Bill Gates Horoscope


Bill Gates Horoscope on YouTube. Rough transcript from about 9 mins:
Let’s have a quick look at Bill Gates chart because actually we have a time now. So really, really interesting because he has moon conjunct Eris. On his Midheaven and Eris seems to be, I mean, it’s so weird with the Apple/Eris symbolism, you know, but he’s obviously the kind of like rival to Steve jobs almost in a way. And Steve Jobs also had, I think Moon square Eris if I remember rightly and Eris was quite prominent in Steve Job’s chart.

Anyway, Bill Gates ascendant conjunct Uranus rising, no wonder. Yes. Mr. Technology. I mean, he is just this robot, isn’t he really and he’s not, is he, he’s not a medical person, so I don’t really understand his thing with the vaccines, limiting the world’s population and all that kind of stuff. I mean, where do we see that in this chart? Well, Venus conjunct Saturn, in an EYE aspect pattern with the North node and Ceres, which is fertility as well and babies and nature.

Bill Gates Horoscope

Bill Gates' Horoscope

And that’s pointing to the North node at 19º Sagittarius. That isn’t actually on a star, but I know that’s pretty near galactic center and his Sun is on Gacrux, which is the crucifix. It feels like he’s on this kind of mission, to save the world from, well, I mean, I don’t know, is it eugenics? What is it? Hmm. Anyway, I don’t want to get too much into interpretation. I just wanted to have a quick look at it just because I think it’s interesting and the fact that he has that millionaires aspect of Pluto and Jupiter conjunct in the house of cash. So we know it definitely is the house of cash now that we have a proper time and a very magically sextile Neptune as well. A bit of a sorcerer.


Bill Gates has Mars in the Crow. One of the magical stars of the Crow, Gienah. Oh. And Mercury’s on the other one, the other crow’s wing. So the crow, the crafty Crow, Kratz, but his ruling planet is the most important one because that’s him and it IS conjunct Eris. So he’s a Maverick. He really is, but I’m not keen on him. I know. I definitely see him as the, Oh God. I mean, I don’t want to say it’s because it could be incriminating for me, but basically, you know, Eris in a negative role is Lilith. Lilith is the baby killer. Make of that what you will. So what transits it has he got at the moment while he’s in the news so much? Well, he does have Uranus opposite his Sun of 5º Scorpio.Also the Bill Gates conjunction Jupiter conjunct Pluto was still conjunct as well in the sky at 24º Capricorn and his descendant is 26º Capricorn, so pretty close to his descendant as well. The house of open enemies. So who is his open enemy, do you think? Yeah, April the 14th 2020 was a big day for him because also Mercury was on his Midheaven. So news about his reputation.

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  1. Bill Gates is into vaccines as he wants nano technology in them for control of us all eventually…he is a psychopath for sure … he wants to de-populate the planet.. nice guy! why dont we de-populate him… he doesnt get himself or his family vaccinated but wants to make every human being have one for control… hope he gets put in prison for crimes against humanity…! The maiming of all the children in India and South Africa was never in the main stream news! This happened in the UK as well!


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