Capricorn Decan 1 ~ December 21 to 31 (0º-10º)

Capricorn Decan 1 ~ Fixed Stars

Capricorn 1º 04’ ~ Spiculum, the nebula in the bow of Sagittarius the Archer. 6.0*
Capricorn 3º 13’ ~ Polis in Sagittarius the Archer 3.0
Capricorn 4º 35’ ~ Kaus Medius in the bow of Sagittarius the Archer 2.8
Capricorn 5º 04’ ~ Alpha Telescopium in the Telescope 3.7
Capricorn 5º 05’ ~ Kaus Australis in the southern part of Sagittarius the Archers Bow 2.0
Capricorn 5º 41’ ~ Eta Serpens in the Serpens the Serpent 3.4
Capricorn 6º 19’ ~ Kaus Borealis in the northern part of Sagittarius the Archers bow 2.9
Capricorn 8º 18’ ~ Facies, the nebula in Sagittarius the Archer’s face. 5.9
Capricorn 9º 01’ ~ Alpha Scutum in Sobieski’s Shield 4.6
* Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Capricorn Decan 1 ~ General Meaning

Capricorn decan 1 is ruled by Jupiter and Saturn (Capricorn triplicity). It ascends through the constellations of the Archer, the Telescope, the Shield and the Serpent from December 21 – 31. This decan is dominated by the constellation Sagittarius the archer, so these folk aim high with their arrows and shoot to kill. This is a very important time of the year as the Sun crossed the winter solstice point of 0º Capricorn.

Capricorn Decan 1So this is a transition point and gives us the darkest, longest night of the year and shortest day in the northern hemisphere. Capricorn 1 looks both backward (Saturn) and forward (Jupiter.) just like the Roman god Janus, which the next month January is named after. Janus rules gates, doorways, time and endings.

Venerating Loved Ones & Crystallising Dreams

So Capricorn decan 1 combines the ambition and authority of Capricorn with Sagittarian enthusiasm and zeal. They have a strong and honourable work-ethic and are so religiously dedicated to whatever path they choose in life, that every business deal they make is sacrosanct. Everything in their life is a crusade, no matter how run-of-the-mill the situation might be. But we are still in tropical Capricorn so this crusading is all very serious, even the comedians among them work incredibly hard to get a laugh.

The Tarot card associated with this decan is the two of pentacles “The man in the Two of Pentacles needs to find balance and moderation in his life too.  All work and no play made Jack a dull boy.  If he allows no time for relaxation or fun, he is liable to become tired and tense and he may find his mood fluctuates like the waves behind him, up one day and down the next.” Materialism and ‘matter’ is important to this decan, but also the cycle of time. This is where their prophetic ability comes from, the innate knowledge of natural law. “One Pentacle is higher than the other and surrounding them is a figure of eight loop, the infinity symbol…  All energy is recycled whether it is good or bad for energy is simply energy and cannot be destroyed.  What goes around comes around..” ~ teachmetarot

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Capricorn Decan 1

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Sun Capricorn 1

Facies 8º ~ “An obsessive dedication to one’s goals to the point of ruthlessness. To be drawn to work with the harder, more stressful, or the unseemly, side of life; To have a prophetic vision. A time of terrorism.” [6]

The Sun in Capricorn 1 is one of the most straightforward since this decan has such a very strong theme running through it and the Sun follows its very established path of the ecliptic. We get no-nonsense, practical spiritualism here. If they are religious, they will be very hands-on in their practice with a missionary type energy. However, this is still a difficult decan for the Sun though as it is physically at its lowest point with the longest night of the year taking place in this decan.(In the Northern hemisphere)

Austin Coppock calls this decan ‘A headless body’ because of trauma experienced by the ethereal soul from its descent to the lowest point of the material realm. Since the Sun represents heads of states or companies, this is not a comforting image for it! However, those that do adjust to the shock of the fall seem to do very well despite the dark prognosis. After plunging to such depths, it takes longer for them to get to their destination. With those that reach high office, you can be sure they started out on the shop-floor, or even cleaning toilets! This makes them all the wiser as they will have picked up valuable experience at the grassroots level. These goats are usually quite proud of the fact they have had such long drawn-out and sometimes arduous journey to the top, their broad experience at all levels is their badge of honour.

