Cancer Horoscope 2019

The main challenge for your Cancer Horoscope 2019 is that Saturn continues its journey through your house of marriage and open enemies.

Pluto is also there so some of you may be experiencing his deep transformation and detoxing action also if in aspect to your sign. Relationships will feel heavy going if your partner is immature because you will need to act responsibly for them.

On the plus side, if you involve yourself with older, more mature folk who have earned their authority in the world you stand a chance of actually having a very supportive time during this transit. In 2019 you could actually feel stable and protected by this person or persons. Look towards traditional and family minded people you can depend on and that should bring out the positives gifts of Saturn in this position.

Cancer Horoscope 2019 Keywords

Responsible partners, deep commitment, make or break, exciting new friends, enjoyable routines, fit & healthy, international work conundrums

The 7th house of partners is further highlighted because of the two eclipses that fall in this house in 2019. The first on Jan 6 and then again at the end of the year on Dec 26. You are being given the opportunity of a good clean out of your relationships. It could be likely that one important relationship could come to an end this year, but it is not a certainty by all means. The most likely time for any endings to occur is when Mars triggers hard aspects to this Saturn. The first time this occurs is Jan 21 and the second on Oct 27.

This is a ray of hope with your Cancer Horoscope 2019. This is because Uranus has changed signs and entering your house of hopes, wishes and friends. This happens for good on Mar 6, so from then on, any void left by Saturn’s and Pluto’s exorcisms will be quickly filled by exciting new friends and a stimulating social life. This could be a time in your life where you don’t want the baggage of an emotionally draining (Dark Cupid!) partner. For example, you might just be starting university or a job that involves touring or travel. You will feel like you want to travel light anyhow.

So although you start the year a little on the glum side due to people or opportunities leaving you, Uranus more than makes up for the empty feeling you might be experiencing. May 22 Saturn is conjunct the South Node in your partner’s zone which could bring an old foe back into your life.

This feels totally karmic, and you may not realise this person is an enemy at all. Depending on how you treated them in a past life, you could actually gain from this. There is an uneasy feeling, yes, but because they possibly treated you badly this person now owes you reparations.

Jul 2 gives you an eclipse in your own sign, which throws the ball in your court and gives you the upper hand which has been a bit in short supply with all the planetary heavyweights being placed on your rivals and partners. It still feels like a reboot, but at least one where you get to flip the switch when it suits you. One thing to remember is that lucky Jupiter will make its grand entrance into your relationship house on Dec 3 so that is your silver lining when Saturn or the eclipses are putting you under pressure.

 Cancer 2019

Transits of Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres, Mars & Lilith

Think of the whole of 2019 as training so that you can really make the most of Jupiter’s lucky romantic influence in your marriage house when it enters Capricorn. Saturn is only preparing the earth for the growth that Jupiter is sure to bring your Cancer Horoscope 2019.

Expect the blossoming of relationships and business partnerships ahead, but only if you invest your time in them now. That end of the year eclipse in your 7th house could really be the icing on the cake, especially if you are reading this for your ascendant and the eclipse falls on your descendant (4º Capricorn). In that case, whoo hoo, prepare to meet your significant other!

Until Jupiter meets Saturn (And indeed Pluto!) in Capricorn, Saturn continues in your 7th house of partnerships solo. Last year was a major transition period, where Saturn ascended out of the inner zone of your chart and out over the horizon. You have been working on your foundations and your deep self for the last fourteen years and now it’s time to test how well you hold yourself when confronted with the needs of others. If you have built a strong sense of self, then this debut will be strengthening and you will be confident enough to keep…. (Your Cancer Horoscope 2019 continues in eBook.)


Cancer Horoscope 2019


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7 thoughts on “Cancer Horoscope 2019

  1. Thank you for this comment, I hope to learn to look at the positive side like you

  2. I was born 22/07/76 and going through a very hard time with my relationship. My husband lost his mum and since then he has decided he doesnt want to be with me. He has become very nasty and to the limit where he has taken all finances. I have had to put in a divorce petition. But I still hope that he will see sense but I dont think he will ever come to terms that he was wrong

  3. Vinod, you should have let Marina evaluate your relationship prior to marriage. You can’t go into a relationship blind.

  4. Thirty years ago I got a Job that changed my life for the good. Im old now I hope it changes these last ten years that have been hell on earth for me.

  5. I got married on sept 3, 1998. My DOB is 22-06-1966. Since then, my world has turned upside down. Uptil my marriage, I was the most lucky man. I had a good and steady job and enjoyed life. Immediately after my marriage, I had to leave my job. For some time after my marriage, I had a nice job for 7-10 years. after that life had become hell for me uptil now. I had lost both my parents. I don’t about my future now.

  6. Let me remind everyone that Saturn transiting the 7th house in Capricorn is NOT bad for relationships because Saturn rules Capricorn and whenever a ruling planet (even a supposedly malefic one like Saturn) transits it’s ruling house(s) it’s a good thing. Back in 1988 when Saturn was last transiting in Capricorn my mom, a Cancer rising like me, got married to my dad who she will be celebrating her 30th anniversary with on Dec 31st, 2018. Saturn is longevity and obviously Saturn transiting in her 7th house of marriage literally brought her marriage that has lasted 30 years now. As I said, I’m a Cancer rising and am hoping that Saturn once again transiting in my Cap 7th house will bring me a long-term marriage like it did for my mom. I look at the positive side of Saturn transiting here, not the negative.

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