Asteroid Atropos

Asteroid Atropos 273 is a main belt Asteroid discovered in Vienna on March 8 1888. She is the third dark aspect of the three fates. Atropos is the cutter of the cord of life and her Roman equivalent is Morta, Italian for death. So very final then! According to Demetra George “Her position in the birth chart shows how and where we bring our fate to it’s inevitable conclusion and how we cut the life thread when we experience endings, loss, closure and death.”[1]

Astronomical data: Atropos has diameter of just 29km and it has an orbital period of approximately 3.8 years. The meaning of the word is “the inevitable”, and what is impossible to put aside. It’s namesakes include the poison Atropo Belladonna or “Deadly Nightshade” and an ominous looking yellow and black moth called Acherontia Atropos or “Deaths Head Hawkmoth” There is even a skull motif on its thorax. It was regarded as an evil omen.

This moth is a thief and opportunist, it steals nectar from the honeybee. So Atropos is a scavenger, like the raven, and associated with both death and magic. Scavengers are looked down upon, but they are  essential as natures  recyclers and  rubbish collectors. Maybe Atropos in the chart burns off once any for all any left over festering karma.

Asteroid Atropos Horoscope

Asteroid Atropos,How appropriate then the standout aspect in the discovery chart is Saturn the grim reaper square cutting Mars (Atropos’s evil sheers). The two malefic’s are in a very tight square of just 03’! They are also both retrograde which again suggests the wheel of karma and the cycle of life. Atropos’ chart see’s both the Sun and the Moon attached to Dark Goddesses. We have the Sun conjunct Eris. My “Queen of Chaotic fate.”  This shows the terror of Atropos. Death can be so random and unfair.

Moon is square both Lilith and Ceres too. To me Lilith conjunct Ceres is the potion (or poison)-making witch. Moon square Ceres: “ can turn very easily destroy life instead of saving it, they can love so hard and hug so tightly that they end up squeezing the life out of their loved ones.” There is a parasitic, vampiric element to Atropos. With Moon square Lilith “They may break under the pressure of this aspect and succumb to the temptation of Lilith’s forbidden fruit in the shape of sex addiction or drugs. If they manage to come through then these subjects are a fantastic example of the Phoenix rising from the flames.”

The last sentence is important, because we need to remember that after death comes new life. If your belief system allows you to re-cycle, then you will not be so fearful of Atropos and will see each ending as a new beginning. As for Atropos herself, she is at 5º Virgo 31’ which puts her in a weird aspect pattern that has her square the God of Hell (Pluto), trine the Witch (Ceres/Lilith), and quincunx the Moon. To me it actually does look like scissors!, but the Hubers call this pattern “The Runner”:
Atropos Astrology,“Reflex mechanisms were learnt back in childhood that could develop into addictions to certain actions and activities. This figure just needs to be nudged at one corner and it springs to life….This one is always getting into conflicts ( the squares V trines) Prehaps one is projecting something into the world (Trines) that does not suit it. Many people react to this by taking refuge in their work (Workoholics), or depending on the planets, sport or sex”

Here the refuge looks more like sex and drugs with Lilith/Ceres/Pluto. Lilith/Ceres are on  Sheratan in the randy ram, this star is makes it subjects “Daredevils and bold, danger is indicated when acting impulsively and in a foolhardy way.” I have seen the dark side of Ceres connected to opiates. Like Atropos, opiates can suck the life out of you and also dehydrate. Mars square Saturn at it’s very worst is petrified, so becomes a zombie. If  the refuge is sex addiction, it will be one of those parasitic relationships that drain you of your money or energy, or both. In worst cases someone literally could be the death of you.

Asteroid Atropos in Davison Charts

Atropos Hard Aspects

Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown Atropos conjunct Pluto/Uranus in the 8th house trine Mars. Sex addiction?
Amy Winehouse/Blake Atropos square Moon. Bad habits.
Edward VIII/Wallis Simpson Atropos conjunct Venus square Uranus. Love killed any chance of Edward becoming King, but they lived to a ripe old age together in exile (Uranus).
The Beckhams Atropos square Venus/Mars. Death to gender!
Prince Charles/Diana Atropos quincunx Sun. Ended because of royals.
Mackenzie Phillips/John Atropos quincunx Ceres. Ended because of family ties.
Ryan O’Neal/Fawcett Atropos square Pluto/Nodes
Sonny/Cher Atropos conjunct Moon

Atropos Soft Aspects

Asteroid Atropos Astrology,Elizabeth Barratt/ Robert Browning Atropos/Lilith sextile Ceres in a Yod to North Node. In this case good death! Elizabeth was practically imprisoned by her illness her domineering father. Her relationship with Robert put her on course to her North Node. Sex (Atropos/Lilith) meant death to the tie to her father.
Sid Vicious/Nancy Spungen Atropos/Moon/Lilith in a grand trine, maintained the status-quo of a toxic relationship. The only way out was death.
Prince William/Kate Middleton Atropos trine Moon
Adolf Hitler/Eva Braun Atropos sextile Uranus. Sudden ending
John Lennon/Yoko Ono Atropos sextile Mars. Sudden ending.
Paul Newman/Woodward Atropos sextile Sun.
The Clintons Atropos trine Sun.
Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie Atropos trine Saturn

I was surprised how much Atropos cropped up in what I considered decent soulmate relationships, it tended to be in soft aspect though. There is obviously a karmic theme. Maybe the partners become each other’s drug and refuge, or they help each other out of toxic behaviour. Depending on the planets involved, one partner could feed off the life-force of the other and be too much of a drain. Synastry connections to the Davison will help determine which partner is the vampiric Atropos. If the connection is made conscious however, the “Life force” partner could actually heal and transform the “vampire” with love. The couple must be very aware and evolved though, in order for this aspect not to descend into co-dependency. Another possibility of course is Atropos will show how the couple finally part.

