Cancer Horoscope 2018

Saturn has entered your house of relationships for your Cancer Horoscope 2018. This is a major transition house, where Saturn ascends out of the inner zone of your chart and out over the horizon. It’s time to test how well you hold yourself when confronted with the needs of others. Your own capabilities will be tested too so give projects and people your best and you will get the best. If you find people do desert you, it is simply showing that you are not in the same league as them…yet! This is where Saturn’s law of karma comes into play, where you have wisely invested will start to pay off. If not, more effort is needed. Saturn rewards hard work.

Cancer Horoscope 2018 ~ January to March

Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse falls across your self esteem/partner cash axis. You could be invaluable as the power behind the throne in relationships. With this eclipse, you can provide emotional support and morale-boosting to the main breadwinner whether they be male or female. This also works in business partnerships too. The eclipse will show you how well you have been working as a team, how much give and take there has been between you. This is the axis of natural law, it is the scales of loss and gain, the fertile fields of summer versus the resting manure of winter… If you are solo, you could be relying too much on external validation (‘Likes’!) of your beauty or talents. What are you really worth in the in the great scheme of things. Are you serving others or mainly yourself? Are you a parasite yourself or are you letting others vamp off your positive energy or talents?

Cancer horoscope 2018 keywords

Love-action, Dark-cupid temptation, commitment pressure, brief encounters


Feb 15 Solar Eclipse falls in your taboo and debt zone. The eclipse might give you an epiphany moment where you suddenly see the unpleasant, but real truth about an issue. It could also bring about a dark night of the soul, where you experience quite disturbing dreams also. Hopefully this won’t be too much of a nightmarish time, but if it is, it is just showing you what you have been brushing under the carpet for far too long. We all know what happens when a dank part of the house gets ignored. Spiders, mould and other nasties take hold and eventually start eating into the actual wall. The longer we leave it, the more frightening the prospective scum build-up becomes. The Solar Eclipse comes just in time, before it gets too disgusting a job to even contemplate.

Mars enters your marriage house on Mar 18 until the end of the season. You will be tested on how much you try to avoid confrontation in your dealings with others. If you tend to constantly compromise for fear of causing offense then Mars now will show this tactic unexpectedly fail even though you have gone against your principles to make someone happy. Suddenly you can’t help but generate a resentful vibe! Eventually the seething viper of this energy is picked up on and the other starts acting out even more. Ceres is in your 2nd house all season. If you have a spending problem, Ceres will give you the opportunity to crack your addiction to retail therapy. The cash flow reduction forces you into seeking non-material ways of fulfilment. This will put you in touch with priestess Ceres who feel satiated by her connection with mother earth.

Cancer Horoscope 2018 ~ April to June

Springtime is all about love for you! Mars continues in your marriage house until May 18. There is no way you can avoid confrontation with any bad behaviour within the union now. You have to decide whether this issue is really worth fighting for however, because things could turn quite ugly if the other is used to your backing down. If not, then this is one of those times when confronting the problem is actually about severing ties with it all together.

Both malefics in your 7th house of relationships during this period will have you working hard on keeping them confrontation free. But sometimes a good row is what you need to bring festering frustrations to a head for healing. A marriage break up is the traditional interpretation for Saturn in your marriage house, but only if your relationship had been left to rot anyhow. At least Saturn here can reconstitute any stinking residue to fertilize the romantic soil for new growth. The 7th house is one of the foundational houses of the chart, so this is one of the most important Saturn transits. Commitments made in partnerships over this period, wether to fix or finish them, will impact all other areas of your life.

Jupiter continues in lovers and pleasure zone and has been there since the start of the year. You might well find yourself the object of someone’s desire and be keenly pursued. Though this transit alone can’t work miracles, it can certainly improve your chances of attracting a permanent mate. On its own however, Jupiter in this playhouse might just help generate a fling and a great deal of romantic yearning. Taking things too seriously will not be too easy right now anyhow. At the very least, the lover could be the perfect muse for wonderful art or music. This character could also inspire the writing of a passionate love story. Most of all though, you will have the courage to just be yourself, without the need to wear awkward-fitting masks. This natural behavior is very appealing.

