Capricorn Decan 3 ~ Jan 11 to 20

General Meaning

Capricorn decan 3 is ruled by the Sun and Mercury (Virgo Triplicity). The Sun takes noble strides through the constellations of the Harp, Peacock, Eagle, Fox, Archer and the Indian from January 11 to 19. This decan successfully combines artistic and musical ability with a great business mind. These arty goats are aspirational and think very highly of themselves, but don’t brag about their talents.


They are far too elegant for that brash type of behaviour and they will always have enough admirers to blow their trumpet for them. Capricorn decan 3 just know they come from a higher place; Whether its a royal castle, a spiritual mountain or even an alien starship. They feel connected to the “gods” up there but can equally feel the same connection with spirituality in nature.

Noble Savages & All Seeing Eyes

These folk have an ‘All seeing eye’ because of their elevated perspective and have great vision. They can see far into the future as well as far into the past. Their focus may be more in evaluating history than looking to the future, however. They know so well where they and others are coming from, that they can actually make very accurate predictions as to the likely outcome of an event. This is why they are often so successful in business.

These goats are often underestimated because often they are just too aesthetically pleasing. The really beautiful ones are either feared or treated as bimbos. Capricorn decan 3 have a natural understated charm, and refined sense of dress (Unless Uranus is in aspect to the AC, see Russell Brand!). Gaudy, cheap materials are not for them.


The tarot card associated with Capricorn Decan 3 is the four of pentacles. “Fear of scarcity is often related to The Four of Pentacles so you may worry unnecessarily about money if you have come from a background of poverty.  This leads you to hoard or penny-pinch, even when you have enough money.” This card supports the general tenacity of the goat, nothing is thrown out if it can be renovated, and if something has to be binned it will be recycled or given to charity. “The Four of Pentacles is a positive and welcome card for savings, investments or retirement plans. It indicates that you are accumulating goods, wealth and possibly even power.  Your financial situation has been steadfastly growing over a period of time (many lifetimes) but this is not by chance or even pure luck.” ~ teachmetarot.

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Capricorn 21º 55’ ~ Sulaphat in Lyra the harp 3.3*
Capricorn 22º 30’ ~ Beta Pavo in the Peacock 3.6
Capricorn 23º 28’ ~ Deneb Okab in the wing of Aquilla the Eagle 3.4
Capricorn 23º 49’ ~ Alpha Pavo in the Peacock 2.1
Capricorn 24º 39’ ~ Vulpecula I in the Fox. 4.6
Capricorn 25º 51’ ~ Terebellum in the hindquarter of the horse in Sagittarius. 4.8
Capricorn 27º 47’ ~ Beta Indus on the Indian 3.7
Capricorn 29º 06’ ~ Alpha Indus in the Indian 3.2
Capricorn 29º 31’ ~ Anser in Vulpecula in the Fox 4.6

Star positions for the year 2000. * Magnitude.

Capricorn Decan 3

Capricorn Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Sulaphat 21º is from the Arabic As-Sulahfah which means “tortoise”. This refers to the tortoiseshell found by Hermes which he fashioned into a musical instrument. “Lyra is like Venus and Mercury. It is said to give a harmonious, poetical and developed nature, fond of music and apt in science and art, but inclined to theft.” Depending on what planet one has here it would indeed suggest musical ability, but also the ability to lie and cheat. Sulaphat is situated in the claws of the Vulture that is sometimes depicted in the illustrations of this constellation. The Vulture holds the harp.


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Capricorn Decan 3 ~ Planets & Angles

Sun Capricorn 3

The Sun is one of the rulers of this face and Austin Coppock calls it ‘The Throne.’ It is not an actual royal seat or one that has any sort of ‘divine right’ Instead this is very much a throne of commerce. The danger here is focusing totally on gaining as much material wealth in possibly quite a ruthless manner. You can see in the list of natives where a loss of moral code has led to domination and excessive cruelty. (Al Capone, Harold Shipman and Herman Goering.)

Used for the greater good, however, the influence of this refined, elevated intellect combined with artistic gifts and business savvy can last generations. Their creations are timeless, so as a result, they do not date. This energy can be elevated when the native has a mission away from merely amassing a heap of pentacles. Holding onto wealth will not bring these folk happiness. Soon enough Sun Capricorn 3 realise this and then aim to rally others into working with altruistic motives.

Sometimes the path away from earthy power is endlessly winding with many wrong turnings, but the journey is often highly entertaining. These folk will be able to entertain you with tales of their adventures and setbacks, which serve as illustrative fables for generations to come.

SUN CAPRICORN 3 EXAMPLES: Benjamin Franklin, Muhammad Ali, Michelle Obama, Joan Of Arc, Martin Luther King, Al Capone, Herman Goering, Harold Shipman, Aristotle Onassis, Federico Fellini, David Lynch, Kevin Costner, Cary Grant, Cecil Beaton, Jim Carrey, Orlando Bloom, Jason Connery, Faye Dunaway, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Aaliyah, Sade Adu, Mel C, Mary J Blige, Pat Benatar, Rod Stewart, LLCool J, Eartha Kitt, Gary Barlow, Joe Frazier, Captain Beefheart, Heather Mills, Kate Moss, Cindy Sherman, Charles Villeneuve, Paul Keating, Paul Cezanne, Marie Duplessis, George Gurdjieff, Maharishi Mahesh, Edgar Allan Poe, Suzanne Sontag, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Bruce Willis/Demi Moore Davison, Jagger/Hall Davison.


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  1. This last transit of Mars/Mercury through Cap kicked something into high gear,and in conjunction with other transits,Neptune/Saturn impinging on my Uranus/MC,Jupiter & cross,tr Uranus con NN while tr-NN con Neptune.It’s really getting interesting now,as i see my Sun/IC~Uranus/MC coming alive fully functional.I would love to hear your stories Marina.

    I’m fighting for survival on the dienst as they delete my posts & would like to ban me for accused anti-semitic and “revisionist” history data.And deleting posts that reflect the very essence of Pluto/Uranus square activity in our reality,those which revolve around…..dare i say it….. “Conspiracy Theories”….go figure!

  2. Regarding the planets other than the luminaries: How much does the decan placement affect these planets? For example – I have Sun’s ruler Mars exactly conjunct Sulaphat, quincuncx Jupiter and 6 degrees trine Venus. I would imagine this flavors the interpretation of these aspect patterns, and most especially the expression of Mars. How finely defined is it important to be looking at all planets or are we mainly focused on the Sun Moon and ASC for this finer decanate and fixed star interpretation? So much information !

    • I started researching these using the Sun, Moon and ASC as they are are probably the purest expression of the decan. Especially the ASC. I am planning on adding the personal planet definitions in 2015 starting with Aquarius in January. Some planets work in a decan better than others. For example this decan is ruled by the Sun (Chaldean) and Mercury (Triplicity) so these two planets do well here. I have Mercury at 21º Capricorn too Michael. Its my chart ruler so take that as being very strong in that case.

  3. Very good, if a bit too close for comfort at times. ;D Particularly interesting, because I’d always thought my Sun was on Peacock, but it seems it’s more Deneb Okab.


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