Capricorn Horoscope 2018

Saturn has moved into your own sign for your Capricorn 2018 horoscope, where it is supremely happy! You are the one sign that can genuinely celebrate the experience of two and a half years of the Lord of the Rings. Because for you Saturn really is your very own timelord, and he loves you like you are his very own child. This will be a time of introversion for you but it is meant to be. If you take the solitude very seriously and do the self-work then you will have a rock-solid foundation to build on in the future.

Trying to push against this reclusive stage will only bring on depression, as you bump into the walls of fate continually. This does not mean that you will become totally isolated, one does still have to work and still interact with people (Unless you are a basement dweller.). It’s just that you yourself might not have the usual enthusiasm for social engagements, may feel too tired to go to them or invites could just be less forthcoming this year. This will not bother you because you will be far too busy on more important, long-term matters.

Capricorn 2018 Horoscope ~ January to March

The Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse falls in your taboo 8th house. An eclipse in this zone of the chart can feel very primal. It’s blood-curdling and brings up very raw, primal urges that can make you feel quite shameful. But it is also about remembering what is it like to be an animal. You might find you have quite a perverse desire to watch gory movies or post-mortem shows at this time. It can feel quite gut-wrenching, but at the same time cathartic as all the angst is wrenched out of you. Yes, vomit is the word. Sorry if this is making you feel rather squeamish, but it’s kind of the point. The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse begs some questions. Are you investing in yourself or do you believe you can’t really achieve anything so even why bother? Sometimes you pick a path that is truly your souls calling, but the financial rewards take some time to materialise. This can be a test to see how committed you really are to this path. Internal investments pay off later down the line.

Capricorn Horoscope 2018 keywords

Introversion, primal urges, supportive friends, “abducted”, passionate debates

Mars enters your sign on Mar 18. This makes your personality more domineering than usual, but you don’t really want to take any power off anyone else. Instead you just want to be self-sufficient and be allowed to get on with your own thing. You could get quite aggressive if your plans are interfered with too much, so it’s probably best to work alone as much as you can during this time. You will feel very sure of yourself though and extra secure in your position. You should have a very strong stamina at this time and put a lot of energy into back-breaking work. Black Moon Lilith is in your sign all season. If you are usually very submissive or conservative then you might become quite wild and passionate. On the other hand if you are usually quite permissive then you might become quite celibate under this transit. It’s is all about challenging your preconceptions about who you have type-cast yourself to be in sexual relationships. Remember Lilith is priestess energy too, so you could well become ‘like a virgin’ during this time and go through a rebirth after a time of abstention.

Capricorn 2018 Horoscope ~ April to June

Saturn continues to climb the mountain of your sign. If you are luck enough to have a well aspected and very positive Saturn natally, you will relish this hermit time, and this period will be one you really enjoy. This is because you are patient enough to know that the best things come to those goats who wait. You will be happy with deferred gratification and will be grateful for the time-out in the slow lane.

Jupiter brings benefits and growth in your 11th house of wishes and common-interest groups. Those friends you already know are likely to be more generous than usual, both with their time and with hosting parties. People you meet at these events are likely to be valuable to you later on too and you might find that business mixes with pleasure quite well. There will be many cases of a friend coming to your rescue when you are in most need. Even if it’s just to lend a hand with domestic chores or brainstorming an idea. Your closest pals will be extremely supportive and really be there for you all year and you will want to show them your appreciation to them too.

Because of her retrograde, Ceres spends extra time in Leo from the beginning of the year until the end of this season. For you Ceres transits through the place of death could mean a stable and apparently happy long-term relationship could end just like that that. The cause of this sudden change of heart, could be a no-good Pluto seducer, much to the dismay of your friends and family. You may feel ‘abducted’ by your libido or hormones. There is a loss of innocence, an ugly can of worms has been opened and things never look the same again.

Black Moon Lilith is in your own sign all season. If you are usually very submissive or conservative then you might become quite wild and passionate. On the other hand, if you are usually quite permissive then you might become quite celibate under this transit. It’s is all about challenging your preconceptions about who you have typecast yourself to be in sexual relationships. Remember Lilith is priestess energy too, so you could well become ‘like a virgin’ during this time and go through a rebirth after a time of abstention.

