Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith is the most commonly used Lilith and is the lunar apogee. To understand the Black Moon Lilith, one first needs to get to grips with how she fits into the bigger picture. The Dark Goddess archetype as a whole is associated with sex, death, obsession, addiction, transformation, resurrection, magic, the occult and the taboo. It is the birth-canal between the spiritual dimension, (or the underworld) and life on the physical plane. Black Moon Lilith is the main Lilith out of three which I have looked at in the three Lilith’s post.

Eris was discovered in 2005, so finally we now have a solid incarnation of the dark goddess in the sky. As Persephone, Eris is the consort of Pluto, so they work as a duet. Together they describe the transformation that occurs from going through a dark night of the soul. Usually, the trigger is great suffering, mourning, pain or torture. In their negative manifestations, Pluto represents the abuse of power and is the predator, whereas Eris (as Persephone) can be seen as either the enabler or the victim.

The Dark Goddess Archetype

Negative Eris can be someone who protests at the power Pluto has over them, but still chooses to stay the victim and continue in the abusive situation. The polarity plays out as the victim/ savior dynamic and can be quite sadomasochistic. It is also reminiscent of the addict who will find every excuse in the book as to why they cannot cease taking their drug, no matter how destructive it is to them.

Positive Eris is the phoenix from the flames that escapes from abuse in the underworld and crowns herself queen. Eris can also be the whistle-blower and spy. The crown symbolism is important as you will see later. Eris is irreversibly wiser after her dark night of the soul. Like the tarot card the Queen of Swords, Eris has scars, is now skeptical about life and not as naive as when she first took a bite of Pluto’s forbidden fruit.

Eris as a planet moves so slowly, so its energy can only be looked at trans-personally. Some people will have Eris very prominent in their birth chart if it is connected to the AC, MC, Sun or Moon. These folk then may end up representing the Dark Goddess archetype in the collective. They may become famous for addressing Eris/Dark Goddess themes in their work. The apple connects both Eris and Lilith, as both are exiled, banished outsiders. You could say that Lilith is the lower octave of Eris, just like Mars is to Pluto. Mars = 2 years (to orbit the Sun) while Pluto = 248 years. Lilith = 9 years while Eris = 560 years.

Black Moon Lilith & The Night

Black Moon Lilith is connected with the Moon too which of course is very personal. Lilith is not a solid planet revolving around a central sun, which puts its meaning into a very grey area. This twilight zone could represent the cultural attitude and representation of sex. Sex is a very personal act, the most personal act you can get really (aside from elimination!) But sex has been politicised and there are even laws governing it.

You could also say that Black Moon Lilith transmits Eris’s ancient wisdom down to the earth plane through the act of sex. Another phenomenon that has happened since Mean Black Moon Lilith was birthed into our consciousness in 1930 is pornography. The regular Moon rules the memory, the imagination and dreams. Eris transmits through genetic memory, that filters down to us through the conduit of the Black Moon. Fairytales, myths, dreams and surrealist art all speak to us through this right brain, symbolic language.

Black Moon LilithAstronomically, Black Moon Lilith is the lunar apogee. It does not exist as a physical point in space but is a point that describes the distance between the earth and the moon, the empty focus. The date of the Lunar Apogee (When the Moon is furthest from the earth) will place Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Moon. While the Lunar Perigee (When the Moon is closest to the earth) will place Black Moon Lilith opposite the Moon. (This only works using the True Lilith which I talk about later).

Sometimes Black Moon Lilith is seen as a kind of ghost moon, a shadow. In myth, she is also seen as a succubus, a night demon, and a baby killer. Modern-day UFO abductions can also be associated with Lilith as are night terrors. The abduction connection with Eris/Persephone is also strong with Lilith. So Black Moon Lilith is a ‘lady of the night’ whatever way you look at her, so of course, as the forbidden seductress, Lilith is also connected with prostitutes.


Black Moon Lilith is famously about sex, but not in same way as Mars and Venus. (Ie: For courting and procreation.) No, instead Lilith is about the power, politics, and psychology of sex. With Lilith, sex is a powerful weapon and that is why certain religions wanted to have total control of it. FGM is a graphic example of literally cutting out the sacred pleasure center for women. The vilest manifestation of Lilith is pedophilia, incest and satanic ritual abuse. Again this mirrors the abduction and rape of Persephone by her much older uncle.

Reproduction is important to eugenicists. It is through selective breeding that certain bloodlines and ethnic groups succeed or die out. Women are therefore the gatekeepers to the next generation as they choose (Unless they are raped) whether they will breed with a certain man or not. Men see themselves as the natural defenders of the next generation, and part of the patriarch’s duty is to ensure their genes are passed down through the holy grail of their women.

