Aries Horoscope 2014

Aries Horoscope 2014This year, Aries is fighting at the front line of the Uranus square Pluto revolution. Where decan 1 have been radical and bold in 2013, decan 2 can take over and start liberating in 2014. For Aries, this year is about freedom and breaking those chains you might have put on yourself as a result of childhood conditioning. Venus retrograde at the start of this year falls in your solar 10th house so the relationships under evaluation are with your own parents (in particularly the mother) and by extension how you relate to bosses. Childhood hang-ups must be addressed if you want to move on in your career. And as I said in the 2014 Forecast “Decan 2 Cardinal signs will find it hard not to coerce their partners into making commitments before they are ready. Or they may be at the receiving end of bullying tactics from an over enthusiastic/ambitious partner.” Venus stations direct in Aries decan 2 plus you get Jupiter opposite Pluto squaring your decan. This will effect all Aries but the closer you are to mid-Aries the more you will feel this effect. The chains you may be breaking from could be a demanding boss.

This is an exciting year for you to make these courageous changes in your life because the eclipses are here to help you out (even if you think they aren’t at the time!) The Lunar Eclipse on April 15 is opposite Aries, but does fall on lucky Spica and happens to fall in your solar 7th house. This means relationships could start or end. Even if one ends, fear not, it can only be to create space for a connection which is far more fitting with your life path. You fiery rams are good at independence anyway, so I don’t think you will be pining over the dregs of the romance for very long. You have tons of great transits this year for a brave new future. Seize the day! It is true that Aries decan 2 will be in the thick of the Grand Cardinal Cross on April 23 though. This doesn’t have to be a nightmare, just be aware that you absolutely have to learn some patience! Otherwise your sweet nemesis Libra will get the upper hand. Learn something from your cunning opposites. Don’t rush in guns blazing, putting your big foot in it the way you usually do. Your frankness can be charming and refreshing, but this is a time for utmost tact please. Peace on earth is at stake here Aries… Self control is THE lesson for all rams this year.

Self Control & Resist Vengence

There is a very interesting Persephone Node opposition on July 13 on Aries/Libra. (Aries decan 3 will feel this most). Mars your ruler is conjunct Ceres and the North Node. This stellium will light up your solar 7th house. Didn’t I say love is the big issue for you this year? Mid July may be where your chickens come home to roost in relation to breaking the chains of childhood conditioning. In the 2014 forecast I said “this aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure. Putting this together with the Nodes would mean that one would utterly need to become autonomous (or one is fated to help others become autonomous) in order to get back on track with their life.” But since this falls in your house of marriage it could be that the stifling is done by your partner. That is, if you have married someone who tends to replay those parental dynamics back for you.

Of course Aries decan 3 have the extended stay of Eris wiggling back and forth over 23º Aries. Eris will be here for many years, but the South Node conjunct Eris lasts only a few weeks. So here is a window of opportunity to really tune into how Eris works in your chart. Will she bring out the raging protective mother, the witch, the sacred prostitute or the divine female? Aries decan 3 has a hotline to the ancestral line of the witches/herbalists and astrologers of ancient times. What secrets can you uncover? You may find yourself getting really angry and emotional about a past life. This may result in irrational revenge towards someone in this life. It may be someone you hardly know, but feel they have wronged you in someway. Again I stress the importance of trying to rein in the sudden urge to behead your new receptionist/cleaner/boyfriend for treason. This is not 1549…

If you made it to the autumn without any major mishaps then well done, you lucky lambs are rewarded with a rebooting Lunar eclipse at 15º Aries on October 8. As if we need anymore mid Aries activation we also get a fantastic grand Fire trine at this degree too. See I told you it wasn’t all bad Aries! As I said in the 2014 Forecast “Those with this plugging into their chart can expect creative gifts and inspiration, which will help align them with their true life-path. Mars trine Jupiter gives the courage to push forward ones talents and dedication to their art.” All of Aries can get some juice out of this as a Grand Fire Trine burns bright and wide. The closer to 15º Aries you are the more likely you are to reap something spectacular though, but only if you consciously work to stoke and contain the flames. Trines need coaxing into production, even fire ones. Aries needs to strike a balance between recklessness and bravery this year. You really are in the hot seat and will need to learn on the trot.