Capricorn 2018 Horoscope ~ July to September

The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse falls in our marriage house. Woo hoo! Your romantic relationships, or lack of them, are given a great cosmic shot in the arm by the Solar Eclipse. The Solar eclipse has the effect of reinforcing satisfying and balanced relationships, but also of splitting apart weak or draining connections. You might have quite a few passionate arguments with partners of all sorts during this eclipse period, but they will only serve to bring you closer. Passion is the word as debates get heated. This is what I mean by the ‘shot’ in the arm mentioned earlier, it might be just what is needed to revive stagnant relationships. The Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse falls in your cash and self-esteem zone. If you are solo, you could be relying too much on external validation (‘Likes’!) of your beauty or talents. Questions to ask yourself at this eclipse. What are you really worth in the in the great scheme of things? Are you serving others or mainly yourself? Are you a parasite yourself or are you letting others vamp off your positive energy or talents?

Mars Retrograde takes place in your cash house from Jun 27 to Aug 12. If you have been holding onto too many useless possessions, Mars retrograde here will do a great job of nuking all those dust-gathering knick-knacks you have lying around your home. Take this opportunity to go through your belonging and see whether you really need them. A good clear out will revitalise your energy and create span for new energy to come in. If you stubbornly hold on to vast hordes of junk, Mars might decide to erupt in the form of a house fire. Don’t worry, this is very rare so don’t panic! But symbolically this is a very apt image for what Mars wants to do to stuff that needs recycling. Literally this is Phoenix from the flames stuff.

The Aug 11 Solar Eclipse falls in your spooky 8th house. It can be very hard to tell what could happen with a Solar Eclipse in the house of debt, psychology sorcery and the taboo. It’s meant to be a mystery! But one thing’s for sure, it will highlight the importance of working on your shadow. Sometimes this shadow work happens because we are forced to deal with the unsavoury subjects of inheritance, debt or your partner’s extravagant spending habits…

Mars retrograde’s back into your own sign on Aug 13 where it will turn direct on Aug 28. The only way you can be now is 100% authentic and if you have not been, the volcano action of the retrograde should clear out any erm toxic waste (i.e. crap) you have been retaining! This is a great period to be quite selfish and work on your physical body with exercise even if it is through vanity. You will end up with a healthier, fit body at the end of it which can only be a good thing.

Capricorn 2018 Horoscope ~ October to December

Black Moon Lilith moves into your cash house and re-ignites what you had learnt during the Mars retrograde that took place over the summer. Lilith through your house of pentacles will address your sense of self-worth. It may be quite an insecure time as Lilith questions whether she is being valued in her closest relationships. Something may happen at this time that causes one to need more support than usual from the partner. You may find that your income is lessened or possessions are lost so that you feel less secure and are left feeling somewhat empty.

The Venus Retrograde from Oct 6 takes place in your 11th house of friendship and common interest groups. The retrograde will also bring a fateful feel to any new friendships you encounter, one of them could start as very platonic and end up as a long-term romantic partner. This is also a time to review your hope and dreams. Some wishes may fall away, as you realise (through group discussion), that the dreams were simply totally unrealistic. It is good at this time to gain different perspectives through debates with your peer group. This brainstorming will help form new visions for the future. During the first half of this period to Oct 26, Venus in her harmonious phase could signify a reconciliation with lost friends and the opportunity to rebuild bridges. The Lucifer phase has Venus retrograde backs into your career zone from Nov 1 and turns direct there on Nov 16. Here Venus is more likely to let success go to her head. Watch out you don’t annoy people with excessive demands during this time.

Ceres is also traveling through your friend’s zone from Nov 11 to Dec 28. Ceres here could inspire you to be more socially aware and support the underdog. So working for charities that deal with abuse, addiction or those in need of refuge may appeal. On the less practical level, you may want to join groups that focus on the occult, spirituality, divination or meditation.

Jupiter moves into your spiritual 12th house on Nov 8. This can be a period of healing and recharging if the last few years have been very stressed. You might find yourself a great healer or guru type figure to assist in this. Sometimes a friend can take on this role too and will quietly be on hand when you need them. It may equally be that you take on the role of nursemaid to someone else. You will probably feel a strong compassion and empathy for the victims of society and what to to do to help them out of that victimhood.

