Aries Horoscope 2018

Here follow some samples from your Aries horoscope for 2018. Aries can start getting used to a hike in status now that Saturn has set up a pedestal in the career zone in 2018. Saturn is freshly in Capricorn where it is supremely happy and can do so much good for your reputation.

Along with all the praise, you will receive comes more responsibility. You have shown what you are capable of, so now lets up the game to the next level! Kids have flown the nest, so how about grandchildren? Have managed one house for rental, so what about a portfolio of properties?

Sometimes there is a danger of getting too involved in your career though and going mad with ambition. You can afford to rest on your laurels a little while surely? Also, it would be nice to treat your family if they have been supportive during the hard times. You all deserve a reward. Luckily you should get that very reward with the Jan 31 Lunar eclipse falling in your children and leisure zone…..


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January to March 2018

The Feb 15 Solar eclipse shows the importance of social networking at conferences, festivals and seminars related to your career or a subject that you are passionate about. This will really help out Saturn while he is raising your profile in the world at large.

In terms of your personal life, you might feel that you cannot relate to your friends any longer. If you have been feeling left out for some time, then this Solar Eclipse could throw up an event that really does exile you for good. Divorcing a clique of friends is something that this eclipse could pressurize you to do. Instead of the usual drifting apart, a sudden dramatic break forces you to search for fresh alliances. That way you can make sure these new companions are more in tune with your vision for the future….

April to June 2018

It’s springtime so this is where you might see some of your Saturn investments start to blossom. There is, of course, the very possibility of huge disappointment if these seeds do not bear fruit. From Apr 18 to Jul 11 Saturn is retrograde in your career zone, so there could be a series of ‘told you so’s’ and not very pleasant karmic paybacks.

Take it on the chin dear one, for the worst you can do here is carry on in denial. It will only degrade matters further as every fault you make is amplified, so you will simply come across as dishonest and untrustworthy. People will respect your honesty and are more likely to give you a second chance if you are willing to learn from your mistakes……

 July to September 2018

Aries 2018 Horoscope

Mars retrograde continues until Aug 12. During this time you will be brutal with how much time you spend on social engagements. Anything that is draining or does not resonate with your soul will have to go. That means clubs where you no longer fit in or friendships where you have simply grown apart. Again the theme this years seems to emphasize the ongoing need to weed out and refine your social scene to match your new status in the world.

This season you won’t have the patience to suffer fools gladly, so even if you don’t mean to end a friendship, it could just happen anyway. Others sense that you are bored, or are not giving them the attention they crave so they will fly off to a more captive audience and that’s totally fine. Birds of a feather really do flock together, so you have the choice now to move on yourself. Unlike marriage and family, the beauty of friendships is that there is nothing really holding you together unless you have made some kind of masonic pact!….

Aries Horoscope 2018 Keywords

Classy reputation, craving pleasure, divorcing friends, networking dynamo, godly travel, magical new friends.

 October to December 2018

Jupiter enters Sagittarius on Nov 8 and like with Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter has moved into the sign in which it is happiest and can do the most good. Jupiter will enter your travel and godly zone. There is serenity in feeling that there could be a higher power taking care of things.

Events that occur at this season seem to have a special, destined feel about them and this results from you being able to tap into a universal intelligence. Having that sense of the architect in the sky means less pressure to work everything out yourself. So after the intense soul-searching of Jupiter in heavy house 8 that you have had for the last year, you are ready to emerge into this carefree, experimental phase….

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Aries Horoscope 2018 ~ Decan 1

Saturn is now in Capricorn. As stated previously this is good in the sense that Saturn does well in this sign. All the same, Saturn square your decan can still be a very challenging time. Thankfully this only occurs every 14 years. During this transit, you may find that you constantly come into conflict with authority figures. If this shows in relationships, then you could also find yourself being confronted by your spouse on a daily basis over the year.

Try to think of this as natural law taking effect. Saturn squares a part of your life where you need to ‘work out’ in order to strengthen muscles that have become complacent. A good argument can clear the air and purge festering anger that would’ve become lethally toxic if it wasn’t allowed to surface.

This is a time of purging, but that which is worth preserving will not be ripped apart by this Saturn storm. Here you will see your true friends and allies. The stubborn folk who have clung on for dear life and whom you can rely on from now on. Saturn will square your decan until Dec 20….

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