Blue Moon 31 August 2012

Blue Moon August 2012

The Full Moon on August 31 is a rare blue moon. This means that we get two full moons in a month, this happens every two or three years. This Blue Moon will be at 8º Pisces on the fixed star Skat in constellation Aquarius and conjunct Chiron. The Blue moon has no astrological significance whatsoever, but like minor planet Eris, it does cause quite a stir. The extra blue moon gives us 13 moons in the course of a year instead of twelve. This complicates matters for monks calculating Christian holidays.
So a Blue moon is an oddity, a misfit, and it annoys the pants off monks.. “Unlucky 13”, Ophiuchius the left-out 13th sign, Eris being the uninvited 13th fairy in Sleeping beauty. 13 is always the exiled, the unwanted and the one that doesn’t fit in.

This full moons aspects lend it self to the unusual and the eccentric because it is conjunct Chiron the centaur. Chiron too was a misfit, being the geek of the centaurs, while the rest were boozy, lusty louts. Chiron however, studied and became a tutor to the Greek mythical heroes. The full moons fixed star on Skat in Aquarius is not known for being conformist either and like Chiron, likes to spread knowledge.

The Blue Moon Aspects

Moon sextile Pluto needs to “channel this intense, penetrating and occasionally ruthless energy into something creative.” otherwise this energy can become surprising destructive as we can see in the list of famous and infamous with this aspect. With those who make a success of it “The artistic products are not going to be light hearted or bubble-gum, they will have the tinge of the underworld to them, be powerful or even political. The work could be profound and involve deep exploration of ones shadow and any taboo sexual proclivities.”. On a collective level, this is useful because of the Blue Moon’s conjunction to Chiron will give us the opportunity to expose and heal any psychological complexes. With this Blue Moon we are giving the opportunity to let our body speak to us and tell us about the state of our mind.

Uranus square Pluto will be activated by this Blue Moon, they are about bringing down redundant power structures and challenging unequal sexual relationships. If there has been a feeling of “Enough is enough” in relationships, a square will certainly force the issue where a trine would just sit back and put up with it. The Moon and Chiron are mediators in an aspect pattern that falls right through this historic Uranus/Pluto square.

August Blue Moon Horoscope

August 2012 Blue Moon Astrology

The Blue Moon forms part of an aspect pattern in the chart known as a “Streamer” [1], which gives the ability to flow towards any direction in a river without loosing balance. This is streaming in any sense, whether it is laying cables, directing traffic or generating fashion trends. The Blue Moon opposition and the Uranus square Pluto are controlling powerful forces. This could be how we the public can be so easily manipulated because sometimes it’s just easier to let others make decisions for us. Chiron is conjunct this full Moon, so it also opposes the Sun. This can highlight in our own charts where we have the tendency to abdicate power to an external force by relying too much on our mentors or gurus.

The streaming can also be the river that flows out of Aquarius’s urn. It is interesting that that Skat gives “gives good fortune and lasting happiness and also it is said to indicate safety in a deluge.”  It is considered a fortunate star and like a lot of the stars in constellation Aquarius, it does give occult interests and psychic ability. Use this Blue Moon to plug into to the stream of consciousness; maybe we can download some valuable information for our souls evolution. There is a T-square to the Nodes from Mercury opposite Neptune with Lilith on the South Node so we could receive messages from other realms to aid in humanities spiritual evolution.

Blue Moon Meaning

Blue Moon August

The overall feel of this Blue Moon is a good one. This Full Moons brings things seeded at the “Rude Muse” New Moon to a head. The August 17 moon was a bright new start after a series of heavy lunations. The Sabian for this Blue Moon is “The Race begins: Intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed”. Sometimes competitiveness spurs one on to achieve excellence; winning a qualifying race will give you a better lane. The higher one ranks among ones peers, the bigger platform you have for displaying your work. But if one focus too much on ones rivals and what is popular, the integrity of the work can also suffer. It’s no use working in a vacuum with work that is so self-indulgent that is does not connect with the public at all, this is where being the 13th fairy or misfit can work against you.

Whatever the battle raging in our personal or professional lives then, one has to be aware of the games being played in order to stand a chance of winning. With Pluto square Uranus in the mix it is not enough to say, “I’m a good person, why do bad things happen to me? I keep out of trouble.” Being passive and letting things slide around you is just as spiritually irresponsible as wilfully provoking fights. The message of this moon then is to be vigilant, be a watcher over your own behaviour and that of others. Observe where non-action and denial from one individual is allowing another to abuse and commit evil.

Blue Moon August 2012 Keywords

Geeks, eccentrics, misfits, ingenuity, channelling, streaming, being proactive, directing, observing, vigilance, rivalry, spurring oneself on, competition, excellence, taking responsibility, transmuting energy, art therapy, tapping into the collective, tuning into trends, awareness of peers, coming out of denial, being your own guru, integrity V popularity, playing the game, covert operations, using cunning without malice, playing cards close to chest.

1. Aspect Pattern Astrology. Bruno and Louise Huber. Michael Alexander Huber. Pg 235.