Aries Horoscope 2014 ~ Best & Worst

Jupiter: Starts the year retrograde in your solar 4th house, which is great for home improvements, especially extensions. If you haven’t got the builders in, then entertaining is very pleasurable as are family gathering and reunions. Jul 16 Jupiter enters your solar 5th house. More love and romance for you Aries since lucky Jupiter is expanding your options until the end of the year and even goes retrograde here on Dec 10. So you get a double dose of Jupiter’s exuberant energy right into 2015. If you are after a new partner, this is the year, so paint those dating sites red my horny ones. Best days for love: Venus in your 1st house from May 3 – 29, Venus in the 5th house from Aug  12 – Sep  5. Venus conjunct Jupiter in your 5th Aug 18, Lilith conjunct Venus in 5th on Aug  28. Venus in your 7th house from Sep 30 – Oct 23. Venus in your 10th from Dec 10. Great for getting noticed in love and career. Grin and Bear it days: Grand Cross with your ruler Mars detriment in Libra Apr 23. Mars conjunct Saturn in your 8th house of crisis and taboo on Aug  25. You may feel a little below par energy-wise while Mars is retrograde from Mar  1 – May 19, but at least you might have a bit more patience! Use this to weave something really intricate. Mercury Retardation Annoyance: Mercury retrograde opposite Aries from Oct 11 – 27 in your Solar 7th house. You might find it impossible to communicate with your partner without exploding, so button your lip until Oct  28.

The decans below make the tranists as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page.

Aries Decan 1

Birthdays March 20 – 30   Ascendants 0º – 10º 

Aries Horoscope 2014We start with Uranus conjunct your decan until February 14. You will feel the revolutionary effects of this aspect at the beginning of the year. In relationships you will need independence, and it will bring exciting new connections into your life as stated in the general forecast. Jupiter square your decan Feb 17 – Mar 26. You will be feeling confident and urging to push ahead, but here is one of the periods where you will have to learn a little restraint. You also might feel rather hedonistic. Spending in the home might increase also. Try not to go overboard on extravagant soft furnishings. Gold fish taps are passé unless you are being ironic. Lilith trine your decan Mar 10 – Jun 2 gives you the ability to charm and mesmerise, it is the silk glove you can wear to smooth over your usual Aries brashness. This will be useful in snaring a potential mate and adds more spice to your already pumped up sexual allure. Mars Rx opposite your decan May 2 – Jun 7 Mars retrograde here will also refine your raw upfront attitude further, so strangely I think you can actually use this retrograde period to your advantage since Lilith is working magic with you anyway.

July Onwards

Jupiter trine your decan Jul 16 – Sep 5 is an enormously fortunate time for all manner of creations. Having a baby? It will be a big one…Otherwise, romances started around this time are epic. Pluto Rx square your decan Sep 3 – Oct 1. A tad of scandal and intensity as Pluto comes back to haunt your Sun for one final kiss. Kiss of death more like… show the creepy ex the door and tell them you have found someone new. Mars trine your decan Sep 14 – Sep 30 Mars is direct and you are Aries rampant once more. The trine will help sooth the impatience and you can achieve a lot right now. Mars square Sun Oct 26 – Nov 10 These are the days I warned you about. The battle ground maybe at work or with Mum. Conflicts abound , but dealing with things aggressively will leave colleagues feeling bitter. Try to slow things down if you can, as your frantic mood could cause accidents. Ceres trine your decan Oct 28 – Nov 23. The planet of nature and abundance graces your 9th house of travel and philosophy. This is a great time for a nature holiday or for studying herbs, crystals or natural sciences. You should feel fruitful and creative too. Mars Sextile your decan Dec 5 – Dec 19 Your personal power is enhanced by associating with common interest groups. The inspiring competition is exhilarating. The active debates show off your strength of character to your advantage. Saturn trine your decan Dec 24 to the end of the year. A great end of the year where you have learned much. Saturn gives you the stamina to carry through the goals you were aiming for at the start of the year. You will have the patience to sort out any problems that may have come back to you from the nasty April grand cross.

