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Your Aquarius monthly Horoscope February 2022 focuses on projecting your brilliance into the world. Yes, everything revolves around you during your birthday month, and this is the time of the year when you are allowed to be rather self-centred. During this time, you will find it quite hard to see things from the other person’s point of view, which can cause conflicts with others if other factors make your ego swell.

It is, therefore, vital you find some form of artistic self-expression as your creative force is at its peak. After February 19, things get a bit lazier, and you will feel more like indulging in luxury rather than projecting your energies outward. Still, you are entitled to treat yourself, especially if you have been burning the candle at both ends.

Aquarius February 2022 Horoscope

Intimate relationships and business collaborations are intensified by the full Moon on February 16 in Leo for better or for worse. In a good marriage, the connection could feel extra warm, loving and romantic. It’s not one-sided either, with both partners wanting to show their commitment and how much they care. In a business partnership, things could get competitive, but in a good, creative way, with both sides spurring each other toward greater excellence. On the other hand, bad partnerships will show up flaws very sharply.

Aquarius February 2022 Aspect Of The Month

Mars trine Uranus on February 9 links your house of sin with your place of home. Oh right, so your very own bedroom could be the stage for some scenes of debauchery. Keep the door locked if you have young children. No, seriously, the 12th/4th connection makes for a very odd trine since the 4th is an essential angular house, and the 12th is just bizarre. Unfortunately, the house of self-undoing is lit up like a tacky Las Vegas hotel foyer for you this month.

This month’s Venus/Mars/Pluto connections will feel surreal for Aquarius. Synchronicities will bombard you, so prepare for the unexpected. Dress up as if you are going out on a date, and it will come. (Or at least try to look a bit presentable!) Honestly, if you are a single Aquarian, this set-up is just perfect for getting you out of your comfort zone because it is your home territory that is most likely to be problematic for you. Runaway from home!

Aquarius Love & Money February 2022

Aquarius Career Horoscope

Mercury is direct from February 4. So that means another chance to go over Mercury in your mystical, misty house again until Valentine’s day on February 14. This is not the best time to go job or client hunting. You will simply not be feeling your most confident due to a severe case of brain fog. You will also just not make any sense to others as your words come out as trails of thoughts with no conclusion. This is ok if you want to recite poetry or do some crazy performance art, but not if you need to make a sensible impression on someone important.

After taking time to empty your mind, you should feel a little sharper after February 15. Ease back into the intellectual driving seat, though, as you might need a moment to adjust to the speed of the debate. It’s time to get out of the misty cocoon and promote yourself again. You should be feeling very refreshed by your little retreat if you took one. 

Aquarius Love Horoscope

If you are in a relationship, you might have to put your own needs aside and devote yourself to looking after your partner. This is because they may become ill, are going through some kind of cold turkey, are grieving or have suffered some misfortune at work. So put on your nurse’s hat while you bandage their wounded self-esteem or make chicken soup for their flu.

Mars in the 12th can fall into playing the martyr in relationships. Venus in this sector means self-sacrifice. However, with Mars and Pluto being triggered too, there is a danger that self-sacrifice becomes a bad habit once the crisis is over. Be careful that you are not enabling addictive behaviour, like the abuse of painkillers.

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