Aquarius Decan 2 ~ Jan 30 to Feb 7 (10º-20º)

Aquarius Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Aquarius 11º 43′ ~ Albali in the left hand of Aquarius the Water Bearer 3.8 *
Aquarius 12º 44′  ~ Armus in the heart of Capricornus the Goat 4.9
Aquarius 13º 51′  ~ Dorsum on the back of Capricornus the Goat 4.2
Aquarius 15º 54′  ~ Alnair in Grus the Crane 2.2
Aquarius 16º 16′ ~ Delta Cygnus in Cygnus the Swan 2.9
Aquarius 16º 20′ ~ Rotanev in the head of Delphinius the Dolphin 3.7
Aquarius 17º 15′ ~ Iota Pisces Australis in the Southern Fish 4.3
Aquarius 17º 23′ ~ Sualocin in the head of Delphinus the Dolphin 3.9
Aquarius 18º 07′ ~ Delta Delphinius in the Dolphin 4.5
* Magnitude  & Star positions for the year 2000.

Aquarius Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Aquarius Decan 2 is ruled by Mercury (Gemini triplicity). The fixed stars reside in the goat, the crane, the swan, the southern fish and the dolphin. The Sun aligns with these stars from approximately January 30 until February 7. This is a gentle breed of water bearer, things are a little mellower here, but it doesn’t mean this section is any less eccentric than Aquarius Decan 1. There is still the famous Aquarian rebelliousness; only here it is masked in a milder manner. In Aquarius decan 2 we find the brooding and sometimes insolent Aquarians. These are the folk who dig their fixed-sign heels in real deep if you try to push them.

Six Of SwordsThis they are able too while beaming an arresting electric grin at you. This is the Uranian smile that zaps you into rapidly backing off from the pushing. Willpower is very strong here and we get great success from this decan mainly because they are too darn stubborn to be swayed from pursuing their goals.

This section is influenced by the actual water bearer itself with Albali in the left hand of Aquarius, this star in Arabic means “The good fortune of the swallower”, curiously named because this star appears to absorb the light of some of the stars in Capricorn’s horns nearby. Maybe this gives this decan the ability to restructure and modernize someone else’s work.

Stately Ducks & Professional Cranes

These are the ice kings and queens of the zodiac, if you dump them there will be no drama, no yelling or unbecoming sobbing. How uncouth! These subjects will simply glide away without a fuss or ruffled feather. It literally is water off the ducks back for these aquatic birds. Their valuable self-respect has to remain intact no matter what. However, don’t think for one minute you have got away with it, these subjects have a way of getting revenge similar to fellow fixed sign Scorpio, and just like Scorpio, this punishment is served stone cold!

Because of decan 2’s cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor and elevated heads, they are sometimes accused of being snobs. The tarot card associated with this decan is the six of swords which is about moving on and finding a safe harbour. Karmically this suggests that you are moving away from more turbulent lifetimes to one that is more stable. There is also a feeling of being protected “The Figure steering the boat in the Six of Swords is often symbolic of a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel who stays close to you during times of trouble, comforting and guiding you through dark times.” ~ teachmetarot. This card may also indicate that this life is one of many travels where you are searching for your spiritual home because you are not quite rooted in that which was your place of birth. It is interesting that this card features water when there are so many aquatic and riverside animals associated with this decan of Aquarius.

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Sun Aquarius 2

The Sun has no dignity in this decan and in detriment in Aquarius. Unfortunately, there are no powerful stars here to boost the ego either. What I take this to mean is that early in life these folk have difficulty owning their sovereignty. The Sun here feels uncomfortable being accepted in the cut and thrust of “regular” society. Their lack of self-confidence means that they find it very hard to “wheel and deal” when confronted with arrogant boardroom “players”. Often these folk come across like overly trusting, naive children unless they have other more earthy and ruthless configurations in their chart. As Sun in Aquarius 2 matures and gain wisdom, they learn to find their ‘people’ and begin to feel accepted. They blossom once others value their unique approach to life and give them positive feedback to be their kooky, sensitive, dreamy self in all its glory. Sun Aquarius 2 can be surprisingly shy, but also coyly “come hither”. These folk are quietly alluring, peeping at you with an inviting twinkle in their eye. These folk are the unexpectedly super-sexy, magnetic Aquarians, in a sign not really noted for its sex appeal (Compared to those notorious fiery or earthy signs.)

SUN AQUARIUS 2 EXAMPLES: Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Franklin D Roosevelt, Eva Braun, Placido Domingo, Bob Marley, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Lydon, Natalie Cole, Lisa Marie-Presley, Shakira, Holly Johnson, Bobby Brown, Derek Jarman, Vanessa Redgrave, Clark Gable, James Dean, Farah Fawcett, Eddie Izzard, Charlotte Rampling, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Franz Shubert, Gertrude Stein.

