Capricorn Horoscope 2014

Capricorn Horoscope 2014Capricorns have challenges in 2014. There is no getting away from that relentless soul “upgrading” in your horoscope caused by the ongoing Uranus square Pluto transit. However if anyone can handle this aspect’s growing pains with stoicism and rugged determination, it is our Saturn-ruled goats. The most difficult aspect of this square is the fact Uranus falls in your solar 4th and you don’t really like that much spice in your domestic life. To cap it all Venus retrograde hits you more than any of the other signs since it falls in your solar 1st house. The relationship that you are reviewing then is the one you have with yourself. Both these influences may turn you into Greta Garbo. This year you will definitely “vant to be alone”. This is ironic since you also are blessed with Jupiter retrograde in your solar house of marriage for the 1st half of the year. Therefore you may have great opportunities to attract a long term mate, the only problem is that you are going through so much cataclysmic change in the rest of your life you are not sure if you can handle the heart swooning madness of a romantic attachment on top of it all. Practical earth sign that you are, you will probably consign the love interest to the back burner while you get yourself sorted first. When Venus turns direct on February 2nd though, it will be still conjunct intense and passionate Pluto. You may not actually have much choice in being alone if your new mate is the stalking type…

Autonomous Goats

The Jupiter opposition Pluto falls in your relationship houses on January 31 and as I said in the general forecast this is a pretty obsessive opposition so you might find it hard to let someone down gently if you have decided you want to focus on your own life mission. The T-square on February 26 affords you the chance to break free, as this configuration could force a change of residence too. Mars retrograde will fall in your solar 10th so all your angular houses butts are being whipped this year. From March 14 – May 19 things might creak to a grinding halt in your career since you ruler is also retrograde in your solar house of hopes and wishes at the same time. By now your frustration levels must be building to breaking point. Try not to do anything rash at the eclipse April 15 Lunar eclipse which will fall in your 10th. The best advice I can give is just patiently plod up that mountain, head down, keep focused on what you are trying to achieve and don’t let the bastards grind you down. The Cardinal Grand Cross of the year on April 23 mentioned in the 2014 Forecast falls right in your important angular houses. Decan 2 gets the brunt of it. Now this could actually prove to be a breakthrough if you play this right, the cross stays in orb until May 1. If you did loose a job during the Lunar eclipse you may well be rewarded with something sweet with the April 29 Solar eclipse in your 5th. Be patient with it and it should blossom nicely by the time of Jupiter trine Saturn on May 24. This could be a romance or some new creative project, you will certainly feeling more optimistic from when Mars goes direct in your 10th house on May 19. You are back in business again.

Great news now since all your hard work and effort against difficult odds is rewarded with Persephone’s magic wand of blessings slaps the Mars/Ceres/North Node conjunction bang in your career house on July 1. If you have felt put down by your boss, this is the time where things turn round. You may even choose to go self-employed. Demetra George asserts “Mars-Ceres contacts links the ability to act and be effective in the outer world to subconscious images of self worth.” [1] So for you personally you would utterly need to become autonomous in order to get back on track with your life. This builds up to the grand moment when your ruler goes direct on July 19. The momentum starts to build in your life again and you can really start enjoying any new romantic partnerships you formed while Jupiter was in your 7th. Jupiter trine Uranus on September 25 could put some excitement back into your sex life and your home may become the scene for some bedroom novelty and frisky adventures. This kind of Uranian shock in your solar 4th house is fun at least!

The Grand Fire Trine lights up all your water houses, so you might feel rather emotional and swept away by all this love action after you have spent so long in the Garbo zone. There are more revamps in the home when the October 8 Lunar Eclipse also falls in your domestic sector. You might need to adapt something in your living situation to make way for the new partner. A flatmate may have to move out or you might simply finally throw away that shameful old singleton sofa. When the grand fire turns into a Kite things really look up for the goats since the Sun conjunct North Node apex falls in your career sector. As I said in the 2014 forecast “Those with this plugging into their chart can expect creative gifts and inspiration, which will help align them with their true life-path. Mars trine Jupiter gives the courage to push forward ones talents and dedication to their art.” This is especially good for decan 2, who really deserve a break after the hellish cross back in April. The October 23 Solar Eclipse in your 11th means you can be sociable again and start dreaming about the future. You can see the clouds are clearing. Even though decan 2 goats still have to tackle one more hit of Uranus square Pluto on December 14, this one is nothing like as severe at the one in April and since your muscles have toughened, you are ready for anything.

