Asteroid Hylonome


Asteroid Hylonome

Asteroid Hylonome 10370 was a female centaur in Greek mythology. Hylonome was heartbroken and killed herself when her beloved partner, the centaur Cyllarus was killed in battle. She immediately took her own life with the very same fatal arrow. This is the ultimate centaur sacrifice; suicide in order to be reunited with one’s soulmate and  be at one with the cosmos. Like Chiron and all centaurs, Hylonome bridges two outer planets and has a transforming influence. Here she transforms Uranian shock into altruism and Neptunian yearning to connect with the ability to tap into source .

The negative manifestation of this is fairly obvious, playing the martyr and thinking ones life is meaningless without a partner. Suicide bombers are a good example of this archetype, with the explosive thunderbolt Uranian energy being the passport to ultimate Neptunian redemption in heaven.

The story of Hylonome and Cyllarus is indeed touching. The two were inseparable. Ovid states “Their love was equal; on the hills they roamed together, and together they would go back to their cave”. So then when her soulmate died what else could Hylonome do but join him in the afterlife. It’s safe to say that Cyllarus would have followed suit such was their devotion to each other. “Hylonome embraced him as he died, caressed the wound and, putting lips to lips, she tried to stay his spirit as it fled.”

Hylonome Discovery Chart

Hylonome was discovered on Zaniah in the dutiful Virgo’s left shoulder. “It gives refinement, honor, congeniality, order and a lovable nature.” it is also close to Beta Coma Berenice. Up in the heavens we see the beautiful amber hair that Berenice sacrificed to the gods to ensure the safe return of her husband from war. No question of Hylonome’s devotion and loving nature here.

Hylonome Discovery ChartThe actual chart shows everything bearing down onto the wounding sharp edge of Mars. We can’t be absolutely sure of the Moon opposite Mars due to not having the time, but again it fits with the passionate story, emotion, suicide from a broken heart. The planet of love is sandwiched between the shock of Uranus and the sacrifice of Neptune, just what I mentioned in my intro. Venus conjunct Neptune is the ultimate soulmate and love addiction aspect. The North Node on Gacrux the crucifix, well we all know the other martyr who died on that one. The Sun on Skat trine the North Node though. Sun here; “Sensitive, emotional, psychic, criticism and persecution through mediumship, but help from friends.”

Hylonome In Astrology

Hylonome will show where you will make the ultimate sacrifice, who and what you will die for. If it is conjunct Ceres in the 5th you would die for your children, in the 9th conjunct Neptune a chance you may martryr yourself for religious beliefs. Check it out in synastry where it will show how devoted you are to your partner. Aspect is important, a Hylonome hard aspect to a partners Mars for example may show that the Hylonome partner is too self-sacrificial for their own good. There is a danger like the Berenice myth that one is cutting off ones spiritual power, magic and sexuality in order to appease an insecure and bullying partner. When the partnership is truly equal then Hylonome’s loving devotion is totally awe-inspiring, transformative and healing.

Find Asteroid Hylonome in Your Chart

1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. In “additional asteroids or hypothetical planets” add 10370.

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