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My exploration into the question of ‘Are We Moon Food?’ begins after a restless nights sleep during which I stumbled across an article by Tom Montalk. It was called ‘Food For The Moon’. With a natal Moon conjunct MC by 1º, I have always been puzzled by the moon and its spellbinding reputation. Over the years I’d heard some online mumblings that the Moon was some kind of hollow, alien satellite that was controlling us… I just thought that was silly, and yet another way of demonising the divine feminine.

Yet it is also quite strange that Islam is a Moon cult rather than a solar one (despite their extreme version of patriarchy.) See Moon-o-theism.. (I have yet to finish this tome! But it’s free off the net.) On the other hand Persian Zoroastrianism was a Solar Cult, with male and female worshipping together, much like pagan Europe, before Abrahamic religions rampaged their way to the west…

Anyway, back to the Moon, I don’t think it is an alien space craft… but I have to admit, there certainly is something suspect about the moon! In my research and in practise with clients, the outer planets and difficult stars always seemed far more problematic when in hard aspect to the moon.

There is no denying that the Moon has a powerful, measurable and very physical effect on humans, a night spent in a psychiatric ward on a full Moon will confirm that. Tom Montalk says in his article.

Full Moon Effects“In the cosmological schema, earth is like a mother to the moon which is still a fetus in the sense that it cannot yet “breathe” on its own, hold an atmosphere, or support life. Gurdjieff said: “The Moon is actually a fragment of this Earth, which must now constantly maintain the Moon’s existence.” In that sense, the moon is like a parasitic thoughtform.

Nevertheless, the equation is balanced because in exchange for the moon propelling our mechanical movement, we feed the moon so that it may grow and one day be born as a living planet…. According to Ouspensky, the moon acts as a giant electromagnet pulling upon all organic life on earth and sucking into itself the soul essence of dying creatures. The moon is an embryonic planet receiving its nutrition from organic life on earth through an etheric umbilical cord, an energy conduit between earth and moon.”

Now this energy conduit could explain the behaviour of Black Moon Lilith in our charts, after all, it is the Lunar Apogee. ‘Food For The Moon’ is a long article, but I urge you to read it. It is very well researched and explores what other esoteric writers such as Mouravieff, Ouspensky, and Gurdjieff also say about the Moon. The following sentence really sang to me as I think this is true not just for the Moon, but for planetary influences in general.

“The degree to which one’s actions are driven by the moon is proportional to one’s level of reactivity and non-being. For people incapable of moving themselves through life by nobler spiritual impulses, the moon provides a propulsive force.”

So my job as an astrologer I think should be to provide a shipping forecast if you like. I can’t tell you how to sail your ship, or where you should throw down your anchor. I can provide a map of the terrain, but then it is up to you.

Hyper-dimensional Realms

Tom Montalk has conducted some fascinating research into the effect of Lilith as the Lunar Apogee and also her opposite point known as Priapus the Lunar Perigee. As a moderator of an alternative discussion forum, Tom had the opportunity to test the Moon’s influence on the publics moods. He says:

“After numerous months of this, it finally dawned on me that these disruptive episodes followed a cyclical pattern…..I have concluded that the gravitational interaction between earth, moon, and sun causes cyclical variation in the separation between dimensions and densities. Just before and after a new or full moon, the dimensional veil is thinnest and hostile forces from other realms,…have an easier time penetrating into the physical plane… occult practices become more effective. Invocations, psychic warfare, scrying and remote viewing are assisted during such times.”

Lilith The Night Demon

This comes from an updated version of the article on his website. Another Tom Montalk article I found (The one that came up on my google ‘organic portal’ search), is most probably an earlier draft of the above from 2008. He mentions the Black Moon Lilith as the lunar apogee

“But there was another pattern: early on the incidents generally took place before the new or full moon, then they happened during, and in later months they arose after. I found out that this latter pattern involved moon perigee and apogee, times of the month when the moon was closest or farthest away from the earth. Trouble days occurred between the new/full and perigee/apogee dates. For instance, if New Moon was on the 23rd and perigee was on the 27th, then the disruption would predictably take place around the 25th.”

In my own research there is no denying that Lilith can have a disrupting influence in ones natal chart and works as a malefic if not used consciously. Just a word about the terms benefic and malefic. Some modern astrologers have a problem with those terms, but I like them! I prefer to know my enemy, that way, their so called ‘malefic’ energy can be harnessed to deflect, just like in martial arts.

Despite seeing how Black Moon Lilith very obviously works in natal chart, I was always a little skeptical that a hypothetical point could weald such an effect. So seeing that other non-astrologers have found the Lunar Apogee and Perigee have a measurable effect is reassuring. Tom Montalk found that

“the New Moon tends to induce oversensitivity, dissatisfaction, and depression, the full moon energies amplify overreaction, violence, and outright lunacy…Nevertheless, it would be incorrect to blame the moon exclusively as the cause of troubles, as during more harmonious astrological alignments it actually supports healthy mechanical functioning. When the moon is trine or sextile to the sun, meaning in between new and full and at least a day away from quarter moon, the lunar influence sustains peaceful progress.”

