Brexit EU ‘Worst Chart Ever Seen’

The EU is giving the UK a short extension on Brexit. I look at the transits to the revised deemed “Worst chart ever seen” EU chart and revised Davison chart for the UK/EU. It’s ugly!

In the YouTube video I look at a new EU chart which In think is more accurate. It is the 1993 Maastricht Treaty which bound the UK even more tightly to the EU than the previous “Common market” agreement. It seems this is when we really lost our sovereignty to Brussels.

EU & Davison Horoscopes

UK EU Relationship chart

4 thoughts on “Brexit EU ‘Worst Chart Ever Seen’

  1. 8th – mars-chiron- sun – venus 9th nercury (in taurus) T square all personal – 12th moon (virgo) – 2th Uranus(scorpion)
    11/05/1981 – 15h – Rio de Janeiro
    its my chart in case you are courius…

  2. Sorry I haven’t been following closely enough. Haven’t they voted yes on the extension?

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