SUN CAPRICORN 1 EXAMPLES: Nostradamus, Carlos Castanada, Louis Pasteur, Mao Zedong, Madame de Pompadour, Catherine of Aragon, Justin Trudeau, Ted Cruz, Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Phil Spector, Annie Lennox, Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull, Ricky Martin, Lemmy, Vanessa Paradis, Dido, Jay Kay, Jude law, Gerard Depardieu, Denzil Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Humphrey Bogart, Ralph Fiennes, Val Kilmer, Jon Voight, Maggie Smith, Marlene Dietrich, Denzel Washington, Sissy Spacek, Sienna Miller, Heidi Fleiss, Helena Christensen, Helena Rubenstein, Cynthia Payne, Janet Street-Porter, Kenny Everett, Tracy Ullman, Mary Tyler Moore, Henry Miller, Tiger Woods, Alex Ferguson.

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31 thoughts on “Capricorn Decan 1 ~ December 21 to 31 (0º-10º)

  1. Marina is the ~BEST of the BEST!!!…
    she puts her heart and soul into her
    readings… her knowledge her wisdom
    cuts through & captures ‘all’ so well.
    It is amazing reading her predictions
    for my sign…. she is RIGHT ON!…

    I am Cap. 1st decan December 25th

  2. I dont know where to begin,but Fatima you could not have described anymore accurately the heart of my soul’s feelings/imaginings/intuitions/yearnings.T.Leary coined a term which may describe best the gene pool that those of us who feel&see that way belong to……”Futants”

    It has been a long hard road as the Cappy mantra bemoans.I am 65 the 26th,and i am at a plateau i never dreamt of,but desired very much.It has been worth the journey.

    I have a strident chart that screams recluse,but until Pluto in Cap grounded me,i only knew the restlessness of it’s opposition to Cancer Uranus/MC/PoF~Squares to ASC/Mars>Moon/DC.I see the unconscious direction of a troubled childhood into adulthood to the present,with all my pondering and contemplating life,from it’s micro/maxi coherency,to it’s search for meaning,purpose,and that ever elusive….”Love”

    Since Pluto entered Cap i found a cabin in the rural mountains of the Pacif NW…..with a small river underneath my back porch…..and dreaming of a yurt for my last days,unless Uranus picks me up again.Where i live is on my Uranus/ASC line from the dienst astro-cartography section.It’s conundrum for me as i contemplate and observe the approaching and last square and subsequent manifestations.I am at peace here….but restless.Cardinal,angular GCoss wants to shake something UP!My roots and childhood were in Cambridge Eng,but i will not return there to a crowded society,when there is so much space & country here.It’s getting harder to hide in the US due to the fascist police state we live in,though be it unseen to the hive-mind matrix that prays in their temples to protect a spiritually declining society and quasi-empire on the tit of it’s matron’.But out of this hard growth a new consciousness will sprout,that will be strong from the wind’s constant change and Uranian storms that will charge new frequencies with a reckoning balance of ionic bliss into Aquarius……i think some deep freeze is looming for some places.

    Does that not smack of a Mercury transit on Sun & cross?THAT’S WHY MARINA’S POST IS SO DAMN ON and i had to write after i saw this post.

    Michael R

    1. Michael R.
      I can so relate to your described sentiment. Especially over the past two years (if not 10) I have experienced the most challenging times/lessons of my 71 years, as have others during this time of major changes in which I quite literally lost my farm. I was and will always be, a goat farmer.. as well as organic produce.culinary and medicinal herbs. bees. et al. I grieve deeply for the loss of my animal family as I go forward in the last leg of life. In vision, creating excitement and peace in the magic to come.
      I too live in the PNW and have been actively seeking solace in a cabin away from societal distractions. I have a motorhome and have settled on the idea of making a journey to find that place of my childhood visions.
      I know that for me and many of us who are awake to the folly of over population, consumerism, pollution and toxic environment, corruption of government and corperate business, it is time to create a new saner model. For me, that is in creating a model of sustainable (Permaculture) based alternative. and doing so, in that cabin in the woods. I believe connecting with a latger community is key to manifesting positive change for myself, and definitely for the planet..
      Since we are neighbors, if you are interested in connecting in community, you can find me on FB. My name is unique, so not difficult to find. Blessings.

  3. And I thought they were ruled by Saturn??? Marina can you please confirm this.

  4. Being a Decan 1 it sure was interesting to read this – what a wonderful and rather spot-on interpretation! Beautifully written. Now I have to check out the ascendant interpretation. Thank you so much!

