Brett Kavanaugh Horoscope ~ “Choirboy” or Misogynistic Lush?

I try to look at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s horoscope without too much bias! Can we really see alcoholism and misogyny in the natal chart? Sorry for the first 5 mins of waffle. It was a long video to edit and I should’ve cut out abit more there too. Chart interp starts at 4.30s. I also critique Cathy Pagano’s blog post of Brett Kavanaugh’s natal chart and offer my own counter-interpretation. Brett Kavanaugh’s Birth chart says it all.  We do not have Kavanaugh’s birth time so I use the planetary aspects and decans to uncover as much as I can.

12 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh Horoscope ~ “Choirboy” or Misogynistic Lush?

  1. Marina, When I lived in D.C., at one point I hung around quite a few Georgetown Prep alumni and alumni of other similar schools and their social set, I can say without hesitation that the type of behavior described by the women in the Kavanaugh case was very common.
    Washington D.C. in the 70’s and 80’s (especially amongst the elite set In Georgetown and Capitol Hill) was very decadent and immoral.
    I saw and/or personally experienced much worse than the likes of Kavanaugh back in the early 70’s. (outer planet ruled scope. second decan Pluto/Sun in Leo conjunction, I am)

  2. Yes Ragmart it was a different time and I feel for these people who are scapegoats for what most of their agegroup also got up to. I do not condone what they got up to but it was the norm. And for some dyed blonde men it still seems to be acceptable!! No easy answers but one would hope he has grown i wisdom and has insights from his own past that helps him make wise judgments? Or he may still be a creep. I have not heard Maria’s version yet being on bus!!! Have you read Jem Neal’s stuff about the way we can operate on one of 3 levels of our charts according to our spiritual development which is not set in stone? He gets it from a French man whose name escapes me…./

    1. It seems that only men of the West are being held up to this new standard. Where was the #MeToo movement in Rotherham, Sweden, Cologne…?!!
      Women in the “old days” were also different and it was easy for men to tell whether you were a “good girl” or not. Now a lot of young girls wear VERY revealing clothes, dare I say it, they look like Porn stars!
      Mr blond comb-over was talking about a certain type of lady. I really hate this divide and conquer tac-tic that all men are all potential rapists and women all innocent angelic victims. It does nothing to heal the relationship wounds we face in the west. Kavanaugh is a distraction and attempted scapegoat for much deeper pedophilia among the elites. And this child abuse is worldwide and has been going on since the beginning of time.

      I am of Kavanaugh’s age group and I can tell you what you are alluding to was NOT the norm of the time. I could go out late underage drinking at parties and always come home using public transport safely. I can’t say I wouldn’t worry about my daughter in the current state of British cities. Rape gangs are real and something that was unheard of in the 1980s.

  3. young people don’t understand that in his time his behavior(IF he was guilty)while not “acceptable” was tolerated and NOBODY was going to go out of their way to publically condemn it It was a different world in the 70’s-80’s
    also, those Neptune things are outer planet aspects/generational aspects.

  4. I saw somewhere where his natal Jupiter in Taurus is in his 9th house. He was Pisces rising. I think transiting Jupiter in Scorpio fits because his allies made the difference to becoming a supreme court justice.

    1. Yep probably… But I read that as more masculine. I don’t seem to be attracted much to Englishmen these days.. They have been neutered 🙁

  5. I am learning about Micro expressions and body language, judging by his expressions and body language I’d say that he is innocent. Christine Blasey Ford on the other hand…..

  6. I have heard his testimony and looked into his eyes, soul. This man is innocent of what he is accused of . I know this without looking at his chart.

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