Aries Decan 2

Birthdays March 31 – April 9     Ascendant 10º- 20º  

Aries decan 2

We start with Jupiter square your decan Retrograde Jan 1 – Jan 5 then Direct March 7- Jun 4. You are the host with the most while Jupiter is in your 4th, but you must be careful you don’t become the hotel for all the neighbourhoods waifs and strays. Your generosity could get abused and you may end-up resentful of all the energy that has been siphoned off you. After all that hosting you may need to let your own hair down and party, but by then you will be too burnt out to clean up. It could leave you with a very messy house come June. Enlist your house guests as spring cleaners. The Jupiter opposite Pluto effects you directly, so your house guest may just be a lazy partner. As stated in the 2014 forecast “Those touched by this aspect might be try unfeasibly hard to mend a relationship through their passionate unconditional love. If the relationship does not respond to your persistent Jupiter optimism do please learn to let go. If you do not, then Jupiter square Uranus (As part of a T-square with Pluto) on February 26 will do a fantastic job of shattering your dream romance into tiny little pieces.” Pluto square your decan January 2014 – December 2018. This intensely transformative transit has been hovering at the gates of your decan for a whole year. This is a very slow transit, so really only those of you around 12º/13º Aries are going to feel the depths of Pluto this year. The October 8 Lunar eclipse in your decan should bring you a life changing event this year. It falls in your solar 10th house so personal power and status should be enhanced, but you might have to battle a few dark characters on your way up the career ladder. The demon you might need to slay could be your boss, this will take some skillful and tactful maneuvering least you get accused of stabbing the poor Caesar in the back. If you play your cards right you could be the new boss and completely transform the ethos of what was probably a rotten company. Mars opposite your decan Jan 1 – Jan 25, Rx Apr 3 – May 7, Jun 2 – Jul 7. You are Perseus the warrior this year as you get a triple helping of Mars opposite your decan. This puts you on the front line of any battles. It also falls in your house of open enemies, therefore you out of all the Rams, really need to be careful who you stab in the back as mentioned earlier. Drive carefully and sloooooowly during this time and no risk taking. If you really must, do some well-supervised bungee jumping. This may stop you trying to do dangerous things that might upset your marriage, like catch a venereal disease or bed a bunny boiler.

July Onwards

Uranus conjunct your decan direct up to Jul 20, Rx July 20 until December 20. Direct December 21. You will feel the revolutionary effects of this transit all year. In relationships you will really need independence, but it will bring exciting new connections into your life as stated in the general forecast. Your pathological need for freedom will probably be most pronounced when your ruler Mars stirs things up opposite your decan as mentioned, at the October 8 Lunar Eclipse or the Grand Cross in your decan. See my warning in the general forecast. For you underlined in big red letters. PATIENCE!!! Ceres opposite your decan May 4 – Jun 30 Ceres retrogrades back into your decan and into your 7th house where you might feel distanced from your family or spouse for a while. Maybe you have to work away from home, or if you are a single parent, your child might spend some time with your ex. Lilith trine your decan Jun 2 – Aug 30 gives you the ability to charm and mesmerise, this is the silk glove you need to wear over the usual Aries brashness. This will be useful in snaring a potential mate and adds more spice to your already pumped up sexual allure. This complements very nicely the following transit. Jupiter trine Sun Aug 31 – Nov 7. Early September you still have some Lilith dust left, so take advantage of this to seduce and snare a mate. Your social life and relationships prosper and you are warm, appealing and popular. South Node conjunct your decan Sep 6 – Dec 19. Alongside these exciting developments are some not so easy associations. Difficult karmic connections may also turn up like a bad penny, seeking to cash in on your sudden rise in social status. Mars trine your decan Sep 28 – Oct 14. My, my, we are suddenly popular. Your boldness has fans. You can achieve a lot right now. Mars square your decan Nov 8 – Nov 23. If you want to keep those fans you will have to rein in your natural Aries impulses while this transit is in effect as conflicts easily could get out of hand. Thankfully you might be able to reap some bargains while Ceres trine your decan Nov 21 – Dec 14 is in effect and just before the Christmas rush. Mars sextile Sun Dec 17 – Dec 25 will give you the energy you need to plow through the festive season. Associating with common interest groups enhances your personal power. The inspiring competition is exhilarating. The active debates show your strength of character off to your advantage.

