Capricorn Horoscope 2018

Here follows a sample of your Capricorn horoscope 2018. Saturn has moved into Capricorn where it is supremely happy! You are the one sign that can genuinely celebrate the experience of two and a half years of the Lord of the Rings in your Capricorn horoscope 2018. For you, Saturn really is your very own Timelord, and he loves you like you are his very own child.

This will be a time of introversion for you but it is meant to be! If you take the solitude very seriously and do the self-work then you will have a rock-solid foundation to build on in the future. Trying to push against this reclusive stage will only bring on depression, as you bump into the walls of fate continually.

This does not mean that you will become totally isolated, one still has to work and interact with people (Unless you are a basement dweller). It’s just that you yourself might not have the usual enthusiasm for social engagements, may feel too tired to go to them or invites could just be less forthcoming this year. This will not bother you because you will be far too busy on more important, long-term matters.


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January to March 2018

The Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse falls in your taboo 8th house. An eclipse in this zone of the chart can feel very primal. It’s blood-curdling and brings up very raw, primal urges that can make you feel quite shameful. But it is also about remembering what is it like to be an animal. You might find you have quite a perverse desire to watch gory movies or postmortem shows at this time. It can feel quite gut-wrenching, but at the same time cathartic as all the angst is wrenched out of you. Yes, vomit is the word. Sorry if this is making you feel rather squeamish, but it’s kind of the point.

The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse begs some questions. Are you investing in yourself or do you believe you can’t really achieve anything so even why bother? Sometimes you pick a path that is truly your souls calling, but the financial rewards take some time to materialise. This can be a test to see how committed you really are to this path. Internal investments pay off later down the line. Mars enters your sign on Mar 18. This makes your personality more domineering than usual, but you don’t really want to take any power off anyone else. Instead, you just want to be self-sufficient and be allowed to get on with your own thing…

April to June 2018


Saturn continues to climb the mountain of your sign. If you are lucky enough to have a well aspected and very positive Saturn natally, you will relish this hermit time, and this period will be one you really enjoy. This is because you are patient enough to know that the best things come to those goats who wait. You will be happy with deferred gratification and will be grateful for the time-out in the slow lane.

Jupiter brings benefits and growth in your 11th house of wishes and common-interest groups. Those friends you already know are likely to be more generous than usual, both with their time and with hosting parties. People you meet at these events are likely to be valuable to you later on too and you might find that business mixes with pleasure quite well. There will be many cases of a friend coming to your rescue when you are in most need. Even if it’s just to lend a hand with domestic chores or brainstorming an idea. Your closest pals will be extremely supportive and really be there for you all year and you will want to show them your appreciation to them too.

July to September 2018

Capricorn Horoscope 2018The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse falls in our marriage house. Woo hoo! Your romantic relationships, or lack of them, are given a great cosmic shot in the arm by the Solar Eclipse. The Solar eclipse has the effect of reinforcing satisfying and balanced relationships, but also of splitting apart weak or draining connection.

You might have quite a few passionate arguments with partners of all sorts during this eclipse period, but they will only serve to bring you closer. Passion is the word as debates get heated. This is what I mean by the ‘shot’ in the arm mentioned earlier, it might be just what is needed to revive stagnant relationships. The Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse falls in your cash and self-esteem zone.

If you are solo, you could be relying too much on external validation (‘Likes’!) of your beauty or talents. Questions to ask yourself at this eclipse. What are you really worth in the in the great scheme of things? Are you serving others or mainly yourself? Are you a parasite yourself or are you letting others vamp off your positive energy or talents? Mars Retrograde takes place in your cash house from Jun 27 to Aug 12…

Capricorn Horoscope 2018 Keywords

Introversion, primal urges, supportive friends, “abducted”, passionate debates.

October to December 2018

Black Moon Lilith moves into your cash house and re-ignites what you had learnt during the Mars retrograde that took place over the summer. Lilith through your house of pentacles will address your sense of self-worth. It may be quite an insecure time as Lilith questions whether she is being valued in her closest relationships.

Something may happen at this time that causes one to need more support than usual from the partner. You may find that your income is lessened or possessions are lost so that you feel less secure and are left feeling somewhat empty.

The Venus Retrograde from Oct 6 takes place in your 11th house of friendship and common interest groups. The retrograde will also bring a fateful feel to any new friendships you encounter, one of them could start as very platonic and end up as a long-term romantic partner. This is also a time to review your hope and dreams.

2018 Horoscopes

This year’s Darkstar 2018 Horoscopes include interpretations for all 36 decans as well as the in-depth horoscope for all 12 starsigns looking at Saturn, Jupiter, the Solar & Lunar eclipses, Venus retrograde, Mars Retrograde and Black Moon Lilith in your sign. Download free 2018 Horoscope sample.

Capricorn Horoscope 2018 ~ Decan 1

For other signs, the Saturn conjunction to their decan might not be such fantastic news. But for you dear Capricorn this is brilliant as Saturn is your ruler and adores being in its own sign. You get Saturn in your decaSagittariusn 1 to Jun 30. Saturn conjunct your decan can actually be just as rewarding as Jupiter here, I kid you not! It all depends on how hard you have worked in your life up to this point.

If you have been realistic in relationships and honest in your business dealings, then you have nothing to fear. This is the time that you reap the benefits of all the seeds sown in the last 14 year when Saturn was opposite your sign. The combination of Saturn with the Lilith conjunction from Jan 1 to Feb 6 is super witchy and very useful for exploring nature-based spiritual practices and esoteric subject matter.

Lilith/Saturn will help you deal with the hard knocks from the squares to come. The first is the Venus square from Mar 7 to 14 which will sort out the honest Joes from the lying Larry. There may still be some filtering to be done with some relationships, and Saturn will help with giving them the once over with the reality brush.

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