Brexit? ~ Pluto’s Bondage

Britain will vote in the Brexit referendum on 23rd June 2016. Polls open at 7am and close at 10pm. This is strange synchronicity is the Ceres post I have just re-written shows that it’s discovery chart and the UK birthchart are practically the same. They were both born January 1st 1801 with Capricorn Suns. There is a lot of duality afoot! The UK chart has two Yods. It’s rising star is appropriately Diadem, the crown.

The Moon sits between Castor and Pollux the good and bad twins. Double destiny, or two Britains? The strong Cancer Moon, presenting the people, is the apex of the second Yod. The Sun, the head of state is conjunct the IC. This shows the UK’s ancestry, the inherited titles of the aristocracy and the importance of history. If you want to skip the transit Astrology, go straight to my indepth conclusion; Brexit ‘Leave’?

Brexit! ~ The Astrology

The current triple conjunction of Ceres/Eris/Uranus
(20º Aries) are all squaring the UK Moon on the day. This really is about sovereignty, and I mean this in terms of the UK’s personal sovereignty. Who rules over us? Will Brussels’s Plutocracy maintain its tight grip or can we become a self-governing nation again. As I write this on June 11th, the polls are neck-and-neck but apparently the government are panicking over a sudden surge for a ‘Leave’ vote. Transits using precession correction are;

Pluto square Nodes (22’)
Saturn Rx sextile UK Ascendant (1º 31’)
Mars Rx conjunct Neptune (1º 37’)
Uranus/Ceres/Eris square Moon. (2º )
Pluto Rx conjunct UK Sun (3º)

UK National ChartThe complexity of the Uranus/Eris square to the Moon has already taken effect and is inevitable. Now it is joined by Ceres which would make it affect the psyche of parents most of all. Do parents really care about the threatened economic downturn, or are they worried about their children, daughters in particular (Ceres can indicate abduction/sexual abuse). They have seen the consequences of EU policies in Paris, Cologne and in Sweden generally..

This is so visceral that I’m hoping ordinary Brits can’t be swayed by political double speak. The Uranus part of the triple conjunction could be the shocking, sudden break that the polls did not see coming, however this aspect is separating. Saying that, earlier polls conducted in January did show a ‘Leave’ result.

Pluto is the biggest transit to the UK chart. Pluto makes no-going-back, transformative change, but it is slow and insidious. There is a big chance of election fraud and deception with Mars Rx conjunct UK Neptune on Unukalhai. At the same time Saturn sextile UK Ascendant could be our knight in shining armour.

Is this St George the dragon slayer, the patron saint of England mentioned in the Mars Retrograde post? Mars is back in Scorpio decan 3 and so strong in the sign it rules, but Mars retrograde it can work in a passive aggressive or underhand Plutonic manner. I named this decan ‘Forest Lurkers & karma Chameleons’ and talked about the wolf defending its pack. But there is a sense of hiding or doing things in secret, again I wonder about voting fraud.

UK Chart Progressions ~ Internal Evolution

Seconday-progsThe UK should be in a strong position
because the Prog Sun is at 10º Leo a sign it rules, though whether this is the position of the head of state or the countries own sovereignty I’m not sure. Does this Leo Sun represent the Queen (Symbolic) or the Tory government who are pushing us to remain in the EU? Prog DC of open enemies, is conjunct the UK’s Mercury (1º 27’) which rules it’s foreigners (9th). No front-page news of refugees in boats sinking in the Mediterranean this year, even though it is still happening! This news blackout tells us something about propaganda. The EU will only tell us what serves their agenda.

Prog Sun square Mars
(15’) in the 8th house of debt and crisis representing foreign banks, so this could mean tension and a break from them. Prog Mercury went Retrograde in January 2006. This Mercury Rx is now opposite UK Venus. The chickens have come home to roost. This double Mercury to Venus whammy is repeated in the Solar Arcs so it is important. Mercury for the UK means immigrants and foreign interests (9th). But in 2006 it was hardly going backwards in terms of immigration. The Labour Blair government positively encouraged it. You can see the immigrant workforce going up from 1997 when Labour got into power. 2006 shows a steep rise, Blair’s last year in office. Then it abruptly stops..

UK Solar Arcs ~ Internal Destiny

Source: Migration Policy.

SA Venus = UK Mercury (18’). Mercury is immigrants (9th) and self-undoing (12th) Venus is identity and culture (1st) and debt/crisis with the EU (8th). Also the preceding June ‘Hidden Cross’ New Moon was at 14º Gemini and opposite the UK Mercury (9th) showing just how important this decision is.
SA Mercury = UK Moon (13’). Moon (10th) is UK’s status in the world. Again Mercury is foreign interests and self-undoing. Let’s hope the UK doesn’t tie itself in knots with a ‘remain’ vote. Maybe the UK has to self-undo!

