Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith describes the fusion of the sexual with the spiritual in the form of the Kundalini. In the East, the Kundalini is the sleeping serpent that is said to lie coiled up in the sacrum in the middle of the pelvis. In Sanskirt Kundalini literally means coiled. The sexual awakening experience varies, for some it is an orgasmic state of bliss, with or without intercourse, for others a bolt of lightening or it can simply be a slow unfolding over time, feelings of utter serenity then exuberance and euphoria. Barbara Hand Clow suggests the half Uranus return (or midlife crisis) is the peak time for the Kundalini awakening to occur naturally. We have sufficient maturity then to deal with the rapid-fire changes and sudden smashing of boundaries that comes with it. The more one resists the more Uranus wants to blow those limited mental states. Blasting ones body from head to toe, the heat generated can be so great that some women may mistake it for the first flush of the menopause. Be warned though, forced Kundalini awakening can cause a serious crisis in some people, which is why spiritual guidance is essential.

Kundalini Awakening

“Kundalini causes the most sensation when it enters an area of mind or body that is blocked. But the heat generated by the friction of Kundalini against the resistance soon burns out the block, and then the sensation ceases. Similarly, just as the intense flow of water through a small rubber hose will cause the hose to whip about violently, while the same water through a fire hose would scarcely be noticed, so does the flow of Kundalini through obstructed channels within the body or mind cause motions of those areas until the obstructions have been washed out and the channels widened.” [1]

chakrasIn many mythologies there is a distinction between Earth Spirits and the Sky Gods. Trees are often used to symbolize the bridge between the two. What is Lilith but the serpent coiled around the trunk? Overlay this onto the chakras and the root chakra is literally the root of the tree while the crown chakra is the leaves that touch the sky.

So can we say that Black Moon Lilith in the chart represents the Kundalini serpent? I think yes judging from the results of my research. This corresponds neatly with Barbara Hand Clows theory. I certainly found this to be true in some of the research group. How many serious family men shock everyone by falling head over heals for a young Lilith, throwing their family into turmoil, how many woman suddenly become interested in empowering themselves, get accused of being a “ball-breaking Lilith” and become hugely ambitious around this time. What they are both doing is finding their inner man or woman. This is all about the inner marriage of the Kundalini. Joining the higher and lower chakras with through the heart chakra.

Midlife Crisis

Kundalini energy is not about procreation. By age 39-42 we are usually done with the child bearing. Another reason why marriages break up at this time could also be a case of mission accomplished. The way forward between a couple is often to take up some hobby, travel or have a common creative project. Not many go down the tantric path, but to take sex to a higher level would be a great option.  Otherwise men can actually suffer some impotence around this time, as the sexual energy becomes more sublime and less urgent. Another reason to be tempted by the promise of a quick fix from an eager young nubile Lilith.

lilith-chakrasA few weeks back I asked for the birthdata of people who felt they had experienced a Kundalini awakening. I found the following to be repeated themes:

Jupiter/Neptune/Uranus/Chiron transits to Mars/Sun/Nodes or progressed Moon. Uranus transits to personal planets in 8th or 12th house. Transiting planets in Lilith zone or aspecting Liliths tightly. Eclipses aspecting Uranus/Neptune/Liliths. Prog Moon aspecting natal Jupiter/Neptune/Uranus/Chiron. Prog Moon in or opposite 8th house. Important aspect patterns being hit all at once, eg Yod gets fired up or grand trine becomes a Kite.

The chances of a Kundalini experience are heightened if one is also experiencing a big-deal change and transformation transit. Uranus opposition Uranus I have already mentioned, also Pluto transits to personal planets, Neptune square Neptune and the Chiron return.

Of course I was interested to see if my theory about the Lilith corridor being stimulated was true and in every single case it was! (All under 1.30 degrees). The feeling intensified if there was a transit to or from Mars at the same time, to or from the outers, in particular Neptune. The “Triple Guru Conjunction” of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron seemed to cause a great many Kundalini experiences in 2009, (myself included) expecially because Uranus was at the same degree just one sign away. Then in 2010 we also had the “Quickening” with Uranus conjunct Jupiter, which I’m sure would’ve had a similar effect.

The nature of the trigger of the awakening is defined by the Planet. For some people it could be death (Pluto), sex (Jupiter/ Mars), divorce, big change (Uranus), health problem/heartbreak (Chiron) or spiritual practice (Neptune). How enlightened you have become by the Kundalini experience is not defined by how dramatic or intense the feeling was, but I’d say more how much your life has changed since it happened. Toxic friends, habits and relationships that were blocking you inside and out should crumble way to reflect the internal changes.