Health & The Moon

Moon Food?In medical and horary astrology the Moon is of major importance and has a greater influence than the Sun. Maybe the Moon works like our immune system in the sense it is like a portal or conduit for influences to flow in or out. It is not bad in itself, but says something about what thoughts, memories, dreams flow through it.

Traditional astrology uses the Moon as a symbol for the Part Of Fortune which is used to ascertain when one has peak health. The Part of Fortune rules ones material possessions, and the matter of which ones body is made. Steve Richards, the founder of Holographic Kinetics, says the Moon rules the ancestral soul which is contained in the cells of the body.

Mater, matter, mother, matrix, are all from the same root latin root. But the earth is the mother of the Moon not the other way around. Still, anyone who has had a baby knows the power that the little mite exerts on its creator. Just as a crying baby (Moon) can stimulate lactation in the mother (earth), then so can the action of the cosmic Moon get our own creative juices running or emotional tears flowing depending on wether the influence is disrupting or harmonious.

True Lilith is TRUE Lilith

I found something interesting using Solar Fire. Using true Lilith you can easily find the days the Moon is at apogee or perigee and this ties the actual Moons meaning very much to Black Moon Lilith.

The date of the Lunar Apogee (When the Moon is furthest from the earth) will place Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Moon. While the Lunar Perigee (When the Moon is closest to the earth) will place Black Moon Lilith opposite the Moon.

In fact the point of Priapus (found opposite true Lilith.) would then be conjunct the Moon. The astronomy here fits perfectly with their astrological interpretations. Priapus is supposed to signify what one does in order to fit into society, where you conform to the norms.

Breaking The Moon Spell

If the Moon controls our habits and ancestral traits, then we are most likely to go down the line of least resistance. We will be reactive in our daily lives when the Moon is closer (as the Perigee/Priapus) and has more influence on us.

I have always thought that Black Moon Lilith was the anti-Moon, the breaker of habits. Black Moon Lilith, maybe the breaker of the lunatic effects or hack already mentioned? But Lilith is a double edged sword, as the anti-moon she is also anti-family. Positively Lilith shows the way to re-membering and healing ancestral karma.

moon3Much more research into the Moon and its effects shall be done. For me as an astrologer, I cannot ignore what’s out there in space. The question of UFO’s, demons, vampires, ghosts, mind-parasites, go with the territory. If we believe the planets have an influence, then we have to look at the hows and whys.

This post is not a definitive statement about what the Moon is or is not, but I hope a starting point. I like to look at wide spectrum of writers and viewpoints for my understanding of the planets, not just fellow astrologers. Tom Montalk’s ‘Food For The Moon’ article is one of many that explore the mystery of our closest satellite. I have purchased some holiday reading too which might be worth a read. ‘Operation Trojan Horse’ by John A Keel, ‘The Secret Influence of the Moon’ by Louis Proud and ‘The Zelator’ by David Ovason. All the reviews look good. Moon food for thought…

I wrote a bit about the lunar mansions in Archons & Sorcery and also discussed the archons and archetypes.


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  1. If you can see it psychically instead of physically, the face of the moon looks like a cameo. The woman is facing right, her hair is pulled up in a bun on the back of her head. The face is darker and the background is lighter. This is easiest on the full moon when it is large and closer to the horizon. Once you see it this way you can never forget it.

  2. I used to be really susceptible to lunar pulls. I can tell you what sign the moon is under without reading it. Interestingly when I stopped eating and juiced only for prolonged periods of time or fast, I feel the moon has no control. My theory as a nutritionist and meta- traveller is that fibre increases mucous and mucous is the most effective carrier for parasites/control to get through to the mind.

    I havent dared to astral travel on a full moon, need some more protection first. I love your articles. So refreshing, Thank you

  3. Probably the best article I’ve ever seen from you (not necessarily saying much, as I don’t read every article). I won’t say more for at risk of exposing myself. But thank you.

    Have you read Demetra George’s work on the Moon, Marina? If so, thoughts?

  4. My natal sag moon is tightly conjunct the north node, black moon Lilith, and Pallas Athena, all in my 5th house. Evidently, this means the moon was perigee at my birth? What you said about it signifying “anti family” and the need to clear ancestral family karma is so accurate it’s scary. Are we really that highly fated? I have really struggled with this idea, as I have come to feel like I was born a prisoner of fate. This after struggling for over 60 years to clear myself of my toxic mother and her very toxic lineage karma. It has almost destroyed me, though I am slowly now coming to a place of peace, but am in very poor health, and struggling financially as well. . . . so peace is about state of mind, not life circumstances. She will be 92 in June (born apx 2 months after queen E and eerily has always looked a great deal like her), and has disinherited 3 of her 4 children — so at least I finally have company, as I was always the black sheep. The spiritual journey to clear all that karma has at least been very interesting . . . with some amazing experiences along the way, finally coming out of the darkness. thankfully my progressed sun is now in sag in the 5th house, though years away from a conjunction w natal moon. Koch is the house system that works for me, and due to far north midnight birth, my 4th house is almost 60 degrees wide — and houses Saturn in Scorpio. Thank god my almost 60 yrs of p sun (born on autumnal equinox ) through 4th house — and 30yrs of p Scorpio is over!!)?


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