Capricorn 2018 ~ The Decans

Capricorn Decan 1 Dec 23 to Jan 2 (0º to 10º)

Capricorn Horoscope 2018For other signs, the Saturn conjunction to their decan might not be such fantastic news. But for you dear Capricorn this is brilliant as Saturn is your ruler and adores being in its own sign. You get Saturn in your decan from Jan 1 to Jun 30. Saturn conjunct your decan can actually be just as rewarding as Jupiter here, I kid you not! It all depends on how hard you have worked in your life up to this point. If you have been realistic in relationships and honest in your business dealings, then you have nothing to fear. This is the time that you reap the benefits of all the seeds sown in the last 14 year when Saturn was opposite your sign. The combination of Saturn with the Lilith conjunction from Jan 1 to Feb 6 is super witchy and very useful for exploring nature-based spiritual practices and esoteric subject matter.

Lilith/Saturn will help you deal with the hard knocks from the squares to come. The first is the Venus square from Mar 7 to 14 which will sort out the honest Joes from the lying Larry. There may still be some filtering to be done with some relationships, and Saturn will help with giving them the once over with the reality brush. This can be a very intense period with so many of the action planets working so hard in your sign. The Mars conjunction from Mar 18 to Apr 4 will really keep you busy, but it will also test your stamina too. After some soul-searching and challenges, you get a lovely reward from the Venus trine from Mar 31 to Apr 7 which will bring some harmony and light-hearted relief. Then to give those partnerships another layer of examination, you get the Mercury Retrograde square from Apr 9 to 14. Here you will do some revising over what you really want from your collaborations. There is a break in the astro-weather for a while so enjoy preening yourself for the romantic Venus opposition from May 20 to 27.

With Saturn in your sign there is a good chance of becoming more committed in relationships and you may no longer want to play the field if that is what you have been doing. You want to look your best if you have put yourself on the market for a serious person. For this I don’t mean you need to look glammed up and fake, but looking after your health and fitness shows on the outside. Investing in appearance doesn’t mean you are vain, but shows you have the willpower to exercise and cook proper meals.

July Onwards

The Saturn conjunction of willpower and commitment continues from Jul 1 to Dec 20. Here is the time where the extra hours of graft build to a climax and you may even be awarded a promotion or prize. Your authority is recognised and your status gets a boost. Sometimes this can be about marital status too, so you may gain a title! So you could go from Miss to Mrs, or Mrs to Ms. Men just have to be content with boring Mr unless you are knighted for some reason. (Please don’t get me started on gender politics, for this is a PC free zone.) The goddesses go hand-in-hand skipping through the summer sunshine, starting with the Ceres trine from Jun 28 to Jul 22 and overlapped with the Venus trine from Jul 10 to 18. The combination of these two pleasure-seeking influences means this is the ideal time to play gracious hostess and invite all your favourite people over for BBQs, dinner parties or whatever type of social occasion you fancy. These occasions should all go swimmingly and you will feel energised by the appreciation you receive. On the other hand you may just have loads of invites yourself.

In the northern hemisphere this is optimum festival and fete season, so it is just perfect for outdoor socialising that also connects with nature. Dust off that wicker picnic basket! After those relaxing and even quite indulgent aspects, you get some more edgy ones. The Venus square from Aug 7 to 16 means you now have to draw the Saturn boundary and get back to your timetable. With Saturn, organisation is always important, so you might have to get used to a sensible new routine. This can be quite hard if you have been having a whale of a time with your festivities. But really, the rest of the year is pretty easy to deal with. Nothing too out-of-the-blue, no harsh reboots from eclipses, just a steady-as-she-goes climb up the Saturn ladder of status. This you know how to deal with skiing blindfold, so the last challenging aspect of the year you can easily skim over. You end it with the Ceres square from Sep 6 to 27 and from then onwards you have a clear run. Happy yuletide winter goat!