It seems that short time flings are more likely than serious long-term relationships. Or so much pressure is put on your marriage that the temptation to have an affair is great. To cap it all Black Moon Lilith is also in your 7th house, which creates more potential for triangular relations there. If Lilith should hit any afflicted planet on its journey, the consequences of playing with fire could result in severe burns. Jealousies between rivals could erupt and their revenge could wreak havoc in all other areas of your life. The ‘Dark Cupid’ temptation is just not worth it. Lilith the mistress could also come from the outside and interfere with your relationship. If you are single of course there is equally the danger your becoming the ‘other man or woman’, and obsessing over a married person. Stalking someone unobtainable is also a real possibility.

Cancer Horoscope 2018 ~ July to September

The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse in your very own personal 1st house is very much like a rebirth. This is a seed moment where you can really make some powerful manifestation magic in your life. Be careful what you wish for because any strong intentions make at this Solar Eclipse will really grow! This is the dawn of a new cycle for you. A reboot from the cosmos, that will shake you up so much that you will also find a domino effect on other foundational areas.

The Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse falls in your taboo 8th house. Debt and death are not the coziest topics for an eclipse to flood into your consciousness. But the inky black sea of squid that flushes out of you just shows what has been building up in your psyche for some time. You might find you have quite a perverse desire to watch gory movies or post-mortem shows at this time. It can feel quite gut-wrenching, but at the same time cathartic as all the angst is wrenched out of you. Yes, vomit is the word. Sorry if this is making you feel rather squeamish, but that’s kind of the point.

Mars retrograde started Jun 27 and will last until Aug 2 also in that shadowy 8th house. Prepare to start amputating any nightmare brain cells that have been messing with your psyche. You get to be your own psychologist as you become very well acquainted with the dungeons of your soul. That sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? But Mars inverted has a real Plutonic feel to it and the 8th house is just plain creepy, so this experience is hardly going to a summer stroll in the park. No, instead this transit will drag you through the woods backwards, kicking and screaming. Ok, I jest. It actually doesn’t have to be that way at all. It could be more like Alice falling into a rabbit hole, because you are just so darn curious, and it will just get curious and curiouser.

The universe can speak to you in quite spooky ways and feel quite supernatural. If you stick your fingers in your ears and refuse to acknowledge messages from your shadow, then that’s when the ‘dragging into the woods’ part is likely to start. Mars re-enters your marriage house on Aug 3 and goes direct there on Aug 11. Even if marriage has been on a knife edge, you certainly don’t want to file for divorce, especially if you have a lot of equity to lose. It is VERY unlucky to initiate any court proceedings with mars in retrograde. If you are after a large settlement from your ex, forget it if you initiate proceedings. However, if the other party starts the ball rolling then you should be fine. Indeed, if it is they who had done the dirty, then you can secretly smile to yourself that divine retribution will take care of everything… Wait until Aug 11 if you really must go ahead with dissolving the union.

Cancer Horoscope 2018 ~ October to December

Black Moon Lilith is really having a field day in the darkest, taboo areas of your chart this year I’m afraid. The same day Mars went direct in Aug 11, Lilith entered your 8th house. Lilith here carries that possibility of becoming involved with a lover who is taboo to your friends and family. They could be a criminal, a junkie or just an arrogant, aggressive control-freak! The taboo may also be due to differences in race, religion, age or class. Since this area is to do with the spouse’s money, this bad boy or girl could lose or gain a great sum of cash which causes you great stress.

Venus Retrograde on Oct 6 in your house of lovers. Wooo, more hot stuff! If you are single and do happen to begin a relationship under this transit, bear in mind that when Venus goes direct there could be a change of heart. This might be because, the romance got the better of you both, but a harsh reality ends it. For example; The long distance won’t work or one of you is married. Another possibility is flirting madly with someone online, only to find there is no chemistry in real life. It’s not all about romance though. It’s a fantastic time for having a holiday that focuses totally on your children, like going to a theme park. Make the most of this extra-long period of Venus is such a fantastic position. During the first half of this period from Oct 6 to 26, Venus is in her prudent phase will be more likely to gain pleasure watching others horse around, while during the second half from Nov 1 to 16, Venus as Lucifer moves back into your 4th house and gets restless with the urge to furnish the living room with glitzy gold paisley wallpaper. Do get a second opinion!