Capricorn Horoscope 2014 ~ Best & Worst

Jupiter is in your 7th house from the beginning of the year until Jul 15. As I said in the main forecast, this is a classic transit for marriage if you have the chart that supports it natally. It really depends how much your house is in order as to how it will manifest romantically. The best chance will be when Jupiter is direct from March 5, but especially when it is trine your ruler Saturn. Even if Saturn is still retrograde, it just means this romance might be a slow burner. After Jul 16 Jupiter moves into the dark juice of the 8th house, which would be great for firing up any blossoming affairs. But the usual interpretation for Jupiter here is debts being paid. Sometimes this is karmic or sometimes it can literally be an inheritance. It’s also an ideal time to ask for a bank loan too. Best days for love: You are extra sexy and attractive with Venus in the 1st from Jan 1 – Mar 5, but you may hold back on turning up your love volume until Venus is safely direct on Feb 2. Enjoy intense, desperate passion on that day when Venus conjunct Pluto is like a dormant volcano erupting. Venus enters your 5th house of love affairs from May 29 – Jun 23. Venus is in your 7th house of marriage from Jul 18 – Aug 11. Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 8th on Aug 18 gives you intense taboo sex in a dark tunnel followed by Venus conjunct Lilith on Aug 28 for some naughty forbidden fruit in a black cat suit. Go on…you know you want too, you need something to relieve the tension from this years other tense transits. You can shine brightly with Venus in your 10th house of status from Sep 30 – Oct 23 but be careful not to ruin your impeccable reputation with Mercury Rx conjunct Venus on Oct 17. Love messages could get sent to the wrong person. Grin and bear it days: Your ruler is retrograde from Mar 4 to Jul 19, it’s not such a big deal as Saturn goes retrograde for months at a time and you are used to it. The only thing that might happen is you find it harder to stand your ground when your usually solid as a rock support starts to be have like a raving Jupiter. Saturn is not used to being rule free, so setting boundaries and saying “No” may be hard at this time. Mercury retardation annoyance: Communication problems with partners when it is in your 7th house from Jun 7 – 16. Mercury opposite your ruler on May 2/3 means your feels like concrete.

The decans below make the tranists as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page.

Capricorn Decan 1

Birthdays December 22 – 31   Ascendants 0º – 10º Capricorn

Capricorn Horoscope 2014

Uranus square your decan until March. What has felt like a spiritual menopause is almost over for you guys. Your home life has been at the brunt of this change with Uranus in your solar 4th. Now the disruptions are finally coming to a close and you can start to enjoy a return to tranquil domesticity and the comfort of routines. While Uranus is still there though you might find that it has at least put some sparkle in your home life if it has been a bit dull. Spontaneous entertaining and unexpected guests is one of the manifestations of this transit. If the cause of the disruption was building work then at least you can show off the results now. Neptune sextile your decan all year means you can wear some rose tinted glasses over the last of the Uranus square at least. Escapism is tempting and I would say go right ahead providing it doesn’t give you too much of a hangover… For the rest of the year you can use this influence creatively, your imagination and intuition is very strong. Keeping a poetry journal might be an idea, it could be quite cathartic through some of the tense moments of the year and as you have seen in the general forecast there will be quite a few. North Node sextile your decan until April will allow you to find support through common interest groups. Gatherings will benefit you and if you are inclined, your Neptune transit will really feel at home at a meditation/yoga or enlightenment group. Solar eclipse trine your decan April 29 supports harmonious new connections, especially those who can help you on your career path. Mars square your decan May 4 – Jun 5 begins a period where you may have to bite your tongue. The challenging backdrop of transits this year are not helped by this impatient influence. Try to avoid confrontations and rein in your competitive streak if you can. But anger and frustration are inevitable if you have been bottling things in for a while..

