aspect for me. Would really appreciate your input.

    Thanks Linda

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