UK Brexit & EU Divorce

D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Can UK Persephone just walk away from her Pluto without some nasty narcissistic revenge? In this video I revisit the UK referendum chart of June 23 2016 that became known as Brexit. I then take a look at the transits to the UK and EU chart for the coming UK parliamentary votes (March 12/13/14) and the supposed Brexit leaving date of March 29. I also look at the beast that is the relationship (Davison) chart of the UK/EU marriage and divorce transits to it!

Interspersed with observations on how globalism has effected the country of Malta. (A very tiny country just south of Sicily and therefore on the front line of the immigration route from Libya.) All transits measured using precession, therefore they will be behind by a few degrees owing to the age of the UK chart. The original Brexit post

The UK & EU Charts

UK Horoscope Brexit

EU Horoscope

The EU/UK Davison Chart

UK EU Davison chart

3 thoughts on “UK Brexit & EU Divorce

  1. Hi Marina.
    Thanks so much for this.

    What would be interesting in regards to trying to further astrologically analysing the possible political and cultural direction of Britain and its future is to perhaps historically and geographically ‘look behind you’. By this I am referring specifically to the deep intertwining abusive relationship of the UK and Ireland from the early 20th century on.

    For some reason this obviously central issue seems to be a blindspot for astrologers looking at Brexit.

    1. Yes I have only just come to see this side of the story. Again though I feel this is the El-ites doing and deliberately being stirred up. But I will need to look at the charts of Ireland and Northern Ireland too.

  2. Thanks for your predictions. Anything about France leaving the EU ?

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