Aquarius Decan 3 ~ Feb 8 to 19 (20º-30º)

Aquarius decan 3 is ruled by the Moon and Venus. It brings the confrontation of the old with the new, so this is the most revolutionary and edgy decan of Aquarius. The Sun travels through the goat, the foal, the water-bearer, the swan and the male water-snake from approximately February 8 to 19. This decan marries the swan’s unbridled imagination (and libido) with the transformative spiralling tail of the sea-goat. Saturn rules both Aquarius and Capricorn and is the last planet one can see with the naked eye, so it has no illusions and is plain speaking. This is Aquarius at its most scientific and skeptical, but at the same time is open to explore other realms, it just needs to test them out first.

Horny Pied Pipers & Judge Mental

This testing is very marked in everything they do. Aquarian decan 3 test limits, push boundaries and most of all test peoples patience! The goats influence here is at its most capricious and devilish, mainly because of the swan’s poetic influence and the fact it is also ruled by two feminine planets. This means we have a nice balance of masculine, left brain logic and feminine right brain imagination.

These are the flirty Aquarians, the ones with a “horny” sex drive and seductive pan pipes, since the sea-goat was originally the god pan. The swan is artistic, the male water-snake is sleazy and the goat loves a good romp, so Aquarius decan 3 is a bohemian hedonist and seducer. This decan works so hard, it believes it has also earned itself the right to play hard too.

Aquarius Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Aquarius 21º 47’ ~ Nashira in the fish-tail of Capricornus. 3.8*
Aquarius 22º 19′ ~ Beta Grus in Grus the Crane 2.2
Aquarius 23º 07’ ~ Kitalpha in Equuleus the Foal 4.1
Aquarius 23º 24’ ~ Sadalsuud in the left shoulder of Aquarius 3.1
Aquarius 23º 33’ ~ Deneb Algedi in the fish-tail of Capricornus 3.0
Aquarius 24º 50’ ~ Sador in the breast of Cygnus the Swan 2.3
Aquarius 27º 45’ ~ Gienah in the wing of Cygnus the Swan 2.6
Aquarius 29º 10’ ~ Delta Hydrus in Hydrus the male water snake 4.2

Sun Aquarius 3

Aquarius Decan 3Sadalsuud 23º “Occult interests, psychic, wealth through opposite sex involving litigation, domestic harmony” Deneb Algedi 23º “Loss through false friends, high position but final disgrace and ruin, loss of money or property, sickness, worry through children.”

The “occult” influence is obvious as you can see from the examples below, however there is also surprisingly great success in a conventional sense. Unusual in an area of the Suns detriment. The stars then give some power, but the goats fish tail always seems to bring some downfall. I think this would be because of a subjects uneasy connection with that difficult “occult” wisdom. The sun in this decan doesn’t bring an easy life. Abraham Lincoln is a good example. He was known to be a religious skeptic, and in the end was assassinated for his abolition of slavery. On the other extreme there is Paris Hilton…totally a slave to the matrix and its baubles. My guess here is that it’s either all or nothing. If you play the game and surrender your sovereignty 100%, you have basically sold your soul to the devil. Once in a position of power you cannot rebel against your paymaster or you will be brought down. Best keep a low profile with this one and work underground. You can still work to bring down the system, but you have to be very clever about it!

SUN AQUARIUS 3 EXAMPLES: Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Eckhart Tolle, Yoko Ono, Barbara Hand-Clow, Pamela Colman-Smith, Alex Jones, Thomas Edison, Sarah Palin, Jimmy Hoffa, Joe Pesci, John Travolta, Matt Dillon, Burt Reynolds, Mia Farrow, Christina Ricci, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams, Sonny Bono, Carol King, Sheryl Crow, Cybil Shepard, Greta Scacchi, Paris Hilton, Mary Quant, Jennifer Aniston, Molly Ringwald, Stockard Channing, Barry Humphries, Leslie Nielsen, John McEnroe, Philip Glenister, Michael Elphick, Sir Thomas More.

Aquarius Decan 3

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  1. I am sun, moon and ascendant decan3, takes a long time to process, love to cause trouble, am very sensitive to feelings. love to be alone at times but no man is an island!

  2. What would having sun in leo decan 1 and moon in 3rd aquarius decan cause? Probably a lot of failed relationships up until this point? I feel like I’m in danger from my community because I live in a small christian town. That could be my moon square pluto talking or the fact I’ve gone through life very dogmatic and it’s catching up to me now. Either way I’m looking for help and am willing to change In order to remain safe and keep others out of trouble. With that said, I feel like others have led me to trouble and now I’m left hanging because of everyone’s dishonesty. What to do?

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