Aquarius Horoscope 2018

Here follows a sample of your Aquarius horoscope 2018. Your ruler Saturn moves into Capricorn for the next two and a half years, into a sign that it loves! This move is a big positive, only you might not see that immediately. There is a temptation within your Aquarius Horoscope 2018 to get very broody if life has not gone in the direction you had hoped.

But it is important that you realise there is a very bright light at the end of this Saturn/12th house tunnel! Active cocooning is the best use of this time to prepare for the mature butterfly rebirth that is to come. So clear the decks and say goodbye to draining connections and time-consuming projects that are not bearing fruit.

Weed out everything that you do not feel enlivened and excited by. You can feel the impulse welling up inside you, but resist pushing until your really feel you have to. You are literally giving birth to yourself, so you don’t want to bust a gut against locked doors.


April to June ~ July to September ~ October to December ~ Aquarius Decan 1

January to March 2018

Mars enters your important status zone from Jan 1 to 26. You are primed for taking on extra responsibility in your career right now. You don’t mind the extra load as long as you have total say in where and how you distribute it. Your co-workers might take a while to get used to taking instruction from you, so try not to throw your weight around.

One thing is for sure, is that you will work extremely hard on the projects that you are given and people will not be able to fault you for that. Keep your head down and try not to get embroiled in office politics, because it is not worth undoing all the good work just because somebody wound you up out of jealousy. The self-employed won’t need to worry about such nonsense, but you might feel like bickering to yourself. Be kind! With the Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse a ‘new you’ is starting to blossom.

As your image changes, so do the people you attract and by the same token, this means there are people that you might find you are starting to repel also! Of course if you are in a marriage than this could be something that does cause a split if your partner feels threatened by your new identity. Sometimes this can even happen by a person losing or gaining a lot of body weight too or sadly even by just ageing…

April to June 2018

Saturn continues its journey in your mystic zone. Keep quiet and tranquil, spend time with yourself in nature so you can tune into your own cycles. This will help you know the right moment to start pushing.

Deep, deep breaths, yes you will be able to do it!! But until this very important debut, enjoy the gestation period to its fullest. Acting premature will just lead you down those famous 12th house paths of self-undoing.

Earthing yourself will strengthen your intuition while you plug your feet into the earth. The Hermit card in the tarot is your Saturn guide. So retreat into your cave and do some cave-painting by torchlight. Watch the flames flicker and see what you can read from the shadows.Jupiter in your status and life calling zone for most of 2018. Prizes and awards of excellence are possible, as is graduating from college. Super confidence in your abilities will be reflected in a surge of demand for your services.

July to September 2018

Aquarius Horoscope 2018The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse will certainly test your immunity. However, if you get through this period without so much as a sniffle, then well done! You are obviously leading a balanced life and looking after your precious human body both mentally and physically. This Solar Eclipse attempts to jolt an imbalanced soul back into a harmonious life rhythm.

You might have to get worse before you get better, so be patient. This is followed by the renewal of the Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse in your own sign, (the second eclipse this year) which forces you to look at your own needs. This may be done through relationships that suddenly start ‘acting-out.’ You may find it increasingly hard to compromise with partners, romantic or otherwise.

At this time the weighing scales of justice are measuring every little give-and-take. If there has been an ongoing imbalance, then the scales will abruptly clank down with a deafening thud with this lunar eclipse. It could be a wonderful payback time or make-or-break in relationships. If you suddenly decide to put yourself first and have not done previously, it can be a shock to those around you. A selfish

Aquarius Horoscope 2018 Keywords

Gestation & rebirthing, a ‘new you’, romantic shake ups, glittering prizes, dark triads.

October to December 2018

Mars remains in your sign until Nov 16. Your personality is more domineering than usual, but you don’t really want to take any power off anyone else. Instead, you just want to be self-sufficient and be allowed to get on with your own thing. You could get quite aggressive if your plans are interfered with too much, so it’s probably best to work alone as much as you can during this time. You will feel very sure of yourself though and extra secure in your position. You should have a very strong stamina at this time and put a lot of energy into back-breaking work.

Venus retrograde on Oct 6 falls in your house of career and status could have you attracted to rich, authority figures or someone much older than you. What you are actually seeking is a guide to help you get ahead, so you could attract a business mentor at this time. It may be the case that this person owes you karmically. Negatively you might go for someone just because they have great social standing and good connections, or purely for mercenary reasons.

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Aquarius Horoscope 2018 ~ Decan 1

No outer planets are messing with your mind just yet. Instead you start the year with a loving Venus conjunction from Jan 18 to 25. This gives you uncomplicated pleasures and a window of time where you can just enjoy yourself and not think too much. Allow yourself to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’. The Ceres opposition from Feb 19 to Apr 17 in your marriage house can work in a positive or negative way.

It could bring a healer into your life who discourages you from achieving pentacles in the material sense. Instead they are all about the spiritual pentagram of wisdom. In the end this can manifest in material security, but it is not the end goal. You might also collaborate with someone who is very interested in working with earth energies and ecology.

Spending time in nature with someone you love will work wonders for your relationship. This healing time is essential just before the awkward moments of the Venus square from Apr 2 to 6. You can always use this aesthetically pleasing aspect to work on art projects and anything that demands good design. Squares love to be channelled into projects that need some elbow grease.

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