Brett Kavanaugh Horoscope ~ “Choirboy” or Misogynistic Lush?

I try to look at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s horoscope without too much bias! Can we really see alcoholism and misogyny in the natal chart? Sorry for the first 5 mins of waffle. It was a long video to edit and I should’ve cut out abit more there too. Chart interp starts at 4.30s. I also critique Cathy Pagano’s blog post of Brett Kavanaugh’s natal chart and offer my own counter-interpretation. Brett Kavanaugh’s Birth chart says it all.  We do not have Kavanaugh’s birth time so I use the planetary aspects and decans to uncover as much as I can.

12 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh Horoscope ~ “Choirboy” or Misogynistic Lush?

  1. Yep probably… But I read that as more masculine. I don’t seem to be attracted much to Englishmen these days.. They have been neutered 🙁

  2. I saw somewhere where his natal Jupiter in Taurus is in his 9th house. He was Pisces rising. I think transiting Jupiter in Scorpio fits because his allies made the difference to becoming a supreme court justice.

  3. young people don’t understand that in his time his behavior(IF he was guilty)while not “acceptable” was tolerated and NOBODY was going to go out of their way to publically condemn it It was a different world in the 70’s-80’s
    also, those Neptune things are outer planet aspects/generational aspects.

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