Therefore it is the nature of the male to ensure that his female is not ‘abducted’ and impregnated by the genes of a man from outside his tribe. The Lilith forbidden fruit then could also describe what the serpent stands for. The serpent symbol looks very much like the double helix of the DNA. Mercury/Hermes, the symbol for the medical profession, also holds a caduceus, two serpents intertwined, the symbol of the DNA and genetic engineering. Back to Persephone and Pluto again.

The Greco-Roman myth describes an abduction, which may just be describing a historical fact at the time. Greece was the cradle of western civilisation was also the front line between the east and west. We can view Pluto as being the dark male threat from the orient and representing a human ‘forbidden fruit’ for the women. Protecting European genes for the future was a very primal, survival response back then and probably still is today.

The DNA Serpent

The goddess-based religions of Greece seemed to describe a very sexually liberated culture for women before Christianity. As time progressed, and with the Roman empire, it also seems women became more and more protected and hidden away. Feminists tend to say this was patriarchy’s need to control and dominate women, but could it be that it was for their own protection? Patriarchy = paternal, what father wouldn’t protect his daughter from ‘abduction’? The sexual conquering of a nation is a fundamental fear. Sex is power and Black Moon Lilith demonstrates this very well.

When one wants to change and control the culture of a people, they do it through sex. Culture is literally what a cell feeds off when it is in a petri-dish. Culture will shape the human cell and change its civilisation forever. So it really is women who can bring the downfall of civilisation, because they carry the responsibility of what types of genes succeed and what do not. Lilith is the eugenicist, so the ‘forbidden fruit’ could be the control over breeding. Some say the forbidden knowledge is genetics and that humans are part star-child, part human hybrids. Whatever the case, Eris and Lilith seem to have a lot to do with the creation myth, genes, aliens, evolution and taboo subjects such as race.

The Cult & Culture Of REPRODUCTION

Trauma based mind-control, through the use of sexual torture is another area connected with Lilith. The dark dungeon of the underworld is often filled with pain and abuse. Lilith was actually said to be a hermaphrodite, so she was both a succubus and an incubus. When reading her meaning in a chart it is often confusing to see how she functions in a male chart. Young boys are also targets for p3d0philes. In fact an3l s3x could be considered particularly Lilithian because it is obviously not going to produce any offspring. Prepubescent children are pretty asexual and this too is very Lilithian, (as stated earlier Lilith was a hermaphrodite.)

The point is, that Black Moon Lilith is associated with deviancy (Deviation from the norm) and the blurring of gender. Lilith sex can be taboo or push through boundaries. It tends not to be about procreation. ‘Baby-killing’ is associated with Lilith because the more developed and educated a society becomes, the less children a woman has. Better sanitation, food, health etc mean we do not need to breed ‘spares.’ But currently western civilisation (Europeans in particular) are not even replacing themselves. This reproductive strategy is in some way due to birth control and abortion which could also be an Eris issue. Again women carry this great responsibility, that they have the ‘choice’ to terminate their descendants.

True & Mean Versions Of Lilith

root-chakraOriginally in this report I was going to use both the meanings for both True Lilith and Mean Lilith, but I realised that I was muddying the waters of Lilith and decided to settle with the True Lilith after years of using both. The early use of the lunar apogee started around one hundred years ago before computers.

In those days was easier then to average out the movement of the lunar apogee and use its Mean position to avoid wild inaccuracies. In the 1990’s, ephemerides for the True position came out. True Lilith is constantly whizzing back and forth, and is retrograde a lot of the time. True Lilith can deviate as much as 30º from the mean position.

True Lilith is also known as osculating Lilith. Osculate means ‘kiss’ or ‘little mouth’ in Latin. Interestingly the only other planet that osculates in this same fashion (albeit at a much slower pace) is Eris, who retrogrades back and forth so much, that it takes her 5 to 8 years to cross one degree of the zodiac. I have come to the conclusion then, that the so-called ‘True Lilith’ is the one true Lilith.

The True Lilith version of the Black Moon, with its wild, hard-to-tame behavior, is more authentic to the core meaning of Lilith. However, having used both Liliths in my work over the last 10 years, I wouldn’t dismiss the Mean version, and its hypothetical position entirely. Instead, I would say Mean Lilith carries more of a negative/fake meaning of the Black Moon. The mean Lilith version is also useful when looking at the general transiting black moon (But not at lunations)….


