cancer june horoscope


The Cancer monthly horoscope for June 2022 could bring the possibility of your ego dissolving into a puddle and you could feel quite lost. All you can do really is to surrender to the sea of uncertainty and go with the flow of your unconscious mind. It will feel at times that you are in a waking dream, so pay attention to the images that float in and out of the fog. You might also feel that you need a lot more sleep than usual. What is really happening is you are in a cocoon-state waiting to be reborn into your birthday month.

Even if you are reading this for your ascendant it still feels the same kind of vibe because you cannot quite access the energizing solar energy while it is skulking in the sign that shadows your rising sign. Worry not, as after June 21 you will feel totally refreshed if you are kind to your body and give it the chance to do what it does naturally, rest when it needs rest!

Cancer Emotional Horoscope

The June 14 Full Moon will put into focus practical matters and the need to organize your life. Habitual reactions are strong at the moment, so much so, that if you want to replace one bad habit with a good one, you will easily fall into the new routine. This is a great time to start an exercise program while you are much less swayed by emotional impulses and your willpower is strong. Niggly health issues could show up as well. This is the time to give your body your full attention because if you don’t it will only howl more loudly. Yin yoga is recommended!

Cancer Love Horoscope

Venus is in Taurus from May 29 to June 22 so that means a friend could become your lover. Social interactions with your favourite buddies could also bring a long-term partner into your life. Potential lovers at this time will feel more of a friendly connection than sexual, the importance is having a great rapport with them. The main influence will be the ability to get on well and harmonise with a wide variety of people. There should be no conflicts as you are feeling relaxed and content and radiating that out to others who then feel the same. Venus in Gemini from June 23 changes the perspective and you may withdraw from any overly clingy friends with benefits. Make sure you are honest and open with your intentions.

Cancer Career Horoscope

Mercury goes direct on June 3 in Taurus and will be there until June 13. This is a period where you will be mulling over your dream job or what your mission on planet earth actually is. It would be a good time to set some sky high goals and have some vision of where your creativity, talents or business nous can take you. A strong element in reaching those goals will be networking with your peers and ‘jamming’ out some ideas.

Mercury is super strong in Gemini and will be there until July 4. Take the opportunity to recharge your batteries as you might have been burning the candle at both ends with all those work dos recently. You will need your energy soon enough, for after the next few weeks a whole new 3-month cycle starts. Suddenly you will get busy as the sap of interest in what you have to offer rises. Until then, however, finish off projects and try not to start anything new and ambitious just yet.

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