Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a good example of the Dark Moon archetype working strongly in her chart. The first thing that strikes you about this chart is the Moon conjunction to Eris. This is so much the warrior Queen she became famous playing. Lara Croft came out around the same time as Xena. (Eris’s original name.) Both very similar. Eris is all about fighting for justice and stirring things up. Angelina is known for being provocative and outlandish. She has thrown quite a few apple bombs.

Of course the Moon is also the mother and she has caused much controversy with her adoption of African and Asian babies. Eris would certainly see this as a mission and a way to challenge societies preconceptions of how a mother should be. These are both semi-sextile Mean (Black Moon) Lilith in the 8th. Mean Lilith with Eris makes this a mean Lilith indeed! Both the Moon and Eris are conjunct and parallel two very physical, Indiana Jones type stars. Alpeheratz loves to explore movement, Jolie did her own stunts for Tomb Raider. The other star Altair, is bold and loves to conquest.

It does take risks but only for the benefit of others. This reflects her “Savior of Orphans” role. Not far away from this tight conjunction is Mars, how could there not be Mars fueling this dynamic duo. Put Mars with the Moon and you have rage at the feminine or the Mother. This suggest that the adoptions are fueled by this anger. This stellium on its own is enough to make her a Dark Goddess, as passion, anger and the quest for justice and equality are the core of what drives a “Lilith”.

All this in the pioneering and fiery 9th house too. Mars being near this brazen Moon also explains her sexual conquesting. But what do we find on her Ascendant? The beautiful Venus. So the wrapping of this dynamite is a hugely feminine Goddess, lush Venusian lips, but with Lilith magic and charm too, Venus is sesquisquare Mean Lilith from the sexual 8th house. This is where her Fist of God (Or Thor’s Hammer) is pointing. Her Mean Lilith as the Apex.  I see this aspect pattern as a Yod on steroids.

Having Venus conjunct Ascendant, square Uranus to that Black Moon Lilith in the 8th house, describes an extremely magnetic, but totally eccentric and unique individual, with a huge sexual charge about her. This Fist of God with Lilith apex would very much function as a thunderbolt, very, very frightening!

Uranus is in the house of the father and this suggest he was unavailable and emotionally distant from her, so this is also sparking up this Fist of God too. It describes the hurt inside and the pathological need to have him notice her. Acting out more and more outrageously to gain his attention. On the plus side, Mean Lilith with Uranus can give intuitive flashes from the spirit world.

Obsessive Antares

She can tune into angels. BUT her Mean Lilith is dangerously close to her True Lilith. True Lilith will bring up her personal demons, she has it squared Neptune which means she will be also very absorbent to negativity around her. It also shows a taste for forbidden fruit, sex and drugs. But in its higher form, tantric ecstasy. This means she can be driven quite mad by mixed messages from either Angels (Her higher self) or Demons. Any addictions will bring out the Demons more, so for her she really needs to keep pure to maintain her sanity.

More signs of her obsessive nature are the fact that the Moon, Eris, Mars stellium is trine Neptune. Mars trine Neptune is the one redeeming part of the equation because this can make her a Joan of Arc type figure, a crusader, again explains her reasons the adoptions and humanitarianism. Neptune is on Antares, the red star. This is success, but can be obsessive. She has certainly had success. The obsession comes across strongly in her sexual magnetism and her need to have and adopt multiple babies.

Her Venus then opposes her Descendant, the partner, so her extreme loving nature is apparent, but that Uranus magnetic yet distant father (actor John Voight) squares both her love and her relationship axis. Which brings us to her Persephone which opposes her demons. Persephone suggests an issue with having to sacrifice a parent in order to experience deep, transformative and intense love.

She may have to exorcise her personal demons relating to her “absent” father to do this. Her alienation from her fathers love would make her unpredictable and volatile in relationships. One minute extremely needy and loving, (Venus conjunct Ascendant) and the next explosive and defensive (Moon, Mars, Eris stellium)


Asteroid Persephone is in the 2nd house of self worth so she does have an issue with it despite the beauty. Accompanying Persephone here is Asteroid Lilith, her feminist rebellious side which is semisquare Saturn, male authority in the 12th. This suggests her own authority is hard to access, so she projects it onto older powerful men who she then rebels against.