The Prediction ~ Leave?

Brexit Solar ArcsIt’s hard to make a prediction because these transits and progressions look difficult and don’t convey liberation or freedom in a positive sense. It’s more like a struggle out of bondage. It will take a great courage and most people prefer to keep the status quo.

UPDATE! June 18th. Following the death of ‘Remain’ MP Jo Cox, the Plutonic influence could be just too strong over the UK chart. The propaganda is extremely forceful and machiavellian. So I’m predicting the vote will be insanely close, but we will ‘Remain’. I really hope I am wrong! Looking at all the transits and progressions, a ‘Remain’ vote will mean we go through a ‘death’ of sorts, and Britain will never be the same again. UPDATE June 22nd. Another possibility is that we could vote to leave, but still remain, since the government are not (by EU law) obliged to act on this referendum. I only just found out about this clause, hence it is reflected in the dual possibility of the astrology.

The most important cosmic effect on the day I think is the Prog Sun square Mars. In the end money talks and the UK Mars of Debt, Bankers (8th) rules home finances (2nd) which means they are both connected. Transits and progressions to the UK Mars will activate these themes. Foreign investment has always had a strong influence over Britain’s wealth as a nation and at one time of course there was a British Empire which traded all over the world.

Foreign Investment & Servants

brexit1The UK Mars is all the more crucial since Britain is no longer a manufacturing nation and more reliant on income from the service industry. Services tend to run on a lot of cheap imported labour, rather than a skilled home-grown workforce. Service workers are essentially the equivalent of Victorian servants, except the government houses them rather than the upper-middle classes.

Shutting the door on cheap labour will certainly put pressure on the UK economy. We will have to start rebuilding a strong manufacturing base again and be more self-sufficient. This will take time. This is Pluto’s effect on the UK’s nodes, our ultimate destiny. Pluto’s effect is slow and thorough, but will build things to last.

In the meantime it could feel like death as most governments want quick fixes so they will get elected again. Pluto’s Rx transit to the UK Sun is interesting and tells the background story. It seems like the change has already happened. The more I work on this post, the more I think, as much as the British themselves may want to leave, fraud or deception in the media might dictate otherwise..

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15 thoughts on “Brexit? ~ Pluto’s Bondage

  1. Ed Tamplin called it too. I got sucked into the last minute PsyOps Remain thing too – but weirdly the first thing I felt when I woke up was that something big had happened. It felt a bit like a new dawn – before again I got sucked into all the MSM fear stuff which is playing hard now. Not out the woods yet.

  2. Good for you for deleting Facebook! I separated my personal account from the Darkstar page a few months ago, but tend to get dragged back into it due to all my friends using the messenger iphone app. Oh god yes the lefty globalist bias of Facebook was actually making me physically sick some days. I wish I didn’t have 100k followers on it.. I’d move to google+ but that’s just as bad. It can’t last. I hope FB goes the way of Myspace and something less globalist takes over. I could mostly only have sensible conversations with real working class people about Brexit. I had so many Surrey-ite, Waitrose-shopping Champagne socialists assume I was ‘tabloid’.. it was ridiculous! Plus they are so damn patronising. Grrrrr..

  3. I’m amazed, like you Marina I went to bed resigned and was shocked to hear the result it really pleased. I liked Europe before the EU got too big for its boots. And I love a bit of chaos for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes! Like Joddle above, I’ve seen first hand from my home city of Sheffield how fed up people are with EU policy. When 80% turn out to vote leave in a place where ordinary people have been adversely affected it’s a huge wake up call. Sheffield is a labour stronghold too. It was not widely reported that trouble with the EU’s quota of Roma to Sheffield created serious problems and a street curfew! Yes… The BBC kept that quiet!
    When you look at the map of who voted what, where, you see London in a sort of bubble where people are very out of touch with what the rest of England is feeling.
    Anyway, I’m in Vienna where the Austrians have had their own way of flouting EU laws by cleverly maintaining the laws of their ancient cantons over the EU. watching the international TV analysis you’d think Yellowstone had blown. I liked Putins comment that he didn’t think it was the place of the Kremlin to comment! Unlike all the sour faced Eurocrats now deriding the “populist” vote… Well what is the point of a democracy then?
    Big kudos to Jessica Adams who was very clear in her prediction! She says UK well and truly out by 2019 and the death of the Euro after Uranus ingress to Taurus.
    Sirius is a game changer too! We live in interesting times! Has anyone looked at the chart for Nigel Farage because he almost single handedly instigated this referendum. Which is quite an achievement, love him or loathe him.

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