Capricorn Decan 2 ~ Jan 3 to 12 (10º to 20º)

Capricorn Horoscope 2018Are you used to the power of your authority yet? Or are you still fearful of just how much personal power Pluto is generating for you. Yes, you still have some more of the Pluto conjunction to go from Jan 1 to Feb 5 and then you get a break for this half of the year. You have so much going for you in 2018 though because you also get the Jupiter sextile from Jan 1 to 20 and again from Apr 26 to Aug 18. Bloody marvellous! Yes Pluto is a seriously, deeply transformative transit, and the conjunction is the most intense of all. You are feeling on a very personal level, what is going on in the macrocosm with Pluto in Capricorn. It feels like the huge collapse of the power structures is imminent, yet Pluto is a very slow but thorough decay and ultimate detox. This means that the collapse doesn’t happen overnight and the same goes for your own life. It may not be obvious what is de-generating in your life right now, as Pluto is surprisingly subtle. You might have to really take a long term look back in time and see what has changed in your life, what people have faded away, and the difference between the leavers and the arrivals. Only then can you get an idea of the trajectory you are in. Otherwise it can be very difficult to see where you are going when Pluto is tight overhead.

The problem with conjunctions is that you actually often cannot see them at all. The conjunction in traditional astrology isn’t even an aspect! It’s like when someone is literally sitting right next to you, they are not in your line of vision. You have to make an effort to see this dark lord then. Enjoy the fleeting affair of the Venus conjunction from Jan 1 to 2 and get your late 2017 year’s kiss under the mistletoe. Then you have to wait for the love bite Lilith conjunction from Feb 7 to May 7 which joins Pluto in your decan for a rich, dark cherry saucy moment. There can be some seductive diversions when the Venus square falls twixt these forbidden transits from Mar 15 to 22. If you are in a relationship you might have to reject the advances of a third person. If you are single you could find yourself unintentionally sandwiched between a couple. No, you did not ask for this, someone had led you astray. Pull yourself out of there before you get sucked into dangerous underworld territory! Luckily Mars charges in just in time and heroically comes to your rescue from Mar 18 to Apr 4. The Mercury Retrograde trine is also useful from Mar 23 to Apr 3. This will help you understand what dynamics were at play with the triangular relationships. It will also help with any human understanding too as psychological themes come up with any ‘dark cupid’ type affair. All this helps esoteric study too and is good for developing better intuition so you can sniff out liars in the future. After these challenges, the Venus trine from Apr 8 to 15 brings you back into the light and gives you more pleasurable activities that won’t give you brain ache.

July Onwards

The return of the Pluto conjunction from Jul 14 to Dec 12 once again puts you back in the role of the exorcist. This is the start of the last leg of Pluto in your decan and then that is IT. Pluto will never get back to this position unless you live another 248 years. This really is then a huge life-changing transit, so you would expect life-changing events to go with it. Hopefully the major changes have already occurred and you are now processing it all. One big relief is the fact that Uranus has stopped squaring Pluto at the same time (As it was a few years back) so this feels far less like you are being wired at the same time as being purged. Apart from the easing of the detox, this part of the year is less busy in terms of transits. You get a very nice break from the power play with a soft and cuddly Ceres trine from Jul 23 to Aug 14. There, there Persephone, what did the nasty Pluto do to you? Here you should treat yourself to healing therapies that involve touch and pampering, so a good deep-tissue massage would be ideal. It will combine Pluto’s detox with Ceres’s nurturing touch. Take all the time you need to replenish yourself because there are a couple more squares to get through. They are not the most challenging, but can test your patience. These will be silly little squabbles and petty annoyances.

With the power of Pluto you should now be able to rise above any narrow-minded or ignorant comments and see that shadow projection is what is happening here. The first round of silliness is the Venus square from Aug 17 to 27, but you instead can use this to stimulate inspiration for artistic projects as Venus loves to channel the square energy into something creative. In fact she can do more creation with a square than a trine often as the trine is more likely to be about pleasure-seeking. The Ceres square from Sep 28 to Oct 19 is also a transit that you can use to heal and better yourself. Go on an adventure holiday and spend time hiking quite vigorously, and where you need to make an effort to adapt to the environment. Putting energy into a gardening or DIY project is another way to use the square. Otherwise, Pluto is out of your hair in time for Christmas so you can really enjoy simple pleasures and family time without everything being about deep, dark shadow work or ‘psychological issues’. Enjoy the frivolity of baubles.

Capricorn Decan 3 ~Jan 13 to 21(20º to 30º)

Capricorn Horoscope 2018In preparation of the deep, penetrating Pluto detox and empowerment, you get the laser zap of the Uranus square from Jan 1 to May 14. This will give you a taste of the change to come and will (to some extent) make is easier for Pluto to do its work. Uranus can really help loosen the debris so that it all comes down in great big landslides.