Find Asteroid Atropos in Your Chart

1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. In “additional asteroids or hypothetical planets”, add 273.

1. Finding our way through the Dark, Demetra George Pg 88
2. Aspect pattern Astrology, Bruno & Louise Huber, Michael Alexander Huber. P 221.

57 thoughts on “Asteroid Atropos

  • February 25, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Yes, a great article…thanks Marina

  • February 25, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Any couples or examples with Atropos(273, conjunct Jupiter (as in composite charts)?
    (Mine is in the “Lilith zone” with a few others, Persephone, Isis and such)

  • February 25, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Interesting study, Marina. I checked the Davison (corrected) for my partner and me, and found Atropos in 1st house Taurus, trining Saturn in Cap/9th and sextiling Mars Cancer/3rd. We do consider ourselves a soulmate relationship and have some other markers for that in our synastry. Additionally, I’d noticed previously that our charts had other similar aspects in common with John & Yoko.

  • February 25, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    It is always very sad reading about expartners described as psychopaths.

    Thats a medical diagnosis, and should only be used in a medical context by professionals.

    Giving most of his astrological data away at the same time is to me away above the limit.

    I don’t know what the administrator’s politics are, as to what kind of utterances are considered ok or not. But it would be interesting to hear.

    Having no idea, how this expartner is, to me, the most interesting thing from an astrological and personal point of view must be, what in the individual’s chart attracted such an experience and what to do to avoid repeating it.

    Oh, and my Atropos (sounds like another sickness) is directly conjunct my 11th house Leo Mercury.

    • February 25, 2012 at 7:21 pm

      Hi Mads,
      We don’t really have too much time to censor comments. We don’t have time to comment much either anymore and the comments usually police themselves. We don’t have a forum, if we did we could employ moderators I suppose.
      For the record I’m not keen on people putting long lists of what they or other people have in their chart. Where relevant it can be interesting, but there should be some attempt to interpret it and try and keep it succinct and astrological at all times. I do agree with you about how the interesting thing is how one attracted that experience and then how to avoid it in the future. There has to be an element of the shadow going on in the relationship.

      If the persons birth data is out there in the public domain, like a celebrity, we do discuss it here. Sometimes I wonder about wether this is right if they are alive, we are looking into their soul and discussing their private life. It’s a fine line, what one does in the name of astrology and learning. Some people choose not to reveal their birth data and we should respect that. Therefore giving out birth data of exes in public is not on, because it has not been put in the public domain.

    • February 25, 2012 at 8:31 pm

      Thanks Marina,

      thats good to hear. Thank you.

      Celebrity charts must of course be a challenge. Where does myth end and where does reality begin? When do you interpret on the legend as you know them from the media already, and when do you just work as you’d work on any other chart?

      I do understand the dilemma of trangressing very personal areas, but a chart is a chart, a photograph to interpret on, and as long as you keep you professional standards and ethics high, there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

      There are people around the media world who are much better trained and ready for the mishandling act…

  • February 25, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    My Atropos is conjunct my daughter’s moon. I gave her up for adoption in 1969 and we’ve really struggled, or at least I have, with reconnecting. Everything I say comes out sounding flaky. My tertiary Vesta was conjunct at 02 Virgo when she was born – sad parting. It was so incredibly sad, but I just knew I couldn’t keep her.

    I always blamed myself for everything that went wrong, from pregnancy through the adoption. After I met her a few years ago, it suddenly came to me that she had abandoned me in a previous life. At least that was the feeling I got, and it was a very strong feeling. I stopped blaming myself for what happened, because I realized then that everything was out of my hands. We are Libra Rising at the same degree, 22 libra and we actually got along very well when we met and through correspondence. We both have joyful personalities on the whole, which matches the sabian symbol for our rising signs. She hasn’t corresponded with me for about a year now, which makes me very sad.

    • February 25, 2012 at 10:10 pm

      Also, her Uranus is conjunct my Saturn at 29 virgo in our 12th house. When we met, I couldn’t understand what I was feeling – angry at her. I knew she had abandoned me. I’m not sure I like knowing all this. I’m having difficulty still, with forgiving. Isn’t that odd, since I’m the one who gave her away? She didn’t look for me either, and wasn’t interested. I was the one who did the searching. She is a Gemini and I am a Pisces. I will say one thing, she is very possessive of her children, as if she is afraid of losing them.

    • February 26, 2012 at 8:14 am

      Thanks for sharing that Patricia. It helps us understand what an Atropos Moon connection might mean in synastry. Sonny and Cher had that one. Don’t know much about their relationship except in Wiki it says that there was some domestic violence which makes sense with the moon. Cher said she always loved him.

    • February 26, 2012 at 9:12 pm

      Sabian Symbol for Virgo 3 (interpretation for Virgo 2): A glorious vision unfolds over a little struggling family in the wilderness; two mighty angels bringing protection.

      I can only imagine the agreement we made pre-incarnate. Forgiveness appears to be missing, doesn’t it? I remember seeing Sonny on a late night show and he was upset to learn that Cher would be a guest also, because he said she would make fun of him. How sad for both of them. I’ve endured a mountain of grief, gossip and downright hatred for my actions. Yet I’m the only person in the world who knows what happened; therefore, how can anyone else be my judge? I am my own heroine. I’ve never been sorry for the decisions I made. Thanks for this article. It brings so much light into my life.

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