Black Moon LilithBlack Moon Lilith, or the Lunar apogee is the most commonly used Lilith in Astrology. Black Moon Lilith encapsulates all three Liliths while at the same time if you want to use the other two Liliths, you can fine tune with these extra sprites and they will give you clues as to which of the three are operating most strongly. You can find out more about the Lilith trio and the Black Moon Corridor in this Triple Moon Goddess Post

Here we shall focus on Black Moon Lilith in more detail. In particularly we need to get a hold of just how the Lilith corridor works looking at the lives of the famous and the infamous. I decided to look at the Black Moon Lilith rising or featured in the 1st house. Such a strong fiery placement should push Lilith energy to the forefront of a persons life and identity. Having them conjunct Mars or the Sun would do the same.


Timothy Leary 1960’s counter culture “Guru” had a black hole of a Lilith corridor, 5 degrees wide in the 1st. The midpoint of Mean & True Lilith opposed a Ceres/ Pluto conjunction (03′!). This aptly describes his use of psychedelics drugs, taking that Plutonic portal to access the shadow realms of the psyche. Ceres is the wisdom of mother earth speaking to us through plants and herbs, psychedelics such as mushrooms and Ayahuasca fall under that category. True Lilith sextiles Leary’s North Node while also trining Pluto/Ceres making this journey into sacred medicines part of his life’s calling. He also had the obsessive fiery-red star Antares rising and Pluto/Ceres quincunx the AC which support the Dark Goddess energy.

Marilyn Monroe had a magnetism that was off the scales. The camera loved her osculating hips! She has True Lilith, otherwise known as osculating Lilith rising, opening a Lilith corridor from the 12th spanning down into the 1st. It contains glamorous Neptune and voluptuous Ceres. True Lilith is semi-sextile sexually intense Pluto. Mean Lilith is quincunx Uranus (04′) and square Asteroid Lilith. So here we have the conflict, her sexuality V her emancipation. She did have a few lesbian flings, disillusion by being treated as a sex object. Desperately insecure, her oozing sexuality overwhelmed her. That Mean Lilith is trined by charming and beautiful Venus. So not something she could hide!

Pablo Picasso was the most prolific and famous artist of the 20th century. He was still painting and sexually active at the age of 90! He had a black hole corridor in the first house with True Lilith rising widely. This Lilith squared Saturn giving him that wrinkly sex appeal and longevity as an artist. True Lilith also trines the Moon and North Node. That all important artistic mission was aided by lunar imagination and the ladies.. His muses were his many wives and lovers. Mean Lilith is quincunx hell-raising Eris and trined Neptune, his artistic experiments challenged the established art world at the time.

Johann Sebastian Bach spellbinding harpsichord music hypnotised the ear transporting one to heaven. His famous organ piece Toccata & fugue is truly mesmerising. True Lilith leans into the 1st house quincunx racey Mars,( his pieces were FAST) True Lilith is also trine Saturn, mixing technical mastery with Magic. Mean Lilith is semi-sextile his mystical Sun in the 12th house, uplifting heavenly music yes! His long Black Moon corridor spans the 2nd house of cash and contains the Lilith star Algol.

Johnny Cash had a very Lilith themed life, the troubled Country singer and “Man In Black” had a distinctive vocal style. Intoning songs of sorrow and redemption to prisoners. He got clean after a spiritual epiphany during a drug induced suicide attempt. Not surprising then to see he has True Lilith rising conjunct the North Node (06′!) He has a long Lilith corridor spanning the whole of the 1st house putting it at the forefront of his persona. It contains Lilith flavoured Eris (outlaw), Venus (love) & Uranus (rebel). His corridor culminates with a Mean Lilith in opposition to Asteroid Lilith on the gifted Star Spica. His 5 decade career and regeneration after meeting his 35yr work & soul mate June Carter, are beautifully described by his Lilith story.

Excerpt from forthcoming book. Resurrecting The Divine Feminine ~ Lilith & Eris. Where I also look at Black Moon Lilith in the charts of David Lynch, Liz Green, Ron Hubbard, Peter Sutcliffe, Dennis Nilsen, David Soul and Stanislas De Guaita 

Author: Marina Macario


  1. @Vanessa Keys

    BML is the one that works like a node. That’s why, like the Nodes it has a true and mean version.
    So everything you say goes very nicely with BML, the Shakti/Shiva. Yes!

    And as you say she is a point of alignment, comparing her to the nodes is great. I think the Vertex actually works even more like Lilith, there you can really get sucked in. Fits in with the Black hole theory too.

    The Dark Moon(Waldemath.) is what I was calling the “Ghost” Moon. Discussing this has really helped to clarify the 3 Liliths for me when I write the summary. Thanks for all the input everyone:))))

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  2. I have Lilith and Osc. Lilith at less than 1 degree apart in the 9th House. They are both conjunct the Moon in Gemini.

    Both are sextile Saturn and sesquisquare Mars.

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  3. @AyeCantSeeYou

    Jesus! I think thats the tightest Black Hole corridor I’ve ever heard of AND conjunct the moon too. How does that feel?

    Mars fires it up and Saturn restricts. Interesting tug of war going on there.

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  4. Marina, let’s just say the tug of war can be a living hell. ‘Interesting’ doesn’t even begin to describe it at times, ‘scary’ may be a better word, depending on what all else is going on at the time!

    I want to thank you for your explanation of Lilith, though. It’s by far the best I’ve come across yet.

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  5. Yes, ok I’ll go with SCARY!!!. I have Mars conjunct Lilith, so I know what that feels like. Breathing fire and great big flapping dragon wings or something like that….

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