July Onwards

Mars sextile your decan Jul 25 – Aug 14 brings a much easier period. Now you can feel bold and push forwards with your visions again. Competition is enjoyable rather than stressful. Meetings are vibrant and stimulating and you can be very inspiring to others. Solar Eclipse sextile your decan October 23 continues the exciting energy. Ideas from the new connections you make help to fuel ambitious plans for the future. Mars conjunct your decan Oct 26 – Nov 9 carries your proposals forward to fruition. You have plenty of energy now to manifest those projects that have been brewing over the past few months. You are feeling more confident in their ability to succeed. Black moon Lilith trine your decan from Nov 24 also gives you the power to manifest that what you wish for into reality. This is also a great time for the sexual relationship I mentioned in the general forecast. This second half of the year is free from any really tense aspects, so you can just enjoy the romance of the Neptune sextile to its full potential. A relaxing holiday would be good at this time.

Capricorn Decan 2

Birthdays January 1 – 10     Ascendants 10º – 20º Capricorn

Capricorn horoscopes 2014Pluto conjunct your decan and Uranus square your decan all year. You are experiencing personal transformation while relationships are undergoing dramatic changes at the same time so what is happen on the inside is rapidly changing on the outside. It’s quite unnerving to see that evolution happening so fast and furiously however. You maybe feeling volcanic feelings of intensity raging inside, but if you do not acknowledge and express them, then you may attract a very obsessive and intense person into your life. In the worst cases this could even manifest as trouble with the law or authorities who may try to enforce dominion over you. You will need to address your own need for personal power or whether you are even afraid of it. Therefore you may attract situations into your life when you have to stand up to the bully. Dramas are all around with many of your loved ones in some kind of crisis. You will be feeling this most intensely in your relationships and your domestic environment. Your living arrangements may be disrupted, for some this may mean a change of residence. Jupiter opposite your decan Jan 1 – Jun 2. To some extent Jupiter can help you rise to the challenges of the year with courage and make the harsher aspects of it more bearable. If you are in a relationship you can get through this by seeing the funny side with your partner. At least you can share some warm and tender moments. This transit gives enthusiasm for shared fun. If solo you will want to indulge in pleasurable activities. Sometime this transit can exaggerate situations so if a relationship is going badly it will only amplify the difficulties.

Saturn sextile your decan until October and Chiron sextile your decan until September. This actually makes a nice healing minor grand trine to your decan, which, lets face it, you really, really need! This is great because it will protect you to a certain extent from the heat of the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23 which falls in your decan. The combination of harmonious transits from these two teachers will allow you to break any negative habits from the past. This will be because you will be made very aware of how you have been relating to your loved ones. You know have the opportunity to make any changes with the help of a kindly mentor. So seek someone older and wiser who can guide you through this regeneration. Mars square your decan Jan 1 – Jan 23, retrograde between  Apr 4 – May 10 then again direct May 30 – Jul 6. You have an extended period of Mars square your decan on and off from the 10th house which unfortunately gives you more aggravation in your career. Stress is probably building up as a result of you trying to keep focused while there is so much disruption at home and in your relationships. This is all going on in tandem with the healing minor grand trine I mentioned above, so at least you can work through this with some help. It will feel like you are going through the most difficult examinations of your life. Life is certainly testing your resolve decan 2. But by golly, you will come out of it with some qualifications and a half! This may not feel great now but will serve you well in the future.