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  1. Hi, Marina, I’ve been looking at your site and feel we definitely share some views. You may want to check out this short pamphlet I wrote called Esoteric Knowledge: On Light and Darkness or Black and White which examines many of the subjects you’ve mentioned here in a bold unapologetic way that embraces ‘feminine’ or magical ways of seeing and experiencing the universe. It is brutally honest and at times uses language designed to point out the hypocrisy of others. It explores the paradox of many ‘current’ ways of thinking and the hypocrisy of that, and draws on Ancient knowledge of the Light. I say this because I genuinely feel you’d like it and many others, not as an advertisement or anything but genuinely so. A link to it on amazon is here: or on my website here: – it goes completely against a lot of ‘current conjecture‘ to say the least! And is very true to the divine feminine spirit.

  2. @Didier,

    2) even though sexuality is of utmost importance, it is definitely not the only thing that matters when talking about Lilith,
    3) even though Lilith seems to definitely represent a huge problem in our life, possibly leading to extremely scary situations in some cases, it is not necessarily simply negative.

    I have to agree.

    BML does function like a full moon if my experience is anything to go by, revealing the kind of dirty secrets and evil that is buried deep in the subconscious. It can also reveal a secret that is hidden in plain sight like it did to me two weeks ago, someone and something that is known to me but which I had forgotten about because I had moved away and moved on. I think BML is where premonitions (divine protection) come from, premonitions are scary but not necessarily negative. A wake up call / warning about negative cannot in itself be negative. The beauty about the BML is that it’s always on duty whereas we don’t have a full moon everyday.

    Two weeks ago an evil individual, someone I know, was exposed in a dream, I know this was the work of BML because that was made clear in the dream. First thing in the morning I checked BML placement and guess what, it was in a 0°06′ conjunct with the psychic Neptune in the equally psychic Pisces, trine the sun in the psychic Scorpio. Evil was under siege. The moon was in Aquarius with no aspect to BML and nowhere near any of my natal placements that might have triggered natal BML or moon.

    If we speak of octaves and if my experience is anything to go by, I personally believe BML is a higher octave of a full moon or solar eclipse. November 2019 is my first anniversary in astrology and since I can’t pinpoint anything that specifically points to the eclipses, I’d go with the full moon and (for me) single out full moon in Scorpio as a doozy for digging up and exposing evil family male figure straight from hell. Scorpio full moon is a perfect fit for this Scorpio Ascendant.

  3. Brilliant article, thank you. I’ve been dancing around this one for month’s now and, until I could get a handle on it I’m referring to it as black kundalini. Borrowing heavily from my scorpionic gifts, I’ve been dancing with it to come into balance with where this energy lies within me. Now, I’m seeing it show up in the client work I do with others. Amazing, succinct and enlightening. Thank you for joining up the dots of what seems to be coming around again. xx

  4. So, I just wanted to make sure that you notice that the word Patriarchy is also mingled with the root word Hierarchy; which means order, or to place something at the top and something at the bottom, so Paternal order would not equate to protection of a daughter, it refers to a paternal figure being above a daughter, as alluding to a comment in your paragraph: The DNA Serpent. Does that allude to the Paternal figure making decisions for another using that power over them, YES. Thats His-Story for you. Etymology is very important in how we express the deeper meanings of our culture. Lets just get all the bits and pieces placed out in the open instead choosing a portion of them, too make a point.
    And how exactly are you getting the idea that Lilith was a hermaphodite? Where in any myth or story do you get that that relates to her? Because she birthed demons? She was a sucubus and an incubus is another patriarchal way the jewish faith was trying to disguise the truth of women’s power through creation. Or why relate her story to pedophlilia caused trauma? If you want to allude to a time were possibly women were hermaphodites well then go there but not pedophilia in a male’s chart, victim or perpetrator. Even for Jeffrey Wolfe Green and the dark truths of his observe and correlate like lets say the asteroid Lucifer, your going in a ridiculous direction.
    Hmmm, the masculine version of Lilith was created to frighten women and men. We have to distill symbolic truth from these archetypes as they are manifesting in us and in our culture, but in my opinion you are being far fetched and misguiding your readers and planting seeds that don’t make much rational or intuitive sense about Lilith and what they mean in Natal charts or the collective consciousness.

    • I used to think just like you, but I don’t any more that’s all. Experience has taught me different. I do not come to this decision lightly.
      So you don’t think there can ever be a negative female energy then?
      Nothing wrong with hierarchy. There are higher and lower manifestations of planetary energies. There is hierarchy in cosmology and also in the level of responsibility you have. The more responsibility you have (used wisely ofcourse) the more karmic rewards you get. Is a self-obsessed psychopath on the same level as a spiritually evolved priestess or priest? No.
      Also hierarchy in age and experience. In tribes, the wise elder is always respected and deferred too. How can this high priest be equal to a naive 10 year old.
      How old are you?

      I might agree with you that faiths from the east seem to have more of a fear of dark goddess energy (Kali anyone?). In the west we seem to lap it up. (Goths).


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