Cancer Horoscope 2021


In 2021 Cancer will learn to...... Resurrect!

Your Cancer horoscope 2021 allows you to dive deep into the dungeons of your brain to pull out some spiritual gold. You are hyper-focused and even quite obsessed with rooting out all the nastiest skeletons lurking in your psyche. You might come into some life-changing inheritance this year too.

The paradox is that both the planets of loss and gain are in this debt house, so it could be a case of easy-come, easy go with any inheritance or legacy that comes your way. Possibly your partner, if you have one, may also get a huge boost in income but then not want to share it with you! Whatever the scenario, other people’s money is a double-edged sword in 2021.

Cancer 2021 - Saturn & Jupiter

Challenges & Opportunities

During this time you are going to learn the hard lesson of not relying on other peoples money. This means living within your means and having to minimise your debt as much as possible. Externally this could manifest as loans being called in, banks refusing you credit or failing to get a mortgage. You should pass through this period relatively unscathed if you are already self-sufficient. If however, you rely on the generosity of others then you may suddenly find they are withholding funds more than usual. Yes, this is the proverbial credit crunch transit!

These days women tend not to live solely on the husband’s income, but it is still possible that the spouse’s income might well take a tumble during this transit. If you are lucky enough to be a kept woman (or man!), you might find you are rudely forced to share the financial burden or face severe lifestyle downgrading. This might be a period where you get a job for the first time. Conversely, you might equally leave work to have children, which then makes you more reliant on your spouse’s income. This action, in turn, forces them to be more responsible and hard-working.

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Growth & Luck

Traditionally, generous Jupiter in the 8th house of inheritance can mean that you come into an unexpected legacy. (Apart from May 14 to Jul 28 when Jupiter moves into Pisces ~ Details in the full Mp3 report.) Inheriting money or property sometimes happens, but mostly this placement means that you benefit from other peoples wealth. One example is pooling resources with a partner to invest successfully.

It is also a fantastic time to borrow money too, or you might be able to pay off a large debt that you had from the past. Whatever the scenario, dealing with banks are emphasised and will tend to be beneficial. Often Jupiter’s transit through the underworld of the 8th house can feel like nothing is happening, but these still waters run very deep. The healing is operating so far down that it is invisible. Think of it as a decaying matter that is broken down and compressed to create power for your future, like oil.

Cancer 2021 - Mars & Ceres

Action Periods

JANUARY 1 to 6 2021 This is an extremely powerful position for ambitious Mars, it loves to be in this most status-seeking zone and will do all it can to launch you higher in your profession. This position might be quite hard to temper if you are on the bombastic side with your dealings. You will certainly not be very tolerant of anyone else’s authority over you.

Cancer 2021 HoroscopeThis means you will not hold back from telling them where to go if they insist on putting obstacles in the way of your career goals. If you need a jetpack to reach your targets however, then this is it! You might offend a few people due to your ruthlessness, but right now you will do whatever it takes. Being annoyingly self-confident is one thing though, just try not to injure anyone in your stampede to the top.

APRIL 23 to JUNE 10 You are feeling quite passionate about everything right now but could become extra-moody if people get too close. Give yourself a wide-berth while you enjoy feeling so hot-blooded and virile, because you might snap at others if they get too close.

This is a time when people see your tempestuous side! Coming out of your watery sea-shell means you are successful with ‘shock and awe’ techniques of persuasion. Don’t overuse this tactic however, take the bootie and carry on with your independent activity. Solo projects at this time can fly, sky-high because you carry an enthusiastic, can-do, upbeat attitude.

SEPTEMBER 15 to OCTOBER 30 2021 Maintaining agreement with those you live with can be quite difficult at this time as you are much less willing to compromise than usual. You will certainly need some space from the rest of the household, so don’t let others enforce too much intimacy. If you find you need to go out more or barricade yourself inside your bedroom then do it.

You are easily irritated at this time so respect your need to disconnect, or risk majorly offending a family member or flatmate. If you live alone, then you will enjoy making it your sanctuary. Put energy into your living space by clearing out clutter and refreshing the décor.

Magic & Healing

FEBRUARY 21 TO MAY 7 2021 Painful career/mother revelations could come up at this time. For example; You may have chosen to put a career ahead of being a parent, but then realise that you really should prioritize having children very soon. At worst this may be a period of mourning when you wake up to the fact that it is far too late now to even have a child. Equally, there could be a feeling of the ’empty nest’ after children have left.

MAY 8 TO JULY 30 2021 If you have been in a co-dependent relationship or have addiction problems, you may be drawn to connect with others who have similar issues. (Like a 12 step type program.) With Ceres in your friend’s house, there is a strong possibility of finding that alternative family and sense of belonging, if you bare your soul honestly. This can be a perfect time for spells, incantations and practising divination to put yourself on course with your desires.

JULY 31 TO DECEMBER 25 2021 Good relationships may become warped and distorted so that they are hard to trust or seem too good to be true. Bad relationships seem more glamorous and seductive. It is like being in a hall of mirrors. The best advice at this time is to surround yourself with down-to-earth, old friends and family who you can trust. Going for some alternative, relaxing and cleansing therapy would be beneficial like; hydrotherapy, swimming in the sea, acupuncture or saunas. Anything that flushes out the mind-demons in a controlled, medicinal setting would be good.

Cancer Horoscope 2021 artwork: Mixed media collage by Marina using archive photo of Cancer woman Natalie Wood

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