Aries Decan 3

Birthdays April 10 – 19      Ascendant 20º – 30º 


We start with Ceres Opposite your decan Jan 1 – Feb 12, Retrograde March 14 – May 11, Jun 24 – Aug 10 Ceres retrogrades back into your decan and into your 7th house where you might feel distanced from your family or spouse for a while. Maybe you have to work away from home, or if you are a single parent your child might spend some time with your ex. You will also be hit most strongly by the Persephone Node aspect pattern mentioned in the 2014 Forecast “One could channel it into defending the weak and innocent, as this aspect is fiercely protective. But negatively this aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure. Put this together with the Nodes would mean that one would utterly need to become autonomous (or one is fated to help others become autonomous) in order to get back on track with their life. Eris on the South Node brings in collective karma relating to the suppression and abuse of the sacred feminine.” Lunar eclipse opposite your decan April 15. Will fall in your 7th house of marriage and open enemies. This may manifest in a struggle with an old karmic foe. Maybe this is someone who abused you in another life. In this life however, this could even be someone you initially thought was a soulmate, but the relationship degenerated into something very toxic. You will need to rid yourself of this dark energy and get over the disappointment before you are faced with a horrendous Cardinal Grand Cross, which could deplete your energy further. Mars opposite Sun Jan 22 – Apr 5, Jul 5 – Jul 28 is also problematic since your ruler goes Retrograde in your own decan on March 3, which could weaken your position. This Mars Retrograde does occur in a relatively easy part of the sky however, so even if relationships fizzle out, the partners will probably remain good friends. Provided you keep things civil and are not tempted to lash out in revenge if you were the one who was left all should end well. Like I said in the main forecast. Aries need to learn anger management this year. It will be easier to keep calm while Mars is retrograde, but much harder when it is direct and running full steam ahead in July.

July Onwards

South Node conjunct your decan Mar 2 – Sep 25 may well be the most difficult period for the Mars opposition since it may dredge up some karmic resentments from times of old. Lilith trine your decan Aug 30 – Nov 29 will help paper over some of the cracks and you can use its charm for some damage limitation of you have let passions get out of control. Mars trine your decan Oct 12 – Oct 27 provides a steamy window of opportunity within these all sexy transits that makes you irresistible. Wow. Jupiter trine your decan October 28 until December 31. On December 11 Jupiter goes retrograde into your decan, lucky you. You get the best of the Jupiter luck for your love life plus it overlaps Lilith’s charmfest in your decan for the whole of November. Do take advantage of this to seduce and snare a mate. Your social life and relationships prosper while you are hot, alluring and popular. Mars square your decan Nov 22 – Dec 6. Be careful you don’t let all that success go to your head. Your passion knows no bounds and you might just get too greedy and push for too much. You might get a rude slap down if you have become too big for your boots. Ceres trine your decan Dec 15 – Dec 28 ends the year on a nice note though with pleasant family gatherings. It also ensures you sure you get some decent presents from Santa!

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