Sexual Astrology – True & Mean Lilith

So in the chart then, Uranus is certainly the electrifying archetypical Kundalini experience, the bolt from the blue that infuses the body. Neptune may work by melting away the frozen ice blocks around our chakras, Jupiter could inflame our sacrum with desire.

kundalini-awakeningWhich Lilith are we talking about then exactly? We are talking about the Black Moon Lilith (or Lunar Apogee) of which there is a True version (the wild osculating, untamed path , in use since 1990) or the Mean version (the averaged out orbit which has been in use for 100 years). I use both as the Lilith corridor because I have found the two to be significant. If they are both describing the serpent, maybe the True Lilith is the sleeping serpent and the Mean Lilith is the awakened one. I like to think of True Lilith as our animal instinct, while Mean Lilith is our third eye.

If we are unaware of our Lilith power it can be projected outside ourselves or suppressed and this is when it can become demonic and dangerous. Therefore I think we cannot fully utilise our Mean Lilith (Third Eye) until we have understood and activated our True lilith (instincts). True Lilith is like the root chakra, like Mars it’s pure survival, raw sex. But before we spiritualize and Neptunificate love, we need to become fully orgasmic. Osho frequently emphasizes this in his teachings, that celibacy causes all sorts of problems if one has not satiated ones desires first. We can then be truly liberated and unchained to our libido. It’s the same with the chakras, they all need to be energized. Being top heavy, over emphasizing the cerebral and the cosmic is just as bad a being overly materialistic and sensually indulgent.

At the Chiron return aged 50, this effect combined with an outer transit to Lilith gives the High Priestess energy. True Virginity. Beholden to no man (authority) and this should apply to men as much as women. For women this usually coincides with the menopause. Being free from hormonal cycles and less demands from the family means that any psychic, healing and magical abilities can be explored.

1.Dr Lee Sanella , Kundalini: Psychosis or Transcendence. Pg 12.

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87 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith

  • February 10, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Bewitching it is, indeed! Really interesting points to meditate on, Marina. So, just to clarify, the “corridor” is the space between Oscillating Lilith and True Mean Lilith, correct? It gets confusing with all the different Lilith’s some times! I have a 9 degree span with Saturn conjunct TML in Scorpio. The Lilith myth/theme has been a strong one all my life, something that I’m continually forced to deal with, so your article is enlightening. Thank you so much, Marina. I appreciate your vision.

  • February 10, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    Thanks Vanessa,
    Yes the corridor is between the both of them. Oh confusing Lilith, to clarify again, True Lilith is the osculating one and Mean Lilith is just the normal one!
    I think Dark Moon should be renamed “Ghost Moon” also. I might start calling it that from now on myself.
    I spoke to Kelley Hunter on Facebook today, she said she did think Black Holes were connected to Lilith and also Galactic centre. Very interesting!

  • February 10, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Okay, I’ve got it now. Thank you for the rapid clarification! It’s interesting you bring up the Black Holes correlation with Lilith – from the first time I heard of black holes, that was the feeling I got, you know, somewhere deep inside that I can’t let go of, that they are connected or one in the same YES! My understanding at this point is that Ghost Moon is a node, similar to Rahu/Ketu – like a sister actually – a feminine reflection (mirror) of the masculine dynamic of nodes and their impact -which is tremendous and powerful! Maybe I’m wrong in the astronomy department but I do recall my initial gut reaction *click* when I learned the calculations – that she was a point of alignment – a “shadowy” graha (one that seizes in sanskrit), not an embodied planet, just like Rahu/Ketu. Why wouldn’t Ghost Moon, as you so aptly named her, have as much impact and power? For there is balance and harmony in all the Universe – there is feminine (shakti) to masculine (shiva) is everything. (I’m a vedic student btw) I’ve been fascinated with Ghost Moon for a long, long time. Just now things are starting to open up and it’s about time!

    What a trip – the Galactic Center – the alignment in 2012. Now, this could get REALLY exciting! Thank you SO much Marina ~ I’ll be following this all with great fascination!

  • February 11, 2010 at 1:39 am

    Lilith mania indeed! I’m pretty flattered beyond recognition that the Face of Lilith Herself found my article clarifying, so thank you thank you thank you.

    This is awesome, and extremely telling- it kind of speaks to what I was saying, about a more constructive (or stable) application of Lilith vs. a kind of warped and deranged one, or rather, the most extreme twist on your culturally prescribed role. I am, however, a little bit confused as to how one exactly finds the True Lilith and calculates the corridor. I’m very curious to do mine (my BML is at 10+ Pisces in my 10th House, widely conjoining my Sun-Mercury- explains quite a bit, doesn’t it?), but my brain is currently snow-mush and I’m having a hard time following the math.

  • February 11, 2010 at 1:49 am

    this is for

    black moon lilith (mean) is the main one in the extended chart selection

    oscillating black moon lilith (true) h13

    asteroid lilith 1181

    Waldemath, dark moon lilith h58


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