This is maybe preferable than the unexpected boulders here and there, which is what the deep tectonic shift of Pluto tends to do. Once you know you are under a Uranus transit, you can at least make every effort to store fragile objects away. Vulnerable relationships could crack under the pressure, but you will see the glaring weak spots. Sometimes the change seems more dramatic than it actually will be. It’s just preparing you for the worst case possible scenario. Then you find that it wasn’t such a big deal after all. This Uranus transit could feel more exciting than anything, even if it is a square. This is because you have the wonderful treat of the Jupiter sextile from Jan 20 to Apr 25. Enjoy the seduction of Jupiter as it tip-toes barefoot through the rose petals it brings into your life. This is a very sweet and cheerful transit. The sextile is pro-active, but generates such warmth that people cannot help but be attracted to you. It’s like you are wearing an aura of cotton candy, no spikes here! During this short but delicious period, nothing and no one can irritate you unless you have some other prickly transits happening elsewhere. Even if you do bump into some astro weather, Jupiter will at least give you a buffer, it is the solar system’s shock absorber after all. You get a double dose of blessings with the

Venus conjunction from Jan 10 to 17, so this should spark any love interests to come over and say hello. You can use the Venus square from Feb 27 to Mar 6 to create art or channel it into making the peace with difficult people. The square can mean a struggle, but with effort can change it into a diamond. Ambition is ignited with the Mars conjunction from Apr 24 to May 15. This in combination with Jupiter is fantastic for giving you the enthusiasm to aim higher than you usually would. Face your fears and be bold. Your confidence will lift you over any obstacles. The Lilith square from May 8 to Aug 10 presents you with some challenges and you could be tempted away from your path. See this as a test of your willpower. Resisting empty sensual pleasures affirms your spiritual strength and is empowering and confidence building. This keeps you virtuous so that you can enjoy the pure love energy that enters your house of marriage with the Venus opposition from Jun 5 to 13. Romance is well starred so you want to be free for when the right person comes along, not tied up in some messy triangle.

July Onwards

The blessings of the Jupiter sextile continue from Aug 19 to Nov 7. But first you get the aperitif of the gorgeous Venus trine from Jul 28 to Aug 6. This whole trine sequence is really healing and chilled. Take all the time you need to relax and recharge your batteries because later on in the year there are more challenging aspects that you will need to be on top form for. With the Ceres trine from Aug 15 to Sep 5 it is very important that you don’t work yourself into the ground because this is a fantastic time to spend time in nature or with your extended family. Let yourself be nurtured and looked after. At least, if you cannot get away from the city, take long walks in the park and get a massage or some other alternative therapy. Yoga would be more restorative at this time than pumping iron at the gym, if you are of a more sensitive disposition. There then follows some rough ‘n ready transits. The Venus square from Aug 28 to Sep 8 is a bit of a trail run which lets you ease into the pace of the busier period. Squares just make you work harder for your buck, but they are ultimately very rewarding if you put some elbow grease into it.

The Mars Retrograde conjunction from Aug 13 to 28 works like Pluto for you, so it should deeply transform your sexual life. If you are not in a relationship then the Mars retrograde will help detox your life from liars and from psychological manipulation in your career. Ambition will be reviewed and seen for what it is, are you just mindlessly running on the hamster wheel? Retrogrades make you stop and turn the perspective so you can see your life path from a different angle. Yet another retrograde for you! This time it is the Venus retrograde square from Nov 1 to 15. Your relationships are put under the microscope. A troublesome old flame may come back into your life, but if you have done the self-work with the Mars retrograde then you should have no difficulty showing them the door. Yes, for the rest of the year you turn into Gloria Gaynor.. Just keep that on as your disco soundtrack as you face the sour-faced, mother-in-law transit of the Ceres square from Oct 20 to Nov 11. It doesn’t literally have to be a mother-in-law, but you know what I mean, any disproving, pursed-lipped, virtue-signalling figure will do. Then there is the return of the Uranus square from Nov 7 to Dec 31 which takes over from the easier Jupiter sextile. You should be able to take the thrilling, yet volatile energy of Uranus and turn it into the diamond a lot easier if you have given yourself ample time to refresh and regenerate yourself with the Mars and Venus retrogrades.

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