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26 thoughts on “Aquarius Decan 2 ~ Jan 30 to Feb 7 (10º-20º)

  1. I am born in this decanate of Aquarius and in the Gemini duad.

    When I was a little girl I lived on the seafront and loved being in the water. My mother said I could go for an early morning swim if the dolphins were there, so every morning I would sit at the window begging them to come – and they did, quite a large pod. So my little 6-7 year old self would happily race down to the beach and dive into the sea to be with them.

    1. I have seem aquarius people charm creatures and with creatures love is returned.

  2. This is great and perfect for my ascendant. It explains why I am not as extroverted as most if the Aquarius interpretations I read.

  3. Shakti, I’m a 15 45 Aquarius! Woo hoo!

    Add to that, I have a 12th House Cancer Moon Inconjunct my sun. So moods/feelings are deep and intense . . . but NO ONE sees it (even when I think I am sharing). Everyone sees me as cool as the proverbial cucumber, super confident and together. It’s a little bit annoying when I need emotional support (and yes, we water bearers need it!).

    Fortunately my boyfriend is a 12th House Pisces Moon (our moons are perfectly trine) and he’s a big love with an abundance of hugs and kisses . I feel he has my back.

    1. Alejandro,

      Yes, I have so often been accused of being shallow, it always shocks me, until I remember that I am just not good at displaying the feelings I feel, so I shut them inside, and put on a poker-face! 🙂
      People get too close, and I back away, feeling stifled.

      I have a Cancerian mother, I can’t imagine what a Cancer moon must feel like.. lol I have a Libra moon, and Gem Ascendant, I am all air. Another reason people think me unemotional.

      Nice to meet another 15 45 Aquarian! 😀 Happy Birthday for next Monday’s solar return!

  4. Thanks for all the fantastic feedback folks! This is very experimental stuff, the only other astrologer who has done anything like this is Diana Rosenberg. I have her book but I find her interpretations a little too a bit of everything because she does so many stars in one sector and then divides it into groups of 3-4 degrees. My aim is to try and simplify it and get to the essence of the decans. I really wanted to see if the zodiac signs did relate in any way to the fixed stars and so far, so good I really think they do. My daughter is 18 Aquarius and this really fits her, but I wasn’t really thinking about her when I wrote it, for some reason Princess Diana kept popping in my head and then I see that she has her moon here.

    Can’t wait to get to some of the juicy areas like Algol!!! Decan 3 Taurus.

    1. ya they get back at you in a VERY public way.
      Aquarius also have perception vs reality…keeps em busy
      beehives for brains, bee in their bonnet can’t get out, cling to idea like life itself!!
      however if I fail in a tramatic 8th house way, that old aguarian friend who I haven’t seen in years listens

  5. I am 15 46 Aquarius, Alnair. I had to go look up hat that was about, and it’s so right on!!

    As a 2nd decan Aquarius, I should share that we DO feel, we feel TOO much, that’s why we shut down. And yes, when my 10 year marriage ended 3 years ago now, I walked away with my head held high, like nothing happened, and I never spoke to him again. Ever. I couldn’t, it hurt too much. It was the only way I could deal with it, was to never see or speak to him again. I still haven’t, to this day.
    So strange, to end a 10 year marriage that way, thanks for explaining me to myself!!!

    This is a great article, thank you Marina.

  6. You want a “neck”….I’ve got a neck for you….hee hee. With Mars arond 4, Sun 9 and Mercury 14….I am a bright colored tucan with a cranes long neck abd a microscope glued to my eye. Now how did something that wild become the homecoming queen in 1963….. I was friends with and cared about everyone….no looker….with Saturn at 5 Leo I never belonged to any group (back then we called them greasers and jocks)I just fit in and at the same time kept my distance. I was miss “goodie two shoes” from the wrong side of the tracks with her head full of math problems dancing merrily around….Oh my…does this fit me to a tee….hahahaha….thanks Marina!

  7. Marina,
    The picture you describe of Armus’s effects in the 2nd decan of Aquarius(5th),where my Venus resides,14 49″,and is presently transited by Mercury,has painted a very clear outline and much import to what i am presently experiencing in 2 very close relationships,of which my son being one,has resulted in a withdrawal of communications and interaction(on my part) until at which time it is realized by him that we cannot address the problems he is questioning(childhood,Mother,divorce,etc)until he addresses his addictions and sobers up.Mother is the enabler,and for him being a Cancer/Cancer ASC,a source of much anguish around his concerns for her.We have done much work on this up to this point.

    What intensifies this for me is my Venus/Pluto opposition,which with Pluto as the apex of a “Thor’s Hammer”/”Arrow” with the SUN/MOON G.Cross square as the base of the hammer,makes this a MAJOR crossroad and transit for me and with the players involved.Mars just passed over this point and did create intensity as the issues arose.

    So i am clinging to your positive interpretation as this IS my intent,but with a willingness of concretion of the withdrawal if some parameters and boundaries are not met.I will own what is mine but so must the other players.With Venus ruling my ASC,Transiting Venus is also conjunct my Mercury,so a deep effluence of thought,contemplation and energy manifesting here……can the Tough Love be destructive with the Pluto aspect involved?

    Thank you for a timely article.


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