Ceres has also now moved into your 5th house of lovers where Venus has been running amuck. An old flame could be just a reminder of some of the dreams you had, before reality slapped you in the face! Ceres the counsellor helps us look at any potential affairs psychologically, can see the bigger picture and nip them in the bud. Take a cold shower! I’m afraid Jupiter leaves your fun and frolics house on Nov 8. Now it’s back to work. It is very likely your schedule will be jam-packed for the next year, but whether it is reflected in your wage is another matter. In terms of work experience though, this period is invaluable, so think of this as an apprenticeship. If you have been employed for a while and starting to feel enslaved by your job, Jupiter will really exaggerate the whip-cracking. This is not the right time to actually leave and try for a better position however. Next year would be better (in terms of finding benefactors), so be patient and work on a leaving strategy.

CANCER 2018 ~ The Decans

Cancer Decan 1 ~ Jun 21 to Jul 1(0º to 10º)

Cancer Horoscope 2018The backdrop for your decan is the Saturn opposition from Jan 1 to Dec 20. Unfortunately this a tough transit no question, but just quite how tough depends on how Saturn is configured in your natal chart. For some this is an opportunity to rise up to the challenge and behead one’s nemesis. The battle that ensues can make or break you, but fear not, for those with a strong Saturn it will surely be made, so get in shape! A healthy body means that the mind will also be fit and less likely to fall into a defeatist mindset. The blues can only hit badly if you are already in a weakened state, through addictions, bad relationships, lack of exercise or a bad diet. The Lilith opposition from Jan 1 to Feb 6 will show up where you will need to really put up firm Saturn boundaries. This is where those bad, forbidden temptations will show up in the form of seductions and tests of will power. They may turn up in the shape of a person or a healer’s warning that you may have to cut down on fatty food, alcohol or some other addiction. This temperance is rewarded by the Venus trine from Feb 11 to 18 which will bring out the more positive manifestations of the Saturn opposition.

A relationship could become more solid and dependable or you could find commitment where you never expected it. On the other hand, the Venus square from Mar 7 to 14 heralds a challenging phase where any new partnerships will call for more commitment on your part. It will demand that you accept responsibility for your actions and behave in a more mature manner. Remember Saturn rewards hard work, so the Mars opposition from Mar 22 to 31 shouldn’t pose a problem if you have been acting with integrity. It might be the case that you actual inspire respect from those people you have been co-operating with. The Mercury Retrograde is in your sign from Apr 4 to Apr 15 which will help you review any collaborations that are not working well. Saturn is about discernment so during the retrograde is when you have to get really fussy about who you choose to work with. The Venus conjunction from May 20 to 27 will show you who your real friends are. Take this time out to go and have some fun after the stress of the last few hard aspects. Everyone needs a break at some point!

July Onwards

The second half of the year Saturn continues to give you some hard knocks, but some of them are useful and educational. This transit is the planetary equivalent of going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, you will get knocked down by life more than a few times, but you will get up again and again, and again…. By the end of it you will think, ok enough, I’m going to build myself to be so strong that this will never, ever, EVER happen to me again. This boxing match only happens every 29 years, so it is helpful to prepare a year in advance. If you have seen this coming then you are a wise Cancerian indeed. But even if you haven’t, by now you should be getting used to it. If you have made it this far and are still standing then you will have built some solid psychological muscle at least. This muscle will really help you with the Saturn square in 7 years time. But back to 2018 and the Venus square from Aug 7 to 16. On its own it is just a little glitch in your social life and you should be able to sail through it well enough.

The Ceres square from Sep 6 to 27 might be a little tough to chew as in-laws or female authority figures become irritating and pile on the chores.. Again there is this repeated theme of having to accept more responsibility and in the process having to say no to temptations and distractions that sap your energy. You have limited energy resources so discernment is the key. The rest of the year has a beautiful sequence of harmonious aspects. You are lucky enough to get a double dose of the Venus trine the first one being from Sep 9 to 28. Venus retrograde this year ensures that Venus will be deeper and richer with her slower action and this will work in your favour. Venus will almost work like an outer planet, so almost as ethereal as Neptune. This takes love relationships to a higher, spiritual level which is a nice balance to the Saturn opposition reality check that is working in the background. The Venus Retrograde trine from Oct 12 to 31 can bring an old flame back from the past, or at least an old friend returns from their travels.

