Cancer Horoscope 2017

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2017 has a very ‘nest-building’ feel to it. This is due to the combining influence of growth in the home and more creative responsibilities or a new child. This is a year when you have to grow up very quickly if you are usually a bit of a hedonist. Friends will try very hard to tempt you away and might succeed at first. However, as the year progresses it will be increasingly difficult to amputate that pen, paint-brush, hammer, wet-wipe or keyboard from your hand.

You will also find yourself pulled toward older, wiser guides who will help steer you away from any destabilising Lilith forbidden fruit. There is quite a bit of ‘inner work’ eclipse energy for you this year which examines your self-worth, ethics, morals and shameful feelings. This adds to the need to take responsibility for your life-direction and any wrong turns.

Cancer 2017 Horoscope Summary

In 2017 you might have to look truthfully at addictions, and the health problems that arise from them. This year is about getting your ‘house’ in order both literally and symbolically. Your body is your temple and may be due for a detox, unplugging from cyberspace and sleeping on the earth would be good for that too. One of the biggest influences of the year might be an older mentor who really helps you advance in your career.

You will really need to be fit and on the ball as they put your through your paces and pile on the challenges. As a result your health improves and you have to get to bed at a decent hour. This mentor/boss becomes quite a grounding influence as you learn to pace yourself and get organised. You will enjoy the sanctuary of your home this year anyway as you have been able to make it more comfortable and visually pleasing also.

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