July Onwards

Saturn sextile your decan until October and Chiron sextile your decan until September. Thank god you can now continue with the benefits of this healing grand trine without the addition of the punishing Mars retrograde you went through during the first half of the year. Any teachers you have met during this time will help heal any wounds from the past that have held you in resentment. This will inspire you to forgive so that you can move on and leave any grudges behind. By the end of this transit you should feel rejuvenated. Mars sextile your decan Aug 12 – 30. You can now take full advantage of a harmonious Mars transit. Push forward with your plans and feel confident once more. Your ambitious Capricorn spirit is back and you can start leaping to the top of those olive trees again. The Lunar Eclipse square your decan on October 8 does pose some difficulties however, yet more squares make it frustrating that you still have to fight tooth and nail for every gain you make this year. It does seem like you are wearing heavy concrete shoes with each move so I do feel for you guys! North Node square your decan Sep 15 – Dec 28 only adds to the challenges. People are just not as co-operative as you would like. Sometimes in this situation you just have to resign yourself that if you want anything done, you are just going to have to do it yourself. If anything this year will help you really develop a strong sense of self-sufficiency. You certainly will not be allowed to be co-dependent on anyone. Sometimes we are forced into independence for a reason. You might feel quite lonely in this time, but you can take full credit for every success this year. You did it all by yourself. Well done! Mars conjunct your decan Nov 8 – 22. By now you are actually quite proud of your achievements. Just because you have a lot of tough aspects this year it certainly does not mean you cannot achieve anything. Actually sometimes years with challenging, or rather lets say dynamic, transits end up being the most successful. They say crisis is the mother of invention!

Capricorn Decan 3

Birthdays January 11 to 19     Ascendants 20º – 30º Capricorn

Capricorn Horoscope 2014 Saturn sextile your decan Jan 1 – May 15 will allow you to break any negative habits from the past. This will be because you will be made very aware of how you have been relating to your loved ones. You now have the opportunity to change with the help of an experienced and older guide. This may be through a shaman or counseller since you have Black Moon Lilth opposite decan until March. At this time you may be forced to do some shadow work, as relationships in your life reflect back to you some of your worst fears. You may feel exiled from your loved ones, but this alone time will help you focus on yourself and the inner work needed to correct any imbalances in your psyche. Lunar Eclipse square your decan April 15 will help force you to continue to work on the psychological reasons behind any conflicts that have arisen along your career path. It may be that your attitude to authority figures has caused conflict and held you back from promotion. In which case you might discover you would be happier working for yourself. Mars square your decan Jan 20 – Apr 7 and then between Jul 4 – Jul 27. You have an extended period of Mars squaring your decan on and off from the 10th house which can make you feel frustrated with your career. Again this may just be saying that this job is not for you. If you manage to get through this period without throwing hot tea over a co-worker, then you can rest assured that in fact the job is fine and it’s just that you are feeling particularly tetchy right now. If in the long term you have proved an asset to the company your colleagues will tolerate your foibles and will be willing to support you through this rough period. The same can be said of your relationship with your mother, you may feel she is overly critical during this time. North Node square your decan Mar 10 – Oct 4 There is a window of madness here where there is the possibility that one of your colleagues, the boss or even your dear mother could loose patience with you. There could be a blow-up then when the Mars square coincides with this uncooperative North Node transit. The danger period is from Mar 10 – Apr 7 and Jul 4 – Jul 27. Sometimes though, North Node transits can put you back on track if you have been working against your souls desire. So even if you end up walking out, this might actually be better for you in the long term Jupiter opposite your decan 2 Mar – 1 Jul Jupiter can help you bounce back from any career upsets and give you the courage to move onwards and upwards. If you are in a relationship, you might take time out to spend with your loved one and avoid extra hours at a stressful workplace. At least you can share some warm and tender moments. This transit gives enthusiasm for shared fun or allow you to indulge in pleasurable activities if solo. Sometime this transit can exaggerate situations so if a relationship is going badly it will only amplify the difficulties.

July Onwards

Mars sextile your decan Aug 29 – Sep 14. The rest of the year is much easier as the transits calm down. You are safe from the effects of the Uranus square Pluto and thankfully will not have to experience that in the coming years because it will not carry on long enough for it to fall into your decan. Uranus won’t square your decan until 2016, so you can enjoy a reasonably sedate second half of 2014. You are actually very well placed now to take full advantage of Jupiter in your solar 8th house. This should bring enjoyable romantic interludes and sex romps in the latter part of the year. With passionate Mars conjunct your decan Nov 21 – Dec 5 you can pull out all the stops on the dating scene. Mars gives you the pulling power and also a great sense of confidence. Like decan 2, this year has been foundational in that many changes have occured in the most important areas of your life. You can boldly go forward now that the dust has settled. The struggles of the earlier part of the year have made you stronger. From July onwards you are definitely feeling lighter.


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