The sensual and earthy Ceres trine from Nov 12 to Dec 4 is perfect for getting in touch with the ancestors or connecting with mother earth. If you want to do any home entertaining then now until the end of the year is perfect. No bumps for Cancer decan 1 and you should easily sail through the final Saturn opposition which ends on Dec 20, just in time for Christmas! The passionate Mars trine from Nov 16 to 30 gives you a boost of energy and helps lift you from any Saturn melancholia. The light is at the end of the tunnel with the gorgeous Venus trine from Dec 3 to 16. You can really enjoy the festivities as all the hard work has been done. These trines have helped heal any sore psychic muscles that have been working so hard through your Saturn winter. It might be cold outside still, but you can already feel spring!!

Cancer Decan 2 ~ Jul 2 to Jul 11(10º to 20º)

Cancer Horoscope 2018Cancer enjoys the benefits of the Jupiter trine this year. First from Jan 1 to 20 and then again when it goes retrograde Apr 26 to Sep 18. Jupiter loves the great outdoors, and with this transit you could be called to go exploring. You will benefit greatly from hiking through nature, riding horses or just horsing around with the kids while having a picnic. Your energy levels are boosted sky high and you are feeling joyful and upbeat. Laughter is one of the great gifts of this transit and you might find yourself reduced to giggles at the smallest thing. Your cheerfulness is infectious so you could attract new friends or partners into your life. Good times are scheduled for this period so don’t let it go to waste. You could use these times to take a holiday as it should go harmoniously without any travel hitches. Take off, be happy and let your hair down. You can use this time to make money or spend money, but whatever you do have fun!

The Mars trine does a great job of enhancing Jupiter’s gusto from Jan 1 to 9, this will give some oomph to any ambitious new year’s resolutions. We also mustn’t forget the subtle spiritual mist provided by the Neptune trine which you have got going for you all year. This will greatly inspire imagination and intuition. You have the last of the very transformative and exceedingly colonic action of the Pluto opposition from Jan 1 to Feb 5. You start to get your mojo back after the last of Pluto’s slime has been drained away. The lord of the underworld will return for his swansong in the second part of the year, but you get a break for a few months now. The Venus opposition sees the arse end of any vampires that were bugging you from Jan 3 to 9. After that, you can look forward to the very refreshing Venus trine from Feb 19 to 26 which, when glossed over by Neptune, makes for a lovely romantic segment in the run-up to spring. The Mercury Retrograde square from Mar 23 to Apr 3 will help clear out any stubborn residue from Pluto’s mucky hands. During this time you can conduct a post-mortem of just what went wrong with a failed relationship or business project. You will learn much.

Up until the end of Mars there are some challenges. These start with the temptation of the Lilith opposition from Feb 7 all the way to May 7. On its own it would be just some idiot trolling your life or a vamp who wants you as her new plaything. Add in the Venus square from Mar 15 to 22, plus the Mars opposition from Apr 5 to 23 and you get a triangular comedy of errors. Be careful you don’t get sucked into a threesome drama where you become the scapegoat for a couples wrath. Jupiter comes back into your life to protect you from Apr 26, so say goodbye to the most difficult part fof the year. Hurrah, with Jupiter back to expand your horizons you can really enjoy the Venus conjunction from May 28 to Jun 4. Use this time for romantic exploring or artistic expression.

July Onwards

The Pluto opposition is back for its final detox from Jul 14 to Dec 12. But for some of this time, you have the fun of Jupiter the act as a buffer, so don’t let the demon slaying get you down. In fact, you might actually enjoy it as Jupiter is the perfect white knight and will give you great courage to face anything. Plus Jupiter is usually a winner! You will get his chivalry again from Jul 1 to Sep 18 ensuring a fun summer. The Venus square from Aug 19 to 27 will hardly be noticed. Sometimes a Venus square is actually quite spicy when surrounded by easy transits. There just might be some minor diva behaviour from yourself or other females.

The Ceres square from Sep 28 to Oct 19 means that you will be put through your paces with regards to moany old relatives or mother-in-law’s, but as always, no pain, no gain. In the end, Jupiter has your back and gives you the confidence to wittily retort these sour-faced harridans. Watch their jaw drop so heavily that it makes their bones rattle. This prepares you for the Christmas season of chimes and trines. All these harmonious aspects will help the period go swimmingly and give you the patience of a saint. The first of these is the Ceres trine from Dec 5 to 28. Very good for being a gracious host and being wise and tolerant of misbehaving youngsters (Or elders..) The cheeky Mars trine gives you the energy to cope with any last minute Christmas panics from Dec 1 to 16. After that you can relax into the sumptuous Venus trine from Dec 17 to 27 which is just the transit you need to dance you through the party season without treading on anyone’s toes.

Cancer Decan 3 ~ Jul 12 to Jul 22 (20º to 30º)

Cancer Horoscope 2018Cancer 3 has the backdrop of the Uranus square from Jan 1 to May 14. Uranus is probably the easiest hard aspect of the outers you can have, plus you have the wonderful Jupiter trine to counteract any electrical storms the great awakener can throw at you. The Jupiter trine cascades its blessings over you like confetti from Jan 21 to Apr 25. This transit is most enjoyable, so take this opportunity to go on a holiday or spend time with people that you love. If there have been relationships that have broken apart or have had tension, this is the time to build bridges as you will be feeling much more optimistic. Jupiter’s joy is catching, so it will be hard for anyone to feel angry or bitter towards you for very long. Anything that you have found difficult in the past, or any project that have been plagued with obstacles can go forward now smoothly and speedily. Luck is on your side for this period, so grab any opportunities with both hands. A Jupiter trine really is a blessing, so go for your dreams both in love and in career.

You start the year with a bang with Venus opposite your decan from Jan 10 to 17. This means it is literally lighting up your marriage house while at the same time you are getting a passionate trine from Mars lasting from Jan 10 to 26. With both Uranus and Jupiter causing thunderbolts from cupid, this could be a ripe period for plucking a spouse from the internet. Uranus rules the electric airwaves after all. The Venus trine from Mar 1 to 6 soothes things over if there has been any friction with partners. Use this period for peace-making as much as possible as there are some edgy aspects brewing. The challenges start with the Venus square from Mar 23 to 3 and then the Mars opposition from Apr 24 to May 15. These spicy aspects daisy-chain each other ending with the Lilith opposition from May 8 to Aug 10. This could play out in a variety of ways, but because you lose Jupiter’s protection until Sep it could be quite challenging. Mars is also working as an open enemy (especially if you are reading this for your ascendant.)

The Venus square could bring envy because things have been going so well for you. This is the unfortunate reaction from people who like to project their failings onto others who they deem ‘privileged’. Instead of constructively criticising your work, you could receive personal insults instead. Unpredictable events occur due to Uranus, but it will awaken you to the willful ignorance of others. Lilith oppositions can either be a supernatural affair or a very cunning and manipulative rival who throws a spanner in your works. Be prepared, trust no one. The Venus conjunction will bring justice back to your side Jun 18 to 22 and lays hopeful foundations for the coming solar eclipse in your decan.

July Onwards

The Solar Eclipse conjunct your decan is on Jul 13, the closer to 20 degrees you are the stronger you will feel this mega reboot. If your life has felt very stagnant then this is the refreshment you need to blow away the cobwebs. Think of it as ‘zapping the pram’. (for non-geeks out there, search this term, because it is highly likely you may need to actually perform this task literally in 2018.) If you have been ‘zapped’ then the Venus square from Aug 17 to 27 might have you reaching for the smelling salts. My goodness, you never thought you would fall for ‘that’ and in such an uncomely manner. How uncouth!… No more worries though because all is forgiven by the Jupiter trine from Sep 19 to Nov 7, don’t be tempted to push your luck as you have to say goodbye to Jupiter’s non-stick action in November. Then reality could hit real hard when the Ceres square from Oct 20 to Nov 11 kicks in. If you have been a naughty person, then those licentious chickens will come home to roost just when you don’t want them to. (ie; in front of the mother, wife, naturopath, matron or In-laws). The sorts of people who will fold their arms and go ‘hmmmm’ which means reparations will take another 3 months of your precious time.

Those who have been conscientious little angels have nothing to fear. Both Ceres and Uranus (from Nov 7 to 11) form a T-square in your life, so there could be some narcissistic, divide-and-conquer strategies. If you know your psychology then you can play this so it backfires on the protagonist. Form an alliance with the person who seemed to be your enemy and watch the narc have a meltdown. T-squares can be such fun! You can say goodbye to the pain in Uranus next year when it enters Taurus for good, but until then enjoy the fanfare of fireworks while he is still in Aries. For your patience, you are rewarded by two sexy mother trines from both Mars (Dec 17 to 31) and Venus (Dec 28 to 31). You should enjoy the Christmas holidays immensely with loved ones or if you are single there should be ample opportunities for mistletoe smoochery.

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