She will come across as a raging feminist at times because Asteroid Lilith is sequisquare the Midheaven, but this is not built on solid secure foundations, it is more of a knee jerk reaction. It is more to do with the inner battle of owning her own authority.

However this feminism is part of her souls mission if she can resolve this inner battle. Asteroid Lilith is square her North Node in the creative 5th house, which is also the house of children. Having an unorthodox approach to parenting could be her karmic mission to demonstrate to the world that blood is not always thicker than water. Indeed if her own parenting was unsatisfactory, she would be more likely to feel non-blood connections could better serve her as a family and she them.

As previously stated, Neptune in the 5th house of Children is on the obsessive Antares. This shows her creative success and her self sacrificial side in adopting children. It’s tightly conjunct the Vertex, so these adoptions are destiny encounters, she would feel a great pull towards these children, like they are sucking her in. With Neptune you almost get the feel of a whirlpool. Also in the 5th house is a totally unaspected Dark Moon. This plays out like a wildcard. It has no other planets to colour it, so it is pure raging, exiled Lilith energy, like a dormant Volcano. It may not make itself shown until aspected by a transiting planet when we may get to see these eruptions in the press.

Then we get Ceres the ultimate earth Mother in the 10th house of career, very fitting. It sextiles Mean Lilith so here we get the Pagan witch side of her nature. She is known for being an environmental activist and Lilith would make her even more anti-establishment. Mean Lilith being the spirit world she would feel very much in touch with nature, as if the plants and trees could speak to her. It also gives her an earthy, physical sexuality. Very robust, yet sensual and feminine at the same time.

Sun Square Lilith

Her Pluto makes no Ptolemic aspects so it can be considered un-aspected. Again like her pure demonic Dark Moon, this makes it extremely pure Plutonic energy. She is unconnected to it, but it seems to totally dominate her sexuality. She certainly comes across as the archetypal Scorpionic female with a sting in her tail. Ironically the closest aspect it does make is a semi-square to Persephone.

The Persephone myth certainly plays out in her life, but she seems to be the Hades. The fighting for custody of the 6 kids with Brad, her demanding an open relationship so she could have lovers of both sexes and him calling her“toxic” upon their break-up seems to support this.

Then last but not least we get the big one… Sun square Lilith by only 4 minutes! I actually wrote the link before I knew she had it, because Solar fire amazingly didn’t have her in it’s database. Well it’s her all over. Not only that but this Sun-powered and regal Lilith is tightly semi-sextile the warrior Queen Moon/Eris on heroic Altair. This really is a mesmerizing marriage of the male and the female. Of course Lilith is all about the balancing of the female and male energies within. With her it becomes literal, as she is openly bi-sexual. That is certainly a huge part of her appeal, woman find her attractive and men fantasize over her.

She may be taboo, but she is the number one googled celebrity on the planet. Looking at her Dark Goddess chart I can certainly see why.

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Author: Marina Macario


  1. Thank’s Karen, I recently read your Persephone article properly since Jamie posted it on my group. Really inspired this and helped me realise she can be very important in fine tuning the Eris in a chart. Just like the other Liliths are good for separating the Demons from the Angels.
    It was when I saw it in my Mothers chart tightly opposed Saturn and Ceres. (She is a classic Persephone.) I thought. Woooah now, that’s too spooky. I’m using her from now on.
    Angelina is a perfect Eris/Persephone isnt she? I think the Moon brings out the Persephone qualities of her Eris.

    Your excellent blog post. asteroid-profile-persephone/
    I also like:

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  2. Thanks :)))) I’ve always thought she was and when you check out Brad, no way is that guy a ‘victim’ of her supposed maneater ways. *gag* Like her, love her or loath her, she is a living example of these energies, to me and you anyway 😉

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  3. Yeah right… Brat Pitt a victim! He has True (Osc) Lilith on his AC I just found out.

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  4. I know! well I didn’t know that, but I do now. I poked about those two earlier in the year when that book was brought out where about 900 people close to them said how much they sucked. Nothing about that guy is anywhere that he doesn’t want to be!

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