    SUN – 6Cap 32°16′
    ASC – 21Cap57°47′
    MER – 25Cap53°12′
    VEN – 19Cap37°45′

    That’s a LOT of Capricorn in my chart…. Phew.

  5. Shasha,
    Sorry for replying late. Unfortunately there’s no any good reading I have had an access to. I, and I alone, with few other Capricorn Deccan 1 friends am the only book I have studied. I spent my youthful years looking for help, approaching all older ones seeking explanations to the me that was so different and answer to the realm I am that is entirely unknown to others. But nobody IN REALITY knows us. I researched for years on Capricorn online, they don’t know us. I have too big a house for a single girl and materially comfortable but the house is far away from the city not only because I needed it quiet but also because i couldn’t stand seeing people suffering while i enjoy. Within months the big house irritated me because i feel it is sheer vain materialism and put it up for sale. I could tell the need of everybody i meet without being told. And put their interests ahead of mine. How dumb and empty to find online astrologers describing capricorns as cruel material demons who are so ambitious they will do anything to get to the top. I founded a company for a boss who lived far away, my honesty dazed him! My conscience won’t allow me not to account even for a penny! I had opportunities to make dishonest big money but I couldn’t do it. Believe me I dropped my career in criminal litigation because it’s dirty despite the fact it makes more money. My point Shasha, no need for a Capricorn Deccan 1 searching for books because they don’t know the real them. If you are one Shasha, you know I’m not lying if I say, we don’t have the thought of money in our actions, it stinks to us. Money on my bed, around my person, on the table I dine is repulsive even. But money in-a-way-you-cant-explain will come. It goes around with you. And when I read online about the ‘pitiable curse of loneliness’ of a Capricorn I’m shocked. It is not what they think. A capricorn cherishes it. That is the lab where u get recharged renewed and connected to forces higher. If you try to explain something as cap Deccan 1 people will think you are going crazy or possessed. Just take yourself as you find you. Rich inside and accept. I wish you well.

    1. Shasha
      I hope this helps: Jonathan cainer says capricorns are not mountain goats but sea goats. Capricorns are all the water signs combined. Check sea-goat online. That is a unique one that dispels some of the wonderings. (And you know what, a Capricorn Deccan 1 can tell who is a Capricorn decan 1 with seconds of meeting and from there you don’t need words to communicate anymore. You can feel each other. You can commune. It is so spiritual. You just can’t explain it..

  6. They are angels on earth.(think Jesus must have been a Capricorn of this Deccan). Now don’t take that negatively: but thoughtfully. Just imagine a heart and head of god imprisoned in human body restricted to live among humans! You don’t fit the setting that much! You are righteous beyond human degree. Even when righteousness is lastingly at your disadvantage. You have a higher thinking and understanding like your body is here while your head is residing in the spirit realm. Sometimes you disseminate a knowledge or information to someone and you dont know where it is coming from, you dont remember where you learnt it and you have too much knowlegde for a single head. You see the earth as your responsibility and the welfare of and fairness to humana on it as your deep concern. You just don’t have THAT HUMAN ABILITY AND CAPABILITY to do it the human badly because everyone to you is a spirit. And you have a mental intelligence and alertness so immensely spiritual and vast. Come to emotion, it is so deep and indescribably intense that I doubt whether any of the water signs can front. And this under a cool and calm body, perfect controlled and contained by forces even against your will. Your intuition and perceptions are extraordinary. You hardly feel completely physical because you have the feeling ‘spiritual forces’ with you. You can read people and your surrounding. As a child you stand out: too wise, too intelligent, too caring too kind too this too that. I still remember at age 8 how everybody out there will tell my mum “She’s too wise for her age.” Now that was a burden. You grow up living like another Christ. It is hardly about arrogance but more about being entirely different! Too ‘holy and angelic’ for this setting. Humans are great. Angels are good. But they don’t live on the same street! I think it is a cosmic burden that requires understanding. They want to enjoy life too the way everybody does but I think against their own will there is a higher calling voice or command you can’t say no to. Sorry for the long post. Pardon me if it sounds holier-than-thou, it wasn’t meant.

    1. Fatima,
      You’ve put a lot into words which I definitely couldn’t. Do you have any links to a few good readings about this decan?

  7. Hi Marina,
    I truly admire your experience in the astro sphere. But with due respect, I don’t think you’ve given this decan your touch like the other’s. Maybe coz this was the last on your list but I feel that this decan is missing your touch of experience. The common traits mentioned for this decan are everywhere but if you notice your other decan writings are far more deep and look like you’ve spent quite some time on them. This decan is missing your expression as it looks like it was written in a jiffy. My 2 cents.

    1. Hi Sasha,

      This one certainly wasn’t written “In a Jiffy”! In fact I spent longer on this one because 1) Facies is here and its a difficult nebula and 2) I don’t know anyone personally in this decan so had to spend more time researching it. As I said in response to some criticism for Libra decan 1, these decans get longer and better as they have gone on (I started in Aquarius Jan 2013) so I will be going back and adding to the early ones when I finish Sag and then all of them when I write the book.

      Capricorn isn’t the last, Sagittarius will be and I do feel they have developed as I have got into a method of writing them. If you feel this one is lacking depth I’m not sure how to rectify that. All I can say is I have given it my best shot for the time being and have had positive feedback from those who have been married to these guys!

      As you can appreciate this is a huge project, its experimental and groundbreaking. Because of that I’m not going to get it 100% perfect 1st time. I’m researching as I go and I appreciate feedback so I can keep improving on them. But this is a start a guess. 🙂

    2. Marina,
      Thank you for your reply and I do appriciate your response on this. This decan is as deep as a scorpio, as witty as a saggitarius, as stubborn as taurus and they have intense emotions(quite intense). The penetrating stare of a lethal weapon is one of the best traits they have “hands on”. The stare is as sharp as a katana blade. The religious aspect in them is not religion per se but a purpose to serve humanity even if they are not actually involved in it directly. They usually wear a religious armour so that people can find some common ground when they’re trying to deliver their message their way to the type of people who share their vision but the message that they are trying to deliver is not scripted or learnt from an ancient book but experiences. They are the most lethal enemies one can have. You will not know when and how they strike as everything is planned subconciously but still with precision. They conserve energy and often like to listen rather than speak. They are very good listeners and women love their company as they are there in the discussion soaking the other person’s feelings like a sponge. So when these people say “I know how you feel”, they definitely know how you feel. These people understand that to every action there is equal and opposite reaction. They don’t get into fist fights easily as they know exactly what a lethal punch can do and they certainly are intutive. I agree with your statement above that they have a lot to prove to the world but due to this
      they fail to enjoy the present and they have a very bad habit on dwelling over the past. There are volumes of encylopedia’s inside them that are full of memories, good and bad, emotions, heart aches and women. They have a tendency to fall for older women and I don’t need to tell you why?

      Marina, I’ll schedule a reading with you soon as I believe there is a lot of clutter that you can help me clear as I find it hard to carry these pounds of emotions and experiences collected over the years that are doing me no good.
      I’ll end this note with my fav quote “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future”

  8. They can be very arrogant, too!

    I have a cousin and she has been after many of us, for being diferent. She is a profound catholic. She even masters and delivers the San Benito Cross, known as the karmic one in catholic Church (said in a very light way; things are much more profound). She was born on the 26th. dec.

    With the ones that chose studying and making a life with culture and other aims (not comercial, so to say), she feels strong. Of course she made good decisions about her life and she lives a very stable life (or so it seems… because, my daughter, who is gay, told me that her oldest son is also a gay, still in the closet :/)

    I remember, when the cascade of deaths hounted all of us in my family (two siblings, my father, an uncle, a friend), she wanted to teach us how to live our mourning… she was so arrogant!

    Remembering one of those deaths, she recalled my brother (who was an alcoholic, Pisces decan 1… sensitive and with unsurmountable inner holes). Then, she writes on Facebook that he died 30 years ago and that she still has him in her heart…!

    I know that deaths are quite public and that family is family… but we all would have much more appreciate an inbox saying that from her heart and not delivering the notice to the whole world!

    Arrogant for me, though I know some that -Saturnian as they are- really try to make a difference.



    1. Sounds a bit like prisoner-taking venus in scorpio. Not that I got one of those in my familial unit or anything. She has to own everything. If you have a solution for shakin someone like that loose, by all means share. Diversting the person seems to be my best bet at this time.

  9. I have a question: What can a person expect after a transit moves beyond the natal degree or decon? Does it lose its potency some or is it the same until it leaves the sign complete ly?

  10. Oh my gosh that is so accurate. I am usually very skeptical about astrology but I ask a